18" StarFiber Household Swivel Mop

A powerful microfiber mop by Starfiber. Complete with 1 Heavy Duty Pad and 1 Multi-Purpose Pad.
Household Swivel Microfiber Mop
Household Swivel Microfiber Mop
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Cleaning any hard floor is easy when you have this mop. It comes complete with two high quality microfiber pads, and each one can be used wet or dry depending upon the mess you are cleaning. It will never scratch or mark any surface, but it will pick up and eliminate 99% of all dirt and germs it comes in contact with. Because the reusable pads are made from the highest quality microfiber, they will deep clean without any soap or chemicals, and you never have to worry about the specific material you are mopping. Only water is needed as a cleaning agent so you can avoid products that are expensive or harmful and still have great looking floors. Use dry for dusting, sweeping or drying spills, or get the pads damp to scrub and remove stubborn grime. The low moisture style of cleaning is ideal for hardwood, but also perfect on marble, linoleum, tile, vinyl and more. There is no sink to fill, bucket to push around, or dirty water to dump out when you are done. You will not need to buy boxes of replacement pads, or bottles of cleaner, but your floors will be cleaner than ever. It comes complete with two washable pads, and even has a commercial grade, telescoping handle that will adjust to the perfect length for any user.

Swivel Head

The durable head on this mop pivots to any angle, and that makes any part of your floor easy to reach. The head itself is almost completely flat, and that allows you to clean under almost anything, but the swivel connection takes it one step further to give you any cleaning angle you need. It twists, turns, and folds almost flush with the floor to turn corners, get behind objects, sneak into tight areas, and even get all the way under things like beds, tables and dressers. Because the swivel head is also trapezoid shaped, it will be easier to clean into corners without leaving behind any missed spots, or piles of dirt. Thanks to the versatile pads in combination with this swiveling head, you can also clean walls, windows, mirrors, vehicles and more. High up, or hard to reach surfaces are easy to wash because the head will pivot to conform to the surface without you having to stress, strain or even get close.

Reusable Pads

Using this mop is similar to those popular disposable floor cleaners, but with this one, the results will be better, the cost will be lower, The tool will not break or wear out, and your floors will never be sticky or dangerous from chemical residues. The pads that come with it can be used wet or dry, and they are totally machine washable and rated for hundreds of uses. When dry, they will act like a dust mop to pick up light debris faster than your broom, and keep all your hard floors in top shape. When you get them wet, you are switching to deep clean mode for mopping any hard surface. With water added, the microfiber pad will cut through tough dirt, lift it off the surface, and then lock it into the fibers. All of the dirt from your floors will transfer to the pad, and when it is fully dirty, or the job is done, simply pull it off, and throw it in the laundry. They can be machine washed just like any regular cleaning rag, and they can even be rinsed clean under warm water if you want to keep going, or if your tile was not terribly dirty. The higher quality, microfiber material will easily outperform any of those disposable mops, and its cleaning ability will match or beat any other traditional methods too. Add to that the fact that it can be reused so many times, and you are left with an incredibly powerful, and quite economical cleaning method.

How To Use It:

Wet or dry, this microfiber mop is a powerful tool for cleaning any hard floor in your home. Using it is quite easy, and it produces amazing results in comparison to how hard you have to work. Once set up, simply push it around your floors in order to collect dirt and leave a polished shine. It will glide across the surface easily, in order to eliminate dirt and leave floors clean. Thanks to the microfiber material, this household swivel mop will thoroughly wash surfaces without soap or chemicals, and it can be used wet or dry.


When dry, both pads work like a duster, so use them this way for light dust mopping and polishing. This feature is great for hard wood, but can also be beneficial as a way to quickly tidy any type of floor, and remove dust, hair and other light debris. As you work, all of the tiny fibers will spread out across your floor to attract dirt, pet hairs, dust balls, and micro particles like a magnet so you don't have to chase them down. Each strand skims the surface, lifts up any debris, and then locks it in the pad for disposal later. Both pads work well for dusting hardwood, but the green one is also useful for mopping up spills. The increased surface area, and plush material will slurp up moisture and hold it in, so for small spills in the kitchen, a dry pad will eliminate the mess quickly.
  • For dust mopping, use a clean dry pad. Either one works.
  • Attach to the plastic head by securiong to the velcro surface.
  • Clean floors by moving in one direction to gather dirt.
  • Once debris is pushed into a pile, sweep into a dust pan for disposal.
  • When finished, wash pad for reuse, or simply rinse and hang dry if it is not that dirty.


By wet, we mean damp. Both pads can be extra soaked if you want, but they only really needs to be damp in order to work, and too much moisture can be a problem for certain floors. You can also wet with soaps and cleaners, but it does a great job with just water alone. For regular mopping and cleaning, you will want the pad to be wet. It will then be able to remove scuff marks, ground-in dirt, mud, sticky messes, spills, stains and more. You can even clean ceilings, walls, high windows and ceiling fans thanks to the 60" long telescoping handle and swivel head.
  • To clean your floor, simply wet the removable mop pad, wring out excess water, and then stick it to the head.
  • Add cleaner if desired. Apply direct to pad, or spray down on tough spots to treat them before you begin.
  • Once your preparations are complete, just glide the mop across your floor for a streak-free shine. It won't ever streak, scratch or leave behind lint or water spots.
  • While gliding effortlessly over your floors, the swivel head conveniently maneuvers into, under, and around difficult areas. Get under the bed, behind the toilet, into corners and other hard to clean areas.
  • Use a back and forth action for best results.
  • If pad gets dirty, rinse and keep cleaning, or dispose for washing and get a new one.

Make mopping less of a chore by using a better tool. This Microfiber Swivel Mop will save you time, effort and money. Your floors will be cleaner, and you will spend less time and energy getting them that way. You won't have to worry about buying replacement pads or floor cleaner, and you won't dread mopping your floors. Since you only need water to get things clean, this mop will provide a safe, and chemical free way to keep your floors dirt free. They will not be covered with chemical residues, so floors will be safer for children and pets, and because they won't attract new dirt from being sticky, they will stay clean longer. It is also a low water mopping system that allows your floors to dry quickly when you are finished, so it's great for anyone with hardwood flooring because it is nearly impossible to cause damage from using too much moisture. It can also be used on tile, vinyl, linoleum, marble, granite, concrete and more because it thoroughly cleans any hard surface without any risk of harm.

Other places will charge twice as much for the quality offered here, and quality does matter with a microfiber mop. The pads do all of the work for you, so if you get one with cheap material, you will not be happy. We guarantee performance with this set, so don't get stuck with something that will only cause frustration just to save a few pennies. This affordable set will provide tons of power at a reasonable price. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 18" microfiber mop + (1) blue pad & (1) green pad
Handle Length 34" - 60"
Pad Dimensions (l x w) 18" x 5"
Pads Included (1) Multipurpose & Chenille (StarFiber Heavy Duty)
Pad Color Blue & Green
Head Dimensions 15.25" x 4"
Head Shape Trapezoid
Telescoping Handle Yes
Handle Material Light Duty Steel
Microfiber Type terry (multipurpose) & chenille (heavy duty)
Microfiber Weave 80/20
Integrated Squeegee No
Integrated Scrubber No
Built in cloth holders No
Washable Pad Yes
Cleaning Surface Front
Shipping Weight 2.4 lbs.

Household Microfiber Swivel Mop - A good quality mop for regular house cleaning. A quick and simple way to clean any hard floor. There are no chemicals or soaps necessary, and the pads can be reused hundreds of times before needing to be replaced.

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