Super Scrubbing Cloths (2-Pack)

Extra cleaning power whenever you need it. Non-abrasive scrubbers are safe and effective for a wide variety of jobs.
Super Scrubbing Cloth
Super Scrubbing Cloth
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Discover a better way to scrub almost any surface. Our Super Scrubbing Cloths are made with an advanced microfiber material that combines two different surface types. One set of stripes features a multipurpose material that is soft, and the other set is comprised of stiffer and more rigid fibers. Together, the two materials create the ideal cleaning cloth for wet and dry use, all over your home. The advanced design allows these cloths to safely remove the most stubborn dirt and grime with ease. You can scrub and scour without being abrasive to any surface you're cleaning, and because the scrubbing surface is only on one side of the cloth, you can easily clean and wipe, then flip to the scrubby side whenever extra power is needed.

Super Scrubbing Cloths are great for washing dishes and countertops, but they're also ideal for use in the bathroom as an exfoliating washcloth, or for removing bugs from your car. You'll find an endless number of uses for these remarkable cleaning cloths. The soft and plush material absorbs dust when dry, and locks in dirt when damp. Use it to clean and polish a wide variety of surfaces. The longer bristles on the scrubbing stripes will help you dig deep into cracks and uneven surfaces, and it'll deliver extra cleaning power whenever you need to wipe away stuck-on grime. Our Super Scrubbing Cloths will never scratch, or otherwise harm any surface you use them on, but they will easily remove stubborn dirt in a single pass. Finally there is safe alternative to abrasive, green scrubber pads, and one that does not require the use of a toxic spray cleaner. The dual surfaces allow these cloths to safely grab and remove contaminants without any risk, and they're totally reusable and washable for hundreds of uses.

Product Features

  • Use Wet or Dry.
  • Dual Surface Cloths.
  • Large 16" x 16" Size.
  • Heavy Weight, Premium Microfiber.
  • Machine Washable.

Why This Product Is Good

Highly Effective Performance

Stop using old cotton rags. Throw out those bacteria ridden sponges, and switch to microfiber. Other options are risky, and some wear out quickly. This long-lasting cloth will deliver incredible performance, and it won't fail or lose ability over time. Quickly loosen and wipe away tough stains and glued on dirt.

Dual Surface Material

A regular cloth on one side, and a two-toned surface on the other. Use the soft side wet or dry for a variety of jobs. The non-abrasive scrubbing surface can be used whenever necessary to gently scrub clean any surface.

Non-Abrasive Scrubbing Power

This cloth is in no way abrasive, and it leaves the surface clean, streak-free and polished with little effort. Don't worry about scratching paint, or ruining finishes. This cloth will fee stubborn dirt, but it won't harm the material underneath.

Versatile Cleaning Ability

Use wet or dry, with or without additional cleaning solutions. Use it with great results on pots and pans, vehicle exteriors, the siding on your house, grease build-up on cabinets and any number of other tough cleaning jobs.

High Quality Cleaning Cloth

Lower quality cloths can't clean as well, and will never deliver the kind of scrubbing power that this one does. Use it on a regular basis, and get years of professional level performance. This heavy weight cloth is a commercial quality cleaning tool.

Fast Results.

Small sponges, little pads, and cloths without any ability to scrub will never clean as fast and effectively as this one. Quickly clear dirt and debris in a single pass thanks to the dual surface material.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 2-Pack Super Scrubbing Microfiber Cleaning Cloths
Dimensions 16" x 16"
Color Orange
Material Premium Microfiber
Microfiber Type Terry/Multipurpose and non-abrasive scrubbing
Microfiber Blend 70/30
Dual Surface Yes. Multipurpose microfiber combined with coarse, non-abrasive scrubbing material.
Compatibility Safe for use on virtually any surface.
Shape Square
Washable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front and back.
Uses Perfect for general cleaning. Use it wet or dry for dusting and cleaning. Coarse scrubbers help to clean into cracks and grooves, or scrub away stubborn dirt.
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

Unmatched scrubbing power without any risk of damage. Perfect for washing your car, cleaning bathroom mirrors, wiping down counters and more. Dual surfaces give you the perfect amount of cleaning power for any job. Order Yours Today!

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