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Microfiber Cleaning Supplies

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Microfiber cleaning supplies are made from a revolutionary fabric, specially designed for cleaning. There are many benefits when cleaning with tools made from this material. Not only do they perform better than traditional cleaning products, but they enable you to do so with only water as a detergent. Microfiber cleaning supplies remove 98-99% off all dirt, dust, germs and microparticles without the use of toxic cleansers. The advanced fabric does all of the cleaning for you, and will prodcue amazing results while remaining easy to use and safe for the environment. Use these tools dry or get them damp to increase the cleaning power. Once dirty, any of these supplies can be machine wahsed hundreds of times and then reused. Clean counters, floors, walls, windows, mirrors, dry dishes, wash your car, clean showers and bathrooms and more. At simplygoodstuff.com, our microfiber cleaning supplies are of the highest quality available. Don't be fooled by people selling low quality products that look the same. In most cases they don't work as well, or last as long. With only the best stuff available, we take the guess work out of ordering online, and your satisfaction is guaranteed on every order.

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