MAX 200 LED Grow Light

4 Plant Capacity. Full Spectrum Convenience. Increase Yield And Save Money!
MAX 200 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
MAX 200 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light
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An economical choice for small scale indoor farming, this light can support up to 4 average size plants. It only draws 45 watts of power, but the 128 High Powered LED's can easily replace a 400W HPS or MH setup. Once operational, plant health will improve as your energy costs go down, and you will quickly realize that no fans or cooling systems are necessary because each little light will remain cool to the touch. Typical lighting systems will require you to switch lights when it's time to flower, but the full spectrum diodes on the MAX 200 more closely simulate the natural light of the sun, so you can grow or flower without changing anything. The bright white light offers an improvement over other LED lights, and they promote healthy growth without bathing your fruits and vegetables in a blue or red glow. For fast growth in a short amount of time, this advanced grow light is tough to beat. It uses very little power, and it will create conditions that closely mimic an outdoor environment. No complicated set up is needed, so just hang it up, and plug it in to start growing today.

Why It's Good

  • Compact. For small scale growing, starting seedlings, or rooting clones, this is the perfect option, and it's highly affordable when compared for ability. Support up to four full size plants, or more smaller ones.
  • Full Spectrum. Other systems require you to change bulbs or switch out ballasts in order to flower your plants. The powerful diodes on this unit emit a bright white light that's more similar to natural light so plants will be healthier, and you don't have to change anything but the timing when it's time to flower.
  • Professional Quality. Built to last, and designed for maximum yield, the MAX line was created with professional growers in mind. The top of the line components are guaranteed to last and the quality design ensures fool-proof operation, and ideal lighting conditions.
  • Long Lasting. Replacing traditional bulbs can be really expensive, and even the best ones have a really short life. The LED lights on the MAX200 will last for years of constant use without going dim, or burning out.
  • Easy To Clean. Transmission of light is key to growth, so any layers of dust, or specs of dirt can slow down the process. Old school bulbs need to cool down before you touch or wipe them, but these are always cool to the touch, so you can quickly clean any spot whenever you need to.
  • Silent Operation. With no built in fan, and no additional cooling equipment necessary, this grow light will be completely quiet when it's on.
  • Cool To The Touch. Light Emitting Diodes do not get hot like regular light bulbs do, so you will not need ventilation or multiple fans to remove hot air from your grow area, and plants will not wilt or die under the intense heat.
  • Advanced Diodes. It begins with the most advanced components on the market, and then continues as each one is custom binned to provide the correct spectrum of light. The result is a more efficient glow, and more usable light for your plants. All this, and it still draws less electricity than the competition.

Other Options

We carry three versions of this light, and the only difference is capacity. The ballast size will be the same, but the number of little bulbs will increase along with the cost. The more LED's you have, the more fruits and vegetables you can grow. If you only intend to use a small area, and grow 1-4 plants, the MAX200 is perfect for you. If you would like to keep a larger indoor garden, then check out the MAX400 which can handle up to 9, or the MAX600 which can handle as many as twelve. All three will be fine for tight spaces, and tight budgets because heat is nonexistent, and the cost of running them will be lower than any other option that has the same capacity.

Designed For High Yields

Unlike other manufacturers that only focus on light ratings and PAR readings directly under the middle of the light, and at the center of the grow area, MAX Grow lights are designed to provide the highest PAR ratings per watt over the entire growing space. A center rating is only relevant if you are concerned about a single pot, directly in the center, but most folks want to have healthy growth over several plants, and in a larger area without any rotation necessary. The advanced design of this set up allows for more usable light over a wider area, and the full spectrum glow guarantees vigorous growth with little effort required.

Stop comparing other options that can't compete with the value and quality offered here. This may be the best LED grow light available for folks just starting out, and it would also be useful for more experienced gardeners to supplement or replace inferior fixtures in use now. It's perfect for growing a few plants from start to finish, but it's also useful for smaller seedling, flowering, or cloning areas where room for more full size plants is not necessary. Grow huge plants, and harvest in as little as eight weeks with this powerful system. It's easy to use, and doesn't require any special knowledge or additional infrastructure to use it. Simply hang above your plants and plug it in to replace the sun, and grow plants in any indoor environment. Use with traditional soil or hydroponics with the same amazing results.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) full spectrum LED grow light (MAX200)
Dimensions 25" x 15" x 6.5"
# LED 128 High Power Diodes in two strips.
Equivalent Replaces 400W HPS or MH bulbs
Input Power 45 watts
Electrical Specs 120V/60HZ/42VA/.36AMPS
Capacity Grow 1-4 Plants
Growing Area Approx. 5.5 square feet
Full Spectrum Yes. Use the same light for vegetative and flowering stages of growth.
Cool Bulbs Yes. No fans needed. Light remains cool to touch during operation.
Rated Life 50,000 hours at 40 degrees Celsius
Color Rendering Index (CRI) >90
Housing Aluminum
Finish White Powder Coat
Mounting Options Pendant, Hook and Cord
UL Listed Yes
Origin Made in USA
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
Shipping Weight 15 lbs

This advanced lighting system is guaranteed to save you money while increasing your yield. Use the same light for growing your plants and flowering them, and never worry about cooling fans or high energy costs again. Order Yours Today!

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