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Magic Play Sand Set
Magic Play Sand Set

Magic Play Sand Set (32 Pieces)

Complete with inflatable sandbox, reusable storage container, and 3.3 pounds of high quality sand.
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A day at the beach, anytime! Kids love to play with sand and water, but trips to the lake don't happen every day, and outdoor sandboxes pretty much guarantee dirty clothes and other unwanted chores. This incredible set includes everything you need to play with sand inside, and it's just like beach sand, but without the drive, and without the water or mess.

No need to add water, or take any special steps, the Magic Sand is ready to mold, right out of the package. It'll sculpt easily, and hold its shape just like wet sand, but it's not sticky or gooey, and there's no chance of mud and other grime left over. The special ingredients are safe and non-toxic, and they allow the vibrantly colored sand to remain moist at all times. It'll mold into any shape you want, and you can easily carve, tunnel or shape it, but it'll never stick to anything but itself.

Each 32-piece set comes with 6 different castle molds, 4 sets of number molds, 5 carving tools, 1 shovel, a hand pump, a large inflatable sandbox, 3.3lbs of magic sand and a durable locking bin to keep it all in. Encourage imaginative play, and stimulate creative thinking. Children will have fun with the sand alone as they squish and shape it, but they can also use the castle molds to create vast cities full of replica buildings that look like the Taj Mahal, Aztec Temples, the Roman Colosseum and more. With the addition of the number molds, children can press and form individual numbers or math problems into the sand too. Help kids improve their counting skills and introduce them to basic math concepts with this fun play set.

Bring home the beach without the mess! Everything you need for sandcastle building indoors.

Product Features

  • Large 32 piece set.
  • Totally safe and non-toxic.
  • Your choice of sand color.
  • Wide variety of molds and tools included.
  • Reusable storage container included.
  • Complete with inflatable sandbox and a pump to blow it up.
  • For ages 3 years and up.

Why It's Good

  • High Quality. A sturdy carrying case, premium quality sand, and a variety of plastic tools and molds that actually work. Thanks to the top quality components, this set will be nothing but fun for any child. Avoid frustration and disappointment caused by lower quality versions that dry out right away, or include flimsy parts. The sand included in this set will remain moist and fun for a long time.
  • Low Mess. Although the sand feels like it's wet, it is actually dry. It won't stick to anything but itself, so cleaning it up is quick and simple. Store all parts inside the reusable tub, and keep the sand fresh by placing back into the resealable bag.
  • Complete Set. Other sets include way less, and many don't leave you with any storage options, or safe places to play with the magic sand. This set comes with a large, inflatable sandbox, and a wide variety of molds and tools, so you'll have everything you need to use and store the sand.
  • Creative and Educational Play. The options are endless. Children can spend time just digging and making piles, or they can use the castle pieces to create a large city. Use the numbers to help with counting and math, or eliminate the parts, and just use sand and fingers to practice drawing and writing. Sensory play supports the development of fine motor skills, concentration and cognitive thinking.
  • Easy-To-Use. The magic sand forms easily by hand, or by using the molds, and it holds it's shape well. Don't worry about crumbling sand castles or frustrated children because they will be able to create stuff easily using this set.
  • Storage and Play Area Included. When play-time is done, scoop it all up, and store it in the locking container that's included. With a large play area to contain the sand while playing, and a large tub to store everything in afterward, you'll never have to worry about the mess left over, and you'll be able to keep everything safe, fresh, and together when not in use.
  • Safe and Odorless. The magic is not dangerous. Let your kids play for hours, and never worry about harm or irritation. The sand has no smell, and no taste, and there are no toxic ingredients of any kind.
  • Fun For All Ages. Not just for kids, this stress relieving toy makes a great desk toy!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 32 piece magic sand play set
Sandbox Dimensions 18" x 26"
# Pieces Included 32
Sand Included 3.3 lbs.
Parts Details (1) bag of sand, (1) pump, (1) inflatable sandbox, (6) castle molds, (4) sets of number molds, (5) carving tools, (1) shovel, and (1) durable storage case.
Sand Color Pink or blue.
Mold and Tools Material Plastic
Odor Free Yes
Non-Toxic Yes.
Tasteless Yes
Non-Stick Yes. Sand only sticks to itself.
Ages 3 years+
Warning CHOKING HAZARD – Small parts, Not for children under 3 years.
Shipping Weight 4 lbs

A creative way to play indoors. All of the fun of beach sand, but without the water. Easy clean-up combines with sand that is easy to form, and the result is endless hours of fun. Perfect for a wide range of young children. Order Yours Today!

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