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Long Reach Window Screen Cleaning Set
Long Reach Window Screen Cleaning Set

Long Reach Window Screen Cleaning Set

Up To A 20 ft. Reach! Quickly Remove Dirt From Screens No Matter How High.
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An easy way to clean window screens that are high up, or hard to reach. This set combines the power of our Window Screen Cleaning Tool with the long reach of a telescoping extension pole. When you attach the roller to one of these lightweight poles, almost any screen will be well within your reach, and easy to clean. You get your choice of a twelve foot or five foot pole, and when attached to the longest extension, and held outstretched in your hand, most people will be able to achieve a twenty foot reach. This means that even second story windows can be cleaned with ease, and first story ones can be washed comfortably without trampling landscaping because you can stand further away and still apply the right amount of pressure. Each pole is made from aluminum so they are easy to maneuver without causing fatigue as you work. Use the roller in your hand for anything close, or screw onto the pole when windows are hard to reach. The tool is also lightweight, but it is packed with plenty of cleaning power. Use dry for light dusting or pollen removal, add water to increase ability and cut through dirt, or apply some soap for maximum power.


  • The roller is useful as a hand tool alone, but attach it to the pole when things are out of reach.
  • To attach to the pole, take the plastic cap off the handle to reveal the threads. Set the cap aside so you can replace it when finished.
  • Each pole has threading at the end, so simply twist on the roller to attach it.
  • Once attached, you are ready to clean. A back and forth rolling motion will give good results in a short amount of time.
  • Both poles telescope to adjust for length. Simply twist to loosen, extend to whichever size you need, and then twist back to tighten.
  • The versatile roller can be used wet or dry, and you can even add cleanser if you want.
  • When dry it will lift up dust and pull pollen and tree fuzz out of screens.
  • When used wet with water, it will power through dirt to remove stuck on debris with ease.
  • For really tough grime, add some soap or cleanser to make the job easy.
  • For easiest, and least messy cleaning method, work outside. This way you can spray down screens to rinse when windows are closed. If a spray down rinse is not needed, or you did not need soap, using inside would be fine too.
  • After cleaning, simply rinse the roller and hang to dry. It is totally reusable.

Two types of microfiber allow this roller to cut through grime on the metal surface of your screens, but also get down between the holes to remove dirt there as well. The lighter green material is soft and fluffy, and the darker strips are a bit more coarse, and more than twice as long. When you roll back and forth, the soft stuff will lift up and lock in debris from the surface, and the longer stuff will dig it out of the holes. With one continuous motion, you will be able to completely clean any window screen. Make this tough and annoying job easier, and do it without stretching, or balancing on a ladder. This amazing set offers one of the best ways to clean any screen on your home, and it will allow you to do a better job with less effort. The roller is great, but the addition of a super long pole that is easy to manage, makes it even better. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Window Screen Cleaner and (1) Telescoping Extension Pole
Roller Dimensions 9.5" x 7.5"
Roller Color green/blue
Uses Reach high windows to clean the screens. Quickly roll away all of the build up, even in the holes. 
Where To Use Safe for any window. Intended for use outside for easiest results.
Extension Pole Aluminum. Telescoping in a 5 ft. or 12 ft. size
Roller MaterialTwo types of microfiber combined.
Roller Handle Plastic with removable tip for attachment to extension pole. Use as hand held tool, or screw onto pole for windows up high.
Absorbency Soaks 4-6 times more than a regular cotton
Compatibility Use wet or dry
Cleaning Surface Full roller
Reusable Yes - wash and reuse many many times.
Shipping Weight 1.5                                 lbs

Extended Reach Window Screen Cleaner - A quick and easy way to remove dirt from any screen. Lifts up and locks in dirt with a simple rolling action. Use wet, dry or with soap for amazing results.  Order Yours Today!

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