3 Piece Washable Sticky Roller Set

Clean lint and pet hair the easy way. A money-saving set of super sticky rollers that are totally reusable.
Washable lint roller set.
Washable lint roller set.
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Cheaper than traditional lint rollers, this 3 Piece Washable Sticky Roller Set provides a fast and easy way to get the same results, but you'll never have to buy a refill again. The super sticky surface will quickly pick up lint, hair and light dirt from almost any surface, but instead of ripping off sticky sheets, you simply rinse the roll with warm water to prepare for more cleaning. The seemingly magical material is safe on any kind of clothing or furniture, and even with constant use, it'll remain incredibly tacky for years due to it's quality. This three piece set includes a standard size lint roller, a fold-able, travel size roller, and a large washable sticky roller that has a telescoping extension handle. Stop wasting money on disposable lint removal products, and never leave the house furry because you ran out of tape. When you switch to this set of washable alternatives you'll be prepared for cleaning at all times, and you'll be able to make the rollers as sticky as new with just a quick rinse under the faucet.

Product Features

  • 3 Piece Set.
  • Washable and Reusable Roller Surface.
  • Standard Roller Storage Cover Included.
  • Mini Roller Folds For Storage.
  • Standard Roller Hangs For Storage.
  • Telescoping Extension Pole For Large Roller.
  • Multiple Roll Sizes For Added Versatility.
  • Premium Quality Sticky Material.
  • Long-Lasting Performance.

Why This Set Is Good

Top Quality.

All similar looking products are not created equal. The formulation is important when it comes to stickiness and longevity, and ours has proven to work well, and last for years with regular use. Don't waste money on look alike products when you can guarantee functionality by ordering from us. This 3 Piece Washable Sticky Roller Set is guaranteed to outperform other options, even the ones that cost twice as much.

Super Sticky.

Just as clingy as any that require refills, these tools will lift up, and lock in any light dirt you roll over. You can use the sticky rollers to clean pet fur, human hair, lint, fuzz, dust and other light debris. No mater what you roll over, it'll be picked up and held securely by the super sticky material.

Totally Reusable.

Once covered with dirt or hair, simply rinse the roller under the faucet to rejuvenate the material. All of the stuff you collected will release easily once the roller is wet, but once it dries again, it'll be as sticky as new again. Occasional thorough cleaning with soap and water will keep these tools in like new condition for a long time.

Versatile Ability.

With three different sizes to choose from, this set offers the ultimate in cleaning versatility. Prepare yourself for all sorts of messes in a multitude of locations. You'll be ready to clean hair from floors, lint from clothes, and pet fur from furniture and upholstery. Chose the right size for the job at hand. This set includes every size you'll need.

Protected For Storage.

Never worry about dirty rollers that are no longer sticky, and avoid accidental damage during storage. The regular size roller has a slide on storage cover to keep it protected, and the mini size roller folds in half to completely enclose the roller when not in use.

Long Reach.

Clean floors without bending, reach curtains and drapes without strain, or clean in other hard-to-reach places thanks to the telescoping extension pole that's included for the large size sticky roller. Not only will you be able to clean large areas with ease, you also be able to reach stuff that's far away without getting a stool, ladder or chair.

Other Options

Don't need all three? Want to purchase one or more individually? Use the following links: Mini Washable Lint Roller, StandardWashable Lint Roller, or Large Washable Lint Roller With Extension.

Like the money saving combo, but want to spend less? We have a 2 Piece Washable Sticky Roller Set that only includes the two smaller tools so you can spend less when buying them together. As another option, we also carry a Large Handheld Lint Roller that's not featured in this set. It has the same size roller as the large one offered here, but it doesn't have an extension pole.

How To Use This Set

Using this Washable Sticky Roller Set is pretty similar to using any traditional lint roller, but they end up being way more convenient and affordable overall. The main difference is what happens before and after cleaning, so follow these instructions for best results:
  • To prepare for cleaning, make sure the roller is both free of debris and dry to the touch. When fully coated with dirt or moisture, the surface will not be sticky.
  • Use on virtually any surface. They will pick up any light debris you roll over.
  • To clean, use a back and forth rolling action for the medium and large rollers, and a side to side movement with the small one.
  • If doing a large area and the surface stops picking things up, simply rinse, dry and keep on going.
  • The mini size one has a built in cover. Simply fold over to close for storage.
  • The regular size one has a slide on storage sheath. Slide off when using, and replace for storage. Simply align grooves and slip in place.
  • When the surface is clean, rinse tool under warm water to wash debris down the drain.
  • Over time, residue and fine particles may coat the surface to reduce stickiness. Use soap and water, or rubbing alcohol to wash thoroughly and rejuvenate the surface.

Three Rollers Are Better Than One

This money saving set includes three different tools to keep you prepared for any lint or hair, no matter where you find it. A single sticky roller is great for certain situations, but when you have all three, you can keep them where you use them most, and you'll always have the perfect size for the job at hand. You can get each one individually, but you pay less when buying them together, in this set.

Standard Washable Sticky Roller

This one is what most folks would consider the regular size roller. It fits nicely in your hand, and it provides a good amount of surface area for picking up loose lint and fur. Use it on clothing before you leave the house, or quickly clean a couch cushion where your dog likes to nap. This tool is ideal for a single piece of clothing, a single chair, or a similar size area. It's great for keeping in your glove box to clean animal fur or food crumbs off the upholstery in your car, and it also fits nicely into a desk drawer to remove lint before a meeting. You can also use it to quickly clean small messes on wood or carpet, and much more. The Standard Size Sticky Roller comes complete with a plastic dust cover for storage.

Mini Washable Sticky Roller

This lint removal tool is so small it can fit in a pocket or purse. The obvious applications involve travel due to size, but the compact shape also makes it possible to store anywhere for convenient, everyday use as well. The surface area of the Mini Washable Sticky Roller is not large enough to handle big areas without rinsing multiple times, but for quick cleanings, it's tough to beat. A flip over cover keeps the sticky surface clean when not in use, and it also makes the whole thing durable enough to be tossed in a storage compartment or piece of luggage without worry. Whip out the mini size sticky roller before you hop out of the car, or keep it on you all day long to keep lint and fur from becoming a problem.

Large Washable Sticky Roller

This one is perfect for any large surfaces covered with light debris. Use it on floors, curtains, beds, sofas, rugs, multiple pieces of clothing and more. The huge roller will pick up tons of dirt before rinsing is needed, and the wide path will get things clean fast. The Large Washable Sticky Roller comes complete with a telescoping pole so you'll also have a long reach. Simply twist to loosen, adjust it to length, and then tighten in place to easily reach more areas with less stretching required. Use this tool in your bathroom to roll up long hairs, use it on an area rug for quick clean up, or use it on clothes not being worn to remove lint in half the time.

Anyone would love these tools, but pet lovers can't live without them. Don't let dog or cat hair control your life. Get this 3-Piece Washable Sticky Roller Set for a fast and easy way to clean it up. Easily keep clothes, carpets, upholstery and curtains free of dust, lint, fuzz, dirt, pet hair and other dirt, and never stop to think if it's time to buy more supplies. This set allows you to quickly remove unsightly messes and save money in the process.

The reusable design means you don't have to buy any expensive tape refills, and because nothing gets thrown away, these rollers are an affordable alternative that's also Eco-friendly. Always ready when you need them, these high quality tools will attract dirt like a magnet, and they won't lose their stickiness for years. Just rinse under warm water to release all of the collected debris, dry them off, and they're ready to go. Use the included dust covers for protection during storage, and each one will last for a long time, even with regular use.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 3 Piece Washable Sticky Roller Set
# Tools In Set 3
Rollers Included Mini, Regular & Large
Large Roller Dimensions 7" x 2"
Standard Roller Dimensions 4" x 2.25"
Mini Roller Dimensions 3" x 1"
Extension Pole Length 21" - 36"
Telescoping Pole Color Silver
Plastic Handle Color White
Roller Color Pink
Handle Material Plastic
Uses Clean lint, dust, pet hair, etc. Safe for use on any surface.
Reusable Yes
Washable Yes
Storage Cover Included Yes. For Standard Size Roller.
Storage Standard and Large Rollers Hang. Mini Roller Folds.
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Safe for any surface. Three Piece Sticky Roller Set - Order the three most popular rollers at an incredibly low price. Easily remove lint and hair from any surface. Great for clothing, furniture, your car and more. Just rinse with warm water and use it over and over. Stop using disposable rollers and wasting money on refills. Order Yours Today!

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