1. Lil Topper 2pc. Set
Lil Topper - No Spill Water Bottle Cap
Lil Topper - No Spill Water Bottle Cap

Lil Topper 2pc. Set

A No Spill Water Bottle Cap. Great for Parents on the Go!
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Children love to copy their parents, so you can bet that if mom or dad routinely drink from a bottle of water, they will be asking for it too. This can be an extremely wet and messy endeavors with regular bottles, so many parents are forced to resort to the sippy cup. The Lil Topper is far easier to use and way more convenient than traditional sippy cups. It allows you to take any bottle of water and instantly turn it into a spill proof drink for your child.

Lil' Topper is a no-spill top for bottled water that will fit 99% of the bottles available through your local retailers. It's purpose is to help children get the water they need without soaking everything around them. It's patented valve keeps the liquid inside the bottle until your child sucks on it. This keeps it from spilling unless your child is drinking from it. Whether you're at the mall, an amusement park, a convenience store or a restaurant; there's sure to be a bottle of water that Lil' Topper will fit. You can give to your child water with Lil' Topper and know that everything will stay dry. Say goodbye to soaked children, wet seats, and damp strollers. It is great for family vacations, riding in the car, birthday parties, day care, home care, grandparent care, walking, biking, sailing, boating, flying, riding the train, riding the bus, and much much more. Looking for one compatible with 16oz. juice bottles? Then check out the No Spill Cap Set .

Why Two Colors?
Each color of Lil' Topper is designed to fit a specific thread type. There are two dominant thread types in use in the bottled water market. Lil' Toppers have been color coded so you'll know which one to use on the brand of water you've purchased. A common thread type is a relatively coarse thread with a single starting point. This thread type is used by Aquafina, Dasani, Sparkletts and many other brands. The blue Lil' Topper fits these bottles.

The other common thread type is a relatively fine thread is used by Arrowhead and Kirkland and nearly all Nestlé Waters brands. The fine thread is unique in that it starts in three different places right at the top of the bottle. The yellow Lil' Topper fits these bottles.

How it Works:
The secret lies in the high-tech, patented silicone valve. It keeps fluid inside the bottle until enough suction is applied and the valve is drawn back on itself. Once this happens, a restricted flow of fluid travels through the valve and into the mouth of the user.

To Use:
Simply remove the cap on the bottle of water, and screw on the appropriate Lil' Topper and you're done!

The Lil' Topper is 3 or 4 times smaller than the smallest "sippy cup." This means you'll have to carry a lot less when you're headed out. It is also far safer than sports bottle tops, which pose a choking risk to small children. With a Lil' Topper tucked away in your diaper bag or purse you don't have to worry about what your child will drink if there's a change of plans for the day's activities. Bottled water is available nearly everywhere and the Lil Topper fits virtually any bottle available. You can also refill bottles and reuse them. This makes it great for traveling or families on the go. The specially designed ripple edge makes a great teether too. Give them as a gift at a birthday party, or as party favors. Kids love 'em! Get your kids in the habit of drinking more water. Order Yours Today!

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