Kitchen Plus Food Chopper

An 8 in 1 Kitchen Miracle. The Fast and Easy Way To Cook.
Kitchen Plus Food Chopper. An 8 in 1 Kitchen Miracle.
Kitchen Plus Food Chopper. An 8 in 1 Kitchen Miracle.
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The Kitchen Plus is an 8 in 1 tool that allows you to chop, slice, grate, shred, whip, and julienne like a pro. Sure to make all of your food prep easier, this amazing chopper is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Three razor sharp blades will rotate at the center to glide through any food with ease, and then chop it to the exact consistency you desire. With no electricity needed, the hand crank at the top delivers incredible power, and allows you to cut food with minimal effort, and incredible speed. With just a few turns, you get results that would normally require several minutes of hand chopping to achieve, and there is no skill or technique necessary. All of the chopping takes place inside an airtight chamber, so you can dice an onion without crying, and contain any stinky smells that might be a problem. As an added bonus, the dishwasher safe bowl also collects all of the mess, so just pop it in for cleaning, when you're finished. When using the Kitchen Plus, you always end up with perfect looking results, and there is never a messy counter to clean up afterward. Cut a single veggie in a matter of seconds, or add several at once to mix and chop at the same time to quickly create homemade salads, salsas, meat loafs and more.

Other Options

This food chopper is similar to our Salsa Express Miracle Chopper, Manual Food Processor and Ultra Chef Express food choppers, but it does offers some distinct differences. It's most similar to the Ultra Chef, but it has a grating attachment not included in that package. Use it to grate hard cheeses and chocolates with minimal effort. The Ultra Chef comes with a storage lid, a slightly different bowl design, and a curving samurai blade that you won't find on this model, so if those extras are important to you, it may be a better choice. The Miracle Chopper and Manual Food Processor are more basic in comparison, so if you don't need all of the extra attachments, one of those might be what you're looking for. The first one comes with a chopping blade and egg separator only, while the other one has those, plus a whipping blade and a salad spinner not found on any other model.

Why It's Good

  • Powerful. Quickly slice through any vegetable with little effort. Three spinning blades will glide through food in order to cut it twenty times faster than you can by hand. A simple rotation of the top crank delivers incredible chopping power.
  • Fast. A couple rotations will dice an onion. Keep turning, and it will mince down in less than a minute. With a few more spins, you can completely pulverize the food inside to make a puree. Despite the lack of electricity, this tool prepares food incredibly quickly. When cutting several things at once, it will save time by mixing them together as you chop.
  • Triple Blade. Three razor sharp blades are mounted at different levels and angles. Once you turn the handle, they will chop several times with each rotation. Avoid mushy results thanks to the sharp edges and precise separation. Cut with incredible speed and accuracy.
  • Double Sided Blade. Jagged teeth on one side, and a straight scalpel on the other. The blade has a different cutting edge on each side, and will cut in any direction. One side may be better for certain types of foods, so turn both ways to see what works best.
  • Versatile. Chop, whip, juice, slice, shred, julienne, grate and more. This one tool can handle a wide range of tasks in the kitchen. Use it as a chopper exclusively, or take advantage of the included attachments to maximize the value offered.
  • Airtight. Odors and juices stay inside as you work, so stinky stuff won't bother you, and pungent things like onions and peppers won't make your eyes water. The chopping chamber also contains messes to make clean up a snap.
  • Professional Results. From large chunks to a smooth puree, this tool can produce exactly what you need. The clear bowl allows you to observe the contents, and achieve the perfect consistency. No other food processor offers the same level of accuracy and ease of use.
  • Hand Crank. Electric appliances are great, but they are often too much for the job at hand, too expensive to justify, or so difficult to clean that use is avoided. This simple tool runs on your energy only, but it takes very little effort to make it work. Anyone can chop like a pro with a simple spin of the handle.
  • Easy Clean Up. Each part separates easily, and they are all easy to wash. The deign allows for easy cleaning, so quickly take apart, clean and then air dry. Unlike other chopping tools, this one also contains the mess inside the chopping chamber, so you won't have any external mess to clean up either.

What Can It Do?

More than just a basic vegetable chopper, this remarkable tool comes with a pile of extra attachments that allow you to do much more than just dice onions. Below you will find a breakdown of the additional parts included, and a brief description of what you might use them for. The list below is only intended as guide to get you going because once you have it, you will find many other jobs it can help with. You can chop garlic, take corn off the cob, prepare salads, make salsa, whip and blend desserts, and so much more. The possibilities are truly endless with this versatile food chopper.

Serrated, Triple Blade - This is the main component, and the one that most people will use most often. Surgical grade steel is sharpened on both sides to provide cutting edges that work in both directions. One side will have a jagged, toothy finish, while the other side has a straight edge with micro serrations. When installed at the center, you can chop just about anything you put inside. Turn the crank to make it spin. A few rotations will produce large chunks, and more will reduce the size, all the way down to a puree.

Whipping Blade - This white plastic blade replaces the metal one, and it can be used for whipping, stirring, and blending. It's great for mixing pancake batter, or whipping heavy cream, and it works really well for beating eggs to make an omelette. Use it just like the regular blade, and spin the top handle to make it rotate. The large paddles quickly froth and foam, and allow you to quickly mix together ingredients.

Egg Separator - Located at the top of the lid, this little part quickly separates yolks and egg whites so you can use the part you need. When an egg is cracked over the separator, the white will drop into the bowl, and the yolk will remain on top. If you remove it, you will reveal a large opening that can double as a port for adding other ingredients without taking the lid off.

Juicer - The juicing lid is designed for citrus fruit only. Replace the standard lid with this one to squeeze fresh juice that will fill the container below. Just cut an orange or grapefruit in half, and then press down while rotating to release the liquid.

Shredder Insert - One of four interchangeable inserts that slide into the slicing lid, this one acts like a regular cheese grater. It's made out of plastic, but the sharp edges still allow for effortless shredding. Use it with cheese, or shred potatoes for hash browns, lettuce for tacos, and more. Once in place, and secured on the bowl, just slide food back and forth to use the shredder below. All of the food will collect in the container.

Grater Insert - Not really intended for cheddar, this insert secures in the slicing lid, and works well for grating hard stuff like gourmet cheese and chocolate. Slide into the lid, then screw in place. Glide food back and forth to prepare ingredients for recipes, or garnish for fancy dishes. Each piece of finely grated food will collect without effort, into the bowl below.

Julienne Insert- Use this slicing insert to cut thin, uniform strips. Often referred to as matchstick cuts, it's ideal for carrots and cucumbers, but you can also use it as a powerful shredder for cabbage and lettuce. A row of vertical blades will slice up into your food, and then a horizontal one will slice across. With each pass, you will get several sticks that are all the same size. This attachment is great for shoestring fries, salads and vegetable pastas.

Slicing Insert - Use this insert for producing uniform slices of any fruit or vegetable. It's the perfect tool for cutting tomato slices for burgers, or orange slices for a snack. Once in place, just glide back and forth to slice food with the perfect thickness. Each piece you cut will drop down to collect inside the chamber underneath.

How To Use It:

This super food chopper will cut your food 20 times faster than by hand, and the double sided blades cut in both directions for maximum cutting power. Operation is simple enough for anyone to master quickly, but follow the instructions and tips below to ensure proper use.
  1. To use The Kitchen Plus as a food chopper, simply place your food in the container and secure the lid.
  2. If food is too big to fit inside, cut in half or quarters before you toss it in.
  3. Turn the handle counter-clockwise for half a turn and then spin clockwise for maximum power.
  4. Spin the handle around until your food is chopped to the desired size. The clear bowl will allow you to see your progress as you go. It will only take a short amount of time to completely chop any food.
  5. Switch to the whipping blade to mix drinks and desserts or to make an omelette. This blade just replaces the metal one, and it works in the same manner.
  6. To use one of the other slicing lid attachments, simply remove the crank handle lid and secure the base and slicing insert instead.
  7. For the safest operation, you will always want to use the food holder when slicing with this tool.
  8. Simply slide your food back and forth over the blade to quickly slice, julienne or shred.
  9. The egg separator simplifies preparation of meringues and custards, and makes it easy to cook with egg whites. Just break the egg over the separator and the yolk stays on the top while the white goes into the chopper for preparation.
  10. Use the juicing attachment to squeeze fresh juice right into the container and the integrated pouring spout makes it easy to serve.
  11. Hand washing recommended. Just take apart, and then wash and air dry.

You won't believe the incredible power that this little machine delivers. You can chop almost anything in a matter of seconds, and with very little effort. Even elderly people find that it is fast, simple and painless to chop with this tool. There's no electricity involved in operating this gourmet chopper, so it's safer and more portable when compared to other options. Stop sobbing every time you chop an onion, and don't waste your precious time cutting by hand. Electrical alternatives cost way more, and often times, they don't even work as well. Using a knife requires advanced skill, and more time than most of us have. This simple and effective tool chops with incredible accuracy and outstanding speed, and with all of the extra attachments, it is a versatile tool that will save you time and effort all over the kitchen. It makes cumbersome electric processors a thing of the past and will outperform similar looking devices thanks to superior design and materials. With its unique design and convenient attachments, the Kitchen Plus makes cooking and baking easy for even the most inexperienced cook.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) chopper/slicer/mixer/food processor
Dimensions 9" x 9" x 11.5"
Uses Slicer, Chopper, Shredder, Grater, Julienne, Citrus Juicer, Egg White Separator, Whipper/Blender/Mixer
Attachments Included cutting blade, mixing blade, julienne insert, slicing insert, shredding insert, grater insert, citrus juicer, safety holder, egg separator & recipe book
# Blades 3
Blade Type Serrated (straight)
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Double Sided Blades Yes
Material Plastic
Power Hand Crank
Side Handle Yes
Pouring Spout Yes
Dishwasher Safe No. Hand washing recommended.
Shipping Weight 3 lbs

A simple spin of the handle allows you to chop like a pro. Slice, dice and shred just about any fruit or vegetable using this tool, and do it twenty times faster than you can by hand. Complete with several attachments to add value and convenience. Order Yours Today!

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