Kitchen Sink Protector Mat

Soft and flexible. Add this 11.5" x 10" mat to the bottom of any sink for added protection.
Kitchen Sink Protector Mat
Kitchen Sink Protector Mat
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A fun looking mat to help protect your sink and the stuff you put inside. Most kitchen sinks get a lot of use, and all sorts of stuff gets tossed inside. Over time the little scratches and marks that occur as a result can add up to become significant damage. It doesn't matter if your sink is stainless steel, porcelain or some other material, eventually a knife, fork or other object will leave a mark. Although you may occasionally come into contact with the sides of your sink, the base will take most of the damage, so adding a protective layer is the perfect way to avoid this problem. Simply place this Kitchen Sink Protector Mat over the drain, and at the center of your sink to protect the surface underneath, and help to prevent damage from anything that goes inside. As an added bonus, you'll also help to prevent drinking glasses and other delicate dishes from breaking or getting chipped as they are washed or placed into the sink. Upgrade the look, the convenience, and the usefulness of your kitchen sink.

Product Features

  1. 10" x 11.5".
  2. Compatible With Any Sink Type.
  3. Durable Material.
  4. For Protection and Shock Absorption.
  5. Three Colors To Choose From.
  6. 100% Silicone Construction.

Why This Product Is Good

High Quality

Top quality materials and thick construction make this protective mat better than others. You won't have to worry about it getting damaged, or wearing out with use. This high quality product will last for a long time with everyday use.

Very Durable

Thanks to the 100% silicone construction, this mat is nearly indestructible. You can drop stuff on it, place sharp objects on it, and let it come in contact with common cleansers without worry. The tough material will not be affected, and will remain in like-new condition for a long period.

Shock Absorbing

Silicone not only provides a perfect layer of protection for your sink, it also helps to prevent breakage and other damage when delicate things are placed inside. Glass, ceramic and other materials break easily when they hit a metal sink the right way, but when hitting the soft silicone instead, you'll avoid the accident.

Protective Layer

Knives, forks and other sharp objects can scratch your sink over time to leave permanent marks. When you have this protective mat in place, it'll block those items, and stop them from marking up the base of your sink. You can keep a new sink in perfect condition for a long time, or improve the look of a sink that's already damaged.


Don't worry about water flow when you have this installed. Thanks to the design, there is plenty of space for the water to flow. It'll lay flat right over the drain, but it won't slow the water flow.

Odor and Stain Resistant

Other materials can get stained and yucky looking, or begin to stink due to odor retention over time. Because this protective mat is made from a high quality silicone material, it will resist stains and odors, so you'll be able to use it longer in comparison.

Dishwasher Safe

Any time it does get dirty, you can hand wash it right in your sink, or you can take it out, and wash both sides at once in your dishwasher.

Keep a new sink looking new longer, cover up an old sink to make it look better, or add protection to prevent damage when handwashing dishes. This kitchen sink protector mat would make a great addition to any home. Once in place it'll remain installed, and thanks to the size and design, it's compatible with virtually any sink. Don't waste money on lower quality alternatives. Get this high quality, decorative mat to improve the appearance and utility of you sink.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Kitchen Sink Protector Mat
Dimensions 11.5" x 10"
Uses Place at the base of virtually any sink to add a layer of protection. Avoid damage to your sink, and help prevent glass items from breaking when you wash them. Place over the drain in any sink that it fits in.
Color Your Choice: Black, Blue or Clear
Design Floral
Material 100% Silicone
Compatibility Works in any type of sink.
Odor Resistant Yes.
Stain Resistant Yes.
Added Texture Yes. For added stability and security.
Flexible Yes.
Dishwasher Safe Yes.
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Add a decorative touch and a layer of protection at the same time. This kitchen sink protector mat is perfect for any type of sink. Help to prevent damage, and keep stuff in new condition longer. Order Yours Today!

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