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Instant Wash Cleaning Cloths (4-Pack)

Powerful, soap-infused cleaning cloths. Disposable, and safe for use on any surface.
Instant Wash Cleaning Cloths 4-Pack
Instant Wash Cleaning Cloths 4-Pack
4-Pack Disposable Soap-Infused Cleaning Cloths
Just get wet with water to release the soap and begin cleaning.
Perfect for washing outdoor furniture, garage doors and exterior windows.
Ideal for cleaning outdoor toys, bikes and ride-ons.
Gentle soap is safe for all surfaces. Powerful fabric cuts through grime safely.
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Product Description

The perfect tool for cleaning the dirtiest stuff. Just wet to release the soap inside, and then wipe to deep clean any surface. These safe and effective cloths are perfect for a wide variety of cleaning tasks indoors and out, but they're ideal for really gross jobs because you can avoid doing the laundry afterward. Just scrub and clean until the job is done, and then toss the soiled rag when you're finished. Each cloth is loaded with dirt busting soap, and the viscose microfiber material adds to its grime fighting ability. Once wet with water, simply squeeze to work up a thick lather, and then glide across any material to gently scrub and remove stubborn dirt. In just seconds, extremely dirty surfaces will be perfectly clean.

Avoid the hassle of a separate spray bottle or cleanser, and don't ruin your favorite cleaning cloth by destroying it with a single job. These disposable cloths are perfect for muddy messes and other heavy build-up, and you never need to worry about how yucky they get. Use them to wash down garage doors, clean exterior windows, wipe down patio furniture, wash outdoor toys, clean bikes or vehicles and so much more. Stop cleaning stuff the hard way, and stop dreading the clean-up process after the job is done. Get stuff incredibly clean in less time, and then toss the dirty rags when the job is done.

Product Features

  1. 4 Cloths Per Package.
  2. Soap Infused Material.
  3. Single Use/Disposable.
  4. Safe for use on any surface.

Why They're Good

  • Fast. Just wet to get to work. No searching for supplies, or using separate soaps and sprays. Just grab the cloth and get right to work. Thanks to the advanced material and built-in soap, you'll be able to quickly clean any surface with ease.
  • Efficient. The gentle soap combines with the viscose microfiber to create a powerful cleaning tool. With little effort required you can deep clean and remove stubborn grime. Wipe surfaces clean, and scrub away stuck-on grime with these effective cleaning cloths.
  • Disposable. No need to launder afterward, so they're perfect for the yuckiest jobs. Use until the job is finished, but then throw out without worry.
  • Safe. Never worry about damage to any surface. The cloth material is safe for any material, and it will never scratch or leave lint. The soap infused inside will not harm surfaces either, so scrub and clean, but never worry about bleaching, discoloration, damaging residues, or deterioration.
  • Versatile. So many uses, it's impossible to list them all here. Use outside to clean bicycles, water tables, doors, windows, patio furniture and playground equipment. Use inside to wipe down tables, clean after crafts, or wash down counters, stoves and other surfaces.

How To Use Them

Much like any other cleaning cloth, you simply wipe to clean, but follow the tips and instructions below to ensure optimal performance for this specialized tool.
  1. To activate the soap, wet the cloth thoroughly with water.
  2. Once it's wet, squeeze and massage until you see bubbles. The cloth is now ready for use.
  3. While cleaning, wipe in a single direction for best results. The cloth material will gently scrub, lift up and lock in dirt.
  4. Re-wet while cleaning if soap diminishes.
  5. Once any surface is clean, rinse with water or wipe away soap with a damp rag.
  6. After the job is done, and once the cloth is thoroughly used, simply toss it in the garbage.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 4-pack soap infused cloths.
Dimensions 9.5" x 10.5"
Color White
# Included Each package contains 4 cloths.
Compatibility Safe for use on virtually any surface.
Number of Uses Single Use
Soap Infused Yes. Just wet to release the soap and begin cleaning.
Washable No.
Reusable No. Dispose once the job is done.
Cloth Material Non-Woven Viscose Microbiber
Uses Perfect for messy or dirty jobs. Use to clean stuff like garage doors, outdoor furniture and toys, bikes, cars and more.
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

Eliminate the need to wash dirty rags after you clean, and get the job done in less time. These powerful cleaning cloths have soap built in, so just get wet to get to work. Order Yours Today!

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