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How To Use The CordPro

How to use the cordpro
1. At the eyelet tab, flex open one side wall and insert a cord end through the hole in the divider.
2. Flex open the opposite side wall and pull the cord end all the way through and out of opening.
3. Pull the cord halfway through the unit. (Example: For 50 ft. cord, pull 25 ft. through) Cordpro will then be in the middle of the cord.

4. Grip Cordpro in center opening and wrap one half of cord at a time onto the unit. Each half of the cord will automatically fall into its own compartment.


wind cord halves in the SAME direction. (Both halves will unwind at the same time.)

wind each half in OPPOSITE directions. (Both halves will then only unreel from one side at a time.) This prevents kinking of the hose. Cordpro can be easily positioned anywhere along the extended length.

5. To use . . . plug cord into outlet, lay Cordpro on the ground and pull end of cord to needed appliance or tool. The Cordpro will unreel just the right length of cord as it slides with you!
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