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Rubber brooms have been around for a long time. Ever since inception, they have proven to be an invaluable cleaning tool. The first one was made way back in 1897, but they have evolved over the years to become the dynamite cleaning tool we know today. The original rubber broom was designed by Frank Gould of Port Richmond, NY. Little did he know at the time that the rubber broom would revolutionize the way we clean today.

Almost immediately, these sweeping tools were widely acknowledged for their amazing ability to thoroughly clean any type of hard floor. What made them even better, was their level of durability and hygienic characteristics when compared to traditional brooms available. As early as 1959, the rubber broom became the standard cleaning tool for hairdressing salons all over the world because it is unmatched in it's ability to clean hair and fur. The first classical rubber broom was patented by Vincent La Posta in France in 1959.

During the 1980's, several design improvements were incorporated to improve the tool, and make it easier to manufacture on a large scale. Shortly after, they became widely available to the general public, and news spread fast about their multiple strengths and uses, so they became an instant success.

In 1993 Sweepa pioneered the successful introduction of rubber brooms in the public domain from their head office in the Netherlands. Sweepa is still acknowledged today as one of the best demonstration products in the world because it actually works and does exactly what it claims to do. These brooms perform well under a multitude of conditions, and are easy to use. They are also nearly indestructible, so they hold up and last for years, even with constant use. When shown how well they work, first hand, people immediately recognize the value.

Sweepa owners world-wide are the best ambassadors to this wonderful product. Anyone that has ever used one, finds it to be far superior to traditional tools, and almost impossible to live without. Developments and improvements over the years have resulted in a wide range of Sweepa cleaning tools that vaguely represent the first models. There are many sizes of brooms, and also hand tools available now. For the broom, there are three sizes that we carry: The 12" Household Rubber Broom, The 13.5" Commercial Rubber Broom, and The 18" Outdoor Rubber Broom. For hand tools, we carry a rubber brush, and a rubber lint brush.

Made with Natural Rubber:
Since the discovery of vulcanization of rubber in the early 1900's, it has been the leader of material for production of an array of technical products and household products requiring exceptional qualities of durability and elasticity. Natural rubber is tapped from rubber wood plantations especially planted for this purpose. Things like brooms were never thought to be made from this material, and have always been made from straw, nylon or something similar. Once one was made, it was clear that rubber offered more than just durability. It is also very well suited for cleaning.

Rubber today is used extensively in household, commercial and industrial products. The durability and elasticity is well demonstrated by the use of rubber in vehicle tires. Natural rubber is tapped from rubber trees in special purpose plantations. It is therefore an environmentally safe and sound process. The same durability evident in other products like car tires is also true for the head of these brooms. The bristles never lose their shape, and they will never break or fall apart. One of these brooms can be used for many years and still look like new due to this fact.

Virgin crepe natural rubber is used as the base material in production of the Sweepa broom. The formulation has been specially developed to ensure quality and durability features. A wide variety of color and fragranced articles are available. Sweepa mixes and formulates its own rubber requirements in the specialized designated mixing mills. For this reason, these rubber brooms and hand tools will work better, and last longer than other similar products available. After all, the Sweepa line of brooms has many years of development, and a history of using the best materials available.

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