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Wire Bristle Scrub Brush
Wire Bristle Scrub Brush

Wire Bristle Scrub Brush

Flexible, stainless steel bristles provide incredible cleaning power. Use on grout and other surfaces to remove tough grime.
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Clean sticky grease off a barbecue grill, remove stubborn stains from tile and grout, eliminate rust and other build-up on parts and machinery, or scrub away stubborn dirt on a wide variety of other surfaces. This powerful, hand-held scrubbing tool features 100% stainless steel bristles, so it's not safe to use everywhere, but it will be highly effective on surfaces and materials where it is safe to use. The angled scrubbing head features more bristles than the competition, and each one is is totally flexible. Slight downward pressure will result in amazing cleaning power, and the stiff bristles will give slightly, while bending to conform to uneven surfaces. Simply glide back and forth to lift up and remove stuck-on grime, and the wire brush will do the work for you. A wide handle is coated for added comfort, and the end has a hole, so you can hang it up when not in use. It's fully compatible with any cleanser you like to use, but due to the powerful cleaning action, additional soaps and chemical solutions are usually unnecessary.

Stainless steel construction ensures rigid bristles that won't ever rust. The tip of each one is slightly sharp, and although the bristles are quite stiff as a whole, each individual wire is very flexible. You'll have enough resistance to remove any type of dirt, but not enough to damage or remove grout. Unlike other tools that force you to scrub like crazy due to inferior, or too few bristles, this one will remove grime that you thought was permanent, and it will do so without intense effort on your part. The entire brush is perfectly angled to make scrubbing easy, and the curved tip provides the perfect way to apply added pressure when necessary. Stop wasting time with inferior tools, and don't spend another dollar on cheap alternatives. Removing years old grime, or several layers of build-up is never easy, but this incredible tool is guaranteed to improve results, reduce frustration, and decrease the amount of work required. Ditch the flimsy brush you're using now, and switch to one that's guaranteed to work.

Why It's Good

  • Commercial Grade. Forget about thin plastic handles, or flimsy wooden sticks. Never worry about soft bristles, or weak ones that fall out easily. This high quality tool will deliver professional level performance, and it feels like a pro quality tool when you hold it. The thick scrubbing head and ergonomic handle will remain comfortable and effective for yeas of regular use, and the steel bristles will deliver a professional level clean without losing their shape or wearing out quickly.
  • Steel Bristles. Extra strong for incredible cleaning power, but also flexible and long-lasting. You won't need to scrub like crazy to remove layers of grime because the high quality wire bristles only require a gentle touch.
  • Versatile. Perfect for rejuvenating old tile gout, but also useful for scrubbing other stuff too. This handy tool is more than just a grout and tile tool. You can use it indoors or out for a wide variety of scrubbing, cleaning, scraping and smoothing. The angled head makes it easy to clean in cracks and crevices. Clean into corners and other tight areas without trouble.
  • Curved Design. The angled handle leads up to the curved head, and when combined, they create the perfect shape for cleaning with maximum speed and power. Easily apply pressure when needed, and quickly scrub up and down grout lines, or into tight places with little effort.
  • Flexible Bristles. Although the metal wires are stiff and rigid enough to get the job done, they will also bend and flex to prevent damage. The pliable metal will spread out to cover the entire surface, and the individual bristles will conform tot he material to clean deep into cracks, divots and other difficult areas.
  • Scrubbing Power. Soft, nylon bristles force you to do all the work, and often can't remove stubborn build-up, no matter how hard you try. The professional grade bristles on this tool give you unmatched scrubbing power, so you'll be able to lift up glued-on grime without intense effort.

What To Use it On

You won't want to use this brush on soft or delicate materials like natural stone and vinyl, but for surfaces that are safe, there's no better option for scrubbing and cleaning caked-on dirt. Quickly eliminate stuff you thought was impossible to clean, and use it on a wide variety of objects and surfaces all over your home. You should always use caution to avoid damage when scrubbing with this wire brush, but if you use it to clean surfaces and materials listed below, or ones that are similar, it'll be easy to avoid trouble.
  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Concrete
  • Glass

What It Can Clean

Tough grime and stubborn build-up are no match for this brush. Thanks to the powerful bristles, a gentle scrubbing action is all that's required to clean any type of dirt. The list below details some of the types of grime it'll work on, but use it on anything similar also.
  • Greasy Build-Up
  • Rust and corrosion
  • Stained grout
  • Paint
  • Scale
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Any other dirt

How To Use It

Improve results, and reduce effort. This incredible tool will quickly remove dirt and grime that other brushes can't handle. Although it's easy to get good results, the metal bristles can harm certain surfaces, so follow the instructions below for best results.
  1. This tool is designed for hand-held use. Grip the gray handle in your dominant hand to scrub.
  2. Make sure to use on compatible surfaces only. Use the list above, and stick to hard surfaces only to avoid damage. For best results, and to avoid major damage, test on a small area first, and then move on. The metal bristles are highly effective, but also able to leave scratches and marks on softer materials.
  3. For cleaning and scrubbing, wet the area first. If using to smooth or remove rust and scale, leave the surface dry. When working with greasy grime, it can be used with or without moisture.
  4. Add a small amount of cleaning solution if desired. The wire bristles are fully compatible with any cleaning solution you may want to use.
  5. Light downward pressure, and a simple back-and-forth motion is all that's required to clean.
  6. If increased pressure or scrubbing power is required, rotate the handle upward and apply downward pressure, at the front curve, with your thumb. More downward pressure will result in more scrubbing power.
  7. Continue with an up-and-down, or back-and-forth motion until the area is clean.
  8. For best results and even coverage, begin in one location, and then work, systematically, to the other side of the surface you are cleaning. Finish a single section, top to bottom, and then move on.
  9. After the cleaning is done, rinse the surface to remove any left over soap, or loosened grime.
  10. To maintain the brush, rinse the bristles after use, then hang to store for later.

Other Options

Need a larger brush, or one that attaches to a long extension pole? We've got you covered. For larger scrubbing tools without metal bristles, check out the Shark Tile and Grout Brush or the Demon Pro Grout Brush. This hand-held brush is perfect for small surfaces, and tough grime, but for floors and other surfaces, you may prefer a bigger brush, or one without wire bristles. Need something small, but without the metal bristles? We also carry a couple hand-held scrub brushes with regular bristles too. For a small brush with nylon scrubbers, check out our Mini Grout Brush or Deluxe Hand-Held Grout Brush.

Soft and cheap alternatives will never deliver the cleaning power that this brush does, so why waste time, money and effort? With the advanced shape of this tool, and the professional grade brush head, you'll easily increase speed and efficiency when cleaning all sots of stuff in your home, office or garage. Unlike other options that force you to scrub way too much, this one will guarantee high quality results with little effort, and it won't wear out, or fail quickly like cheaper options do. Skip the soft, thin, or weak alternatives, and go with something that has been proven to remove the toughest grime from all kinds of stuff. Because it's built with commercial grade materials, you know it'll last a long time, and provide professional level results.

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