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Bath Time Fun. Turn Water into a Colorful Goo.
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You'll think it's gross, but your kids are going to love it. With H2Goo you can turn their regular bath water into a thick, brightly colored goo. Choose from four different colors to make bath time so fun that your kids will actually request it. There is no more forcing or begging them to bathe when there is H2Goo in the house. Just pour in the package of powder, and the water in your bathtub or anywhere else will magically turn into a gooey gel. H2Goo Gelli Baff will soak up 400x its weight in liquid to turn the water into a fun looking mess that is actually good for your kids skin. Children love the texture and colors, so they will stay in the bath longer and have tons of fun while getting clean. Once the fun is done, simply pour in the dissolver powder and the water will magically change back to normal, and go down the drain like usual. This stuff doesn't stain your children's skin or your tub, and won't clog the drain either, so you can rest easy as your kids have fun with this unique goo making bath additive. It is totally safe and non-toxic, and actual contains ingredients that will soften and clean their skin.

Turn bath time into play time and get your kids clean all at the same time. This is the ultimate in bath time fun. H2Goo Gellibaff turns bath water into goo... and then back again! Simply run your bath, then add H2Goo Gelli Baff once the tub is full. Then the fun starts because you will watch in amazement as your boring bath water magically turns into a fun goo in one of four colors. Kids will love to touch and play with it, and it will make all of those boring old regular bath toys fun again. Floating a boat on a sea of pink goo is so much more fun than letting it bob up and down in plain old water. Add in some cups and water wheels, and you will have to negotiate with kids to exit the bath instead of enter because they won't want the fun to end. H2Goo Gelli baff is a completely harmless powder that soaks up 400 times its own weight in water to turn into a slimey, gooey, jelly-like substance that kids can't help but play with. The unique texture is loved by all kids, and they will want to stay in the bath until the water turns cold just to play with it.

There's no need to worry about clean up with this bath additive either. When the fun's all done, simply add the packet of dissolver powder, and the goo disappears as magically as it appeared. H2Goo reverts back to regular consistency bath water but does retain the color. It will go right down the drain easily so you don't have to worry about it blocking or clogging the bath. It does not leave stains or lasting residue behind, and typically just needs to be drained and followed by a light rinse if necessary. It is a harmless powder that doesn't contain anything dangerous or harsh on the skin, and the substance you use to dissolve the goo is basically just plain old table salt. Completely safe, H2Goo conforms to strict testing and safety regulations and doesn't stain your towels, carpets or kids. (Please read the instructions carefully before using the product).

Won't clog pipes, won't stain fixtures, linens or kids! Safe and non-toxic-contains no harmful chemicals; actually softens skin!

Kit includes one packet of goo and one packet of dissolver. 4 Goo colors to choose from: Red, Blue, Pink and Green. Ages 5 and up. Order Yours Today!

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