Stainless Steel Friction Mount Hook

Stronger Than Suction. Stick It Where You Need It. Hang Up To 10 Lbs.!
Griipa Friction Mount Stainless Steel Hook - Stick in any location!
Griipa Friction Mount Stainless Steel Hook - Stick in any location!
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Hang a robe or towel conveniently outside your shower, or store wash cloths, back brushes and poofy scrubbers on the inside. This elegant looking hook mounts to common bathroom surfaces without any hardware, so anyone can install it in seconds to solve common storage problems. The mounting bracket looks similar to a suction cup, but it holds much better, and it's not as noticeable when it's on the wall. Once you install this hook in the location you want, it will look and function like a permanent install. It can support up to ten pounds without trouble, so it'll work well for anything you need to hang. Unlike suction products that eventually fail with time, this one will not flop around, slide down, twist and turn, or pop off overnight to leave a wet towel on the floor.

It mounts totally flush to the surface, and the bracket remains completely hidden from view. If you decide you want it somewhere else, it is easily removable, and you can use the same bracket to put it somewhere else. No drilling or screwing is required to put it up, and if you take it down, there will be no holes, broken tiles, or sticky residues to worry about. The brushed stainless steel finish and modern styling give it a great look that complements current decor, and the long last performance ensures that it will be a problem solver instead of another annoyance. Perfect for apartments and dorms where construction is prohibited, but also nice for any homeowner that wants to upgrade bathroom storage without any hassle or risk of damage.

Why It's Good

  • Strong. Once in place, it will remain there. You can knock it, pull it, or bump into it and it won't move, re-position or fall down. The incredibly secure friction mount system is completely removable, but it feels totally permanent on the wall.
  • Hardware-Free. With no drilling required, you won't have to worry about broken tiles or shattered glass, and with no screws involved, you don't have to worry about holes left behind if you need to move it. As an added bonus, you can easily fix install mistakes by pulling it off and starting over.
  • Simple. A simple design to match your decor, and a simple install to solve your complex storage problem. Mounting it on the wall is as easy as peel, stick and hang, so anyone can do it, and make it look like a professional job.
  • Long Lasting. It won't slip and dip over time like cheap suction versions do. This adhesive hook will remain in place until you decide to take it down. You get the convenience and install possibilities that result from a hardware-free product, but you also get a great looking hook that performs like it was screwed to the wall.
  • Reusable. Take it down to move, or remove it to put it in another spot. The friction mount bracket is totally reusable, so you can easily change your mind, or move to a new location without and trouble, waste, or additional cost.
  • Fast. Some people may need a few minutes, but other will be able to install in a matter of seconds. The simple and effective system is incredibly easy to master, and takes little effort or skill to accomplish.
  • Compatible. Use with confidence on a wide variety of bathroom surfaces. It works on shower walls, glass doors, mirrors, tiled walls and more. If it's smooth, clean and dry, this hook will stick in place, and remain without fail.

Where To Use It

Standard installation only requires a smooth surface that is clean and dry. With the included adapter sheets, you can also mount too surfaces with a matte finish as well. It's not going to work on drywall or porous wood, but common surfaces like tile, glass and mirrors are the perfect location. It's not affected by steam or direct contact with water, so use it with confidence inside or outside of your shower. Take a look at the list below to see the types of materials it can stick to.

Compatible Material:

  • Glass
  • Mirrors
  • Glossy Tile
  • Acrylic
  • Fiberglass
  • Porcelain
  • Chrome
  • Stainless Steel (with adapter)
  • Matte Tile (with adapter)

How It Works

Patented technology combines a traditional suction cup with a vinyl sticker to create a much stronger, and longer lasting attachment method. All of the annoying aspects of suction technology have been eliminated to create a reusable mounting system that holds strong and looks like a permanent fixture when in place. Unlike cumbersome cups, these friction mount circles lay completely flush and remain concealed behind the hook. Once installed, it will not spin, flop, slide or pop off because increased grip provides a much more permanent solution. It can be mounted in a matter of seconds, moved multiple times, and when in use, it will feel like you screwed it in place. This clean looking system is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to have a storage hook in your bathroom without drilling holes or compromising position.

How To Install It

Mounting this hook to the wall could not be easier. As long as you're working with a compatible surface that is clean and dry, the whole process should be quick and easy. Follow the instructions below to be up and running in just a few minutes.
  1. Before you begin, ensure that the surface will work, then clean it thoroughly, and let it dry completely.
  2. Once the surface is prepared, take the mounting bracket, peel off the backing, and press it against the wall. Make sure that it is on straight.
  3. If working with a matte tile, or stainless steel surface, apply an adapter sheet prior to pressing on the bracket.
  4. Once the suction cup-looking bracket is in place and aligned correctly, press and massage from the inside out to locate and remove all air bubbles.
  5. Once air bubble are removed, tug at the center post to test for strength. If it feels a little loose, press straight in against the wall to reveal the air bubble causing problems, then work them out.
  6. Once the bracket is in place, take the hook and mount it in place.
  7. Hold the hook above the bracket, align with the post, then slide down to secure in place. The hook is ready to use.
  8. To remove or re-position, simply slide the hook up and off, then carefully peel off the bracket.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) stainless steel hook
Dimensions 2.5" x 2.5"
Uses Hang towels, washcloths, sponges, scrubbers and other stuff right where you need it. Perfect for the bathroom, but useful in lots of other places too. Installs easily on any smooth surface. 
Material Stainless Steel
Installation Type Friction Mount - Like a suction cup only better. Totally movable and reusable. Provides a strong hold, flush fit and does not move. 
Compatibility Install almost anywhere. Works on smooth surfaces like glossy tile, acrylic, fiberglass, stainless steel, glass and more. Includes adapter sheet for use on slightly textured surfaces like matte tile and certain metals. Will not work on drywall or pourus wood.
Weight Held Up to 10 lbs.
Reusable Yes. Simply peel off and re-position. Totally reusable.
Dual Hook Design Yes. Hold one large object or two smaller ones.
Color Stainless Steel
Base Shape Circle
Manufacturer Griipa
Shipping Weight .8 lbs

A robe and towel hook that installs almost anywhere. Stick it inside your shower, on a mirror, on a glass door, over tile and more. No hardware or tools are required, and it hangs in a matter of seconds. Once in place, it looks and performs like a permanent install. Looks like a suction cup, but performs way better. Stick on virtually any bathroom surface to keep stuff in the ideal location. Order Yours Today.

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