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Glasstic - Insulated, shatterproof, glass water bottle
Glasstic - Insulated, shatterproof, glass water bottle

16 oz. Shatterproof Glass Water Bottle

Insulated Container That Combines The Convenience of Plastic & The Purity Of Glass.
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Pure, clean water without the hassle. Stop drinking liquids that taste like metal, and don't worry about toxic ingredients found in many plastics. This glass water bottle is a convenient alternative to traditional drink containers, and it combines the portability of a plastic bottle with the purity of one made from glass. Unlike other versions that are still quite breakable, this one features a shatterproof design. The inner core holds your beverage, and a second wall of plastic surrounds it to add protection. Because there is space between the layers, the plastic covering also provides insulation that keeps your water cold. Any liquid will be contained by glass alone, but the entire outer shell is made from durable plastic, so it's safe for almost any activity. Available in your choice of colors, each one comes with a lockable lid that features a wide mouth opening. All parts are dishwasher safe, and a built-in handle flips up to make it easy to carry. 16 oz.

Why It's Good

  • Wide Mouth. The large opening is big, but not too big. It dispenses beverages at the perfect rate, and without sucking involved.
  • Leak Proof & Locking. The flip top lid closes securely, and locks in place to keep liquids inside, even when tipped or jostled. A built in handle flips up for easy portability.
  • BPA-Free. Lead free. Cadmium free. Toxin-free. A clean and pure beverage every time. Never worry about leaching chemicals or water that tastes like plastic or metal.
  • Low Maintenance. It's easy to wash and totally dishwasher safe. Quickly separate all parts and machine or hand wash when necessary.
  • Durable and Shatterproof. Take it anywhere. The plastic shell absorbs any impact to resist breaking, and on the outside chance it does break, all of the pieces will remain locked inside.
  • Insulated. Not only for protection, the double-walled design will keep water cold longer.
  • Sweat Proof. Because the glass container remains separated from the outer material you will touch, it will never get slippery with condensation.
  • Stylish & Attractive. The simple, modern design looks great, and it comes with a choice of colors to fit your personality.

How It Works

It all starts with a highly durable bottle made from pure soda-lime glass. A durable outer shell made from BPA-Free plastic surrounds this inner bottle, and the two are connected by a food-grade, silicone gasket. A plastic base piece screws onto the bottom to contain that end, and a flip top lid attaches to the top. The lid has a switch to lock it in place on the front, and a convenient handle on the back that can fold up or down as needed. Your water goes into the center glass chamber, and the silicone gasket prevents it from getting between the two layers. When suspended in the middle, cold liquids stay cold longer, and the part you touch stays warmer, and condensation free for easy use.

Why This One Is Better

You can't take other glass bottles to the beach, pool or park without worrying about leaving behind shards, or breaking the rules. Other options only have a thin coating for protection, so they are not nearly as durable, functional, or versatile. With this one, you don't have to worry about where you take it, or what you are doing, and as an added bonus, it will also prevent heat transfer and warming of your beverage due to the insulated design. Besides being better than breakable glass versions, it is also one of the best alternatives to metal or plastic bottles that ruin flavor, stink or add risk. This worry-free and shatterproof bottle offers the ultimate in purity and portability so it is tough to beat.

Who Should Use One

  • Health Nuts. Glass is the healthiest choice in beverage container materials. Those concerned about chemicals in plastics, or leaching toxins from metal will love this safe and healthy alternative.
  • Eco Warriors. Reduce or eliminate the use of store bought bottles when you switch to this recyclable option. Glass is also more green than metal in it's production, so making one of these has less of an impact when compared to a stainless steel version.
  • Penny Pinchers. It pays for itself quickly. Instead of wasting money on pre-packaged water, use this glass bottle and filter tap water instead.
  • Athletes. The only shatterproof option available, it is more practical and gym friendly than other choices. Because no plastic touches your water, you don't have to worry about contamination by chemicals that act like estrogen in your body.
  • Yoga Students. It keeps your water cold all the way through the session, and you will actually be allowed to bring it because there is no risk of breaking.
  • Golfers. The design eliminates condensation on the outer layer, and prevents water from heating. This reduces contamination, and also ensures a more enjoyable drink, even at the eighteenth hole.
  • Runners. It won't slip due to sweating, and if you do accidentally drop or kick it, the glass probably won't break. If it does shatter, the pieces will be contained, so cleaning up will be as easy as bending over and grabbing it.
  • Beach Bums. Many beaches and parks restrict glass containers. Take this one instead, and get all of the benefits without any of the risk. As an added bonus, liquids will stay cold longer on hot days.
  • Pool Sharks. When lounging by the pool, accidents can happen, and shattered glass is a problem. Eliminate the risk, and still enjoy clean, pure water.
  • Moms. Finally, a safer material that is also worry free. Moms can give kids water in this bottle, but they don't have to freak out, or hover to keep them safe.
  • Everyone Else. Anyone that dislikes the taste of metal or plastic can benefit, and anyone that prefers a more durable glass bottle will love it.

Enjoy great tasting water, and confidently take it with you anywhere. This break-proof glass drink container is sleek, worry-free, clean, green, and totally reusable. Don't take another sip from that suspect bottle made from substandard materials, and don't settle for glass versions that easily break. Use this one to prevent and contain any damage while you drink the purest beverage possible. Independent testing has confirmed durability and quality, so you can be sure this product will work well and last a long time. Order Yours Today!

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