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A Color Changing Garden Stake - Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting
A Color Changing Garden Stake - Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting

Color Changing Garden Stake Light

Solar Powered Outdoor Lighting. Single Color, Or Multi-Color Fade.
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Colorful outdoor lighting that runs on solar power. These attractive garden stakes look great during the day, but at night the display only improves. Bright LED lights will illuminate once it gets dark to add color and decorative light to any portion of your yard. They run on batteries, so you can place them anywhere you want without worrying about cords or complicated installation. The integrated solar panel will charge the batteries during the day, and the built in sensor will automatically turn the light on when it gets dark, and then back off when the sun comes up. This will ensure that the batteries always have power, and that the lights will shine brightly when you want them to. These deluxe model garden stakes have two lighting settings, and a setting for off. One lighting mode will activate a bright clear bulb that will illuminate in a constant fashion, and the other one will turn on a colored LED light that will fade in and out of multiple colors. Both effects will have their own unique appeal. Set it to the always on, clear bulb to have the brightest light and the color most similar to the actual glass of the bulb. The color changing light will be a little bit less vibrant, but will also offer a more drastic lighting effect. As the bulb changes from red to blue and so on, the glass dome will appear to glow and take on those colors. Each one comes complete with batteries pre-installed, and set up is quick and simple. Place one anywhere in your yard to have colorful light when the sun goes down. Perfect for accenting your garden, lighting a path or lining your driveway.

How To Use It:
Using one of these color changing garden stakes is easy. Once you have it installed, it is a set and forget style device. The only reason you would need to touch it would be to change lighting modes. In order to do this, simply flip the switch on the back side of the solar panel. There are two positions for on, and one position for off. One of the on positions will set it to have the clear light always on, and the other on position will set it to rotate the color changing light. When in the off position, the batteries will still charge during the day, but the light will not turn on at night. This can be good to preserve battery life when you are away, or otherwise have no use for the lights.

When you first receive this stake, it will arrive in an easy to assemble state. There are only two parts, the top and the bottom. Simply connect the two stake pieces and your assembly is complete. Installation is just as simple because you only have to select a good spot, and push the stake into the ground in order to complete this step. The sturdy metal construction makes this easy, and ensures that the stake will stay in position and remain upright. Once in the ground, simply flip the switch to the mode you prefer, and you are all set. As soon as the sun goes down, your stake will automatically turn itself on, and begin to shine brightly. Once the darkness fades, the stake will shut off and begin to collect sunlight in order to recharge the batteries. You can place this anywhere in your yard because there is no wiring or cords to plug in. It is totally resistant to weather and has long lasting batteries pre installed. There will be nothing additional to purchase in order to be up and running so this affordable accent lighting will offer a quick and economical way to add apeal to your yard.

Why Choose This One?:
These Color Changing Garden Stakes are one of the easiest ways to add some color to your yard at night. Since they are solar powered outdoor lighting, they are safe to use anywhere, and virtually maintenance free. The LED bulbs will last for many years of use, and the batteries can be recharged over and over again. Unlike regular stakes used for outdoor lighting, these have colorfully glass globes and color changing LED lights. You can let it shine with clear light to show of the mosaic glass at night, or set it to the color fading light to initiate a lighting effect with more variety. With this mode, you will get the patterning and slight color augmentation caused by the glass dome, but you will also see a range of bright colors caused by the internal light as well. Red will fade into blue, and that will merge into yellow. The powerful LED light will continue to rotate and fade until the sensor shuts it off as it becomes daylight outside.

Use the dynamic lighting mode to gear up for night time parties and backyard barbeques. The LED will continue to change for a fun effect, and you will also be providing unique mood lighting at the same time. The clear light looks beautiful at night, and will make the glass dome shine as the colored glass becomes bright and vibrant. This mode is perfect for pathway lighting, or for a single accent light in your garden or by the front door of your house.

Improve your outdoor space by adding some colorful lights. Becuase these solar powered lights are on metal stakes, you will be able to stick them in the ground in virtually any part of your yard. The pointed end will go into the dirt easily, and the sturdy metal will stand securely as it elevates the beautiful glass dome light. These solar powered garden stakes are a quick and easy way to bring nighttime color to any portion of your yard. They look great during the day, but at night, when the light turns on, they transform into something incredible. Use one to mark the corner of your walkway, or get several to line the whole thing. You don't have to worry about running cords, finding an outlet, or purchasing additional parts or tools. These amazing garden stakes come complete with everything you need, and only take seconds to install. Each one comes with a rechargeable battery pre-installed to power the super bright LED light in the interior of the glass globe. This decorative accent will add beauty anywhere you place it, but the light they provide is also very functional. They are not bright enough to light your whole yard, but they do provide a decent amount of colored light directly around the stake in all directions. The garden stakes have a color changing option. We also carry some that only have a single clear light and different glass domes. You can see those here: LED Garden Stake. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) color changing garden stake light
Height 33" high
Globe Dimensions 4" x 4"
Globe Color varies (choose from blue, purple or green)
Globe Material Glass
Stake Material Metal
Solar Powered Yes - sun will charge battery during the day
Battery 1 Rechargeable AA battery is required and included
# LED Lights 2 Super Bright LEDs - One clear bulb for always on light setting and one color changing bulb for color fade setting
Light Duration Provides 6-10 hours of light on a single charge
Auto ON/OFF Yes - light sensor will automatically turn unit on when dark, but can be disabled if desired
Color Changing Yes - 2 modes offer always on clear light or color fade multi color bulb
Shipping Weight .7 lbs.
Color Changing Garden Stake Light - Place colorful accent lighting in any portion of your yard. Runs on solar power and features color fading light or always on clear light.

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