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Self-Cleaning Flat Mop and Bucket Set
Self-Cleaning Flat Mop and Bucket Set

Self-Cleaning Flat Mop And Bucket Set

Washable mop with swivel head. Complete with automatic wringer bucket and an extra mopping pad.
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Spotless floors in less time. This powerful mopping system combines the amazing cleaning power of microfiber, with a two-chamber, wringer bucket to create the perfect tool for cleaning any hard floor. The complete set comes with two washable mopping pads that you can use over and over again, and the flat swivel head easily reaches under furniture, and into tight spaces. The sturdy steel handle has a squishy grip to make it more comfortable to handle, and the end has a loop for hanging during storage. Collapse the whole set to store inside the bucket when you finish, or hang the mop in a closet to keep it fully assembled at all times.

The wash and dry mop bucket allows you to save time and do a better job. Insert the mop pad on one side to rinse in warm, soapy water, then insert into the other chamber to squeegee off any excess water. Instead of mopping with a dirty pad, or rinsing it under the faucet in the middle of the job, you can keep the bucket close by to clean your pad as you go. You'll be able to mop your floors with less effort, and the whole job will take less time, without any compromise in cleanliness. Stop struggling with cheap versions, spin mops or annoying wringers that require too much strength. This effortless mopping system will guarantee that your floors get clean, and the advanced design is ideal for use by anyone.

Product Features

  1. 360 Swivel Head Mop
  2. Stainless Steel Handle
  3. Self Wringing Mop Bucket Included
  4. Wash and Dry Two-Chamber Mop Bucket
  5. Two Washable Mop Pads Included
  6. Large handle, drain plugs and padded grip for comfort and convenience.

Why It's Good

  • Versatile Cleaning Ability. Ideal for any hard flooring surface, but also useful for walls, ceilings, windows, mirrors and more. The gentle and effective cleaning pads are useful on a wide variety of surfaces, and thanks to the material and low-water design, you can clean almost any flat surface quickly and safely.
  • Flat, Swivel Head. Rotate in any direction, and mop at any angle. The flat mop head on this tool can easily get under furniture and appliances. Thanks to the swivel design, it can also quickly clean around toilets and other obstacles. Get into corners and tight spaces, and quickly clean every inch of every floor.
  • Automatic Wringer Bucket. The self-wringing squeegee bucket lid will remove the perfect amount of moisture as you pull the mop out of the bucket. Simply insert and then remove to wash and dry the mop head while you clean.
  • Washable Mop Pads. Each mop and bucket set comes complete with two washable mop pads. Use them wet or dry for deep cleaning or dust mopping, and then wash hundreds of times to reuse over and over again.
  • Two-Chamber Mop Bucket. Keep the dirt off your floors, and easily replenish cleaning solution, retrieve fresh water, or rinse off dirt to keep your mop pad clean. The revolutionary design allows you to use the separate chambers to rinse and dry the mop, and the specialized lid squeegees the pad on exit to remove dirty water or excess moisture.
  • Easily Portable. A large large handle folds up whenever needed for easy portability, and thanks to the bucket size, this mopping system will be light enough to transport, even when full of water.
  • Integrated Drain Plugs. No need to lift it up and tip it over when the job is finished. The dual chamber bucket can be easily drained using the plugs at the base. Avoid strain, and ease clean-up with this handy feature.
  • High Quality For Easy Cleaning. Similar tools feature low quality pads that don't work as well, but the premium pads on this mop make cleaning any floor easy. The advanced microfiber material is able to eliminate 99% off all dirt, germs and debris with just water as a detergent, but you can also use with your favorite floor cleaner as well. Glide across floors to quickly clean without harm.
  • Fast and Effective Tool. Thanks to the bucket design and pad material, anyone can clean like a pro, and save time in the process. The superior mopping surface ensures a clean floor with a single pass, and the portable bucket wrings and cleans your mop quickly and eliminates the need to run back-and-forth to a sink.
  • Safe For All Floors. Never worry about damage or harm, and always feel confident that the floor you are mopping will be totally clean when finished. Smooth or uneven surfaces, natural or synthetic, this mop powers through tough messes on any type of hard floor in your home or office.
  • Splash-Proof Design. Avoid messes around the bucket, or annoying splashes as you wing. The clever design directs all excess water back down into the bucket, so accidental mess-making is minimized.

Replacement Pads

Each pad is totally washable and reusable, but with regular use, you may need replacements in the future. To get direct replacements for the pads included in this set, check out our 12 Inch Wet and Dry Replacement Pads.

How To Use It

This mop is incredibly easy to use, so anyone can achieve good results on the first try. When used correctly, you can easily get a professional level of clean with very little effort. Follow the instructions and tips below to ensure proper operations, and maximize the benefits.
  1. To begin, fill the bucket with water. Ensure the drain plugs are secure first.
  2. The two-chamber bucket can be filled with water on both sides, or just one.
  3. Fill with a wet and dry side, or a soapy and fresh water side, or have one chamber with soap and water, and one chamber dry for storing dirty water.
  4. To begin mopping, simply insert the mop into the bucket to collect clean water, or water and cleaning solution.
  5. Once you remove the mop from the bucket on one side, insert into the other side to squeegee off excess moisture, or dirty water.
  6. Once the mop is ready to go, simply apply light pressure, and push back-and-forth to mop you floor.
  7. As needed, return to the bucket to rinse your pad, or get more cleaning solution/water.
  8. Ideal for hardwood, linoleum, tile, vinyl, concrete, natural stone and more.
  9. Pads are machine washable for cleaning.
  10. Bucket is easily transported with the top handle, and easily drained with the two drain plugs.
  11. All parts store inside the bucket when not in use, or mop can remain assembled, and hang by the handle if desired.

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