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Fixed Tip Fidget Spinner

Fun, addictive, and therapeutic. Keep your hands busy, and your mind focused with this spinning toy.
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Product Description

There's no real point to it, but once you pick it up, you may not be able to put it down. Perfect for children and adults alike, this is the perfect toy to take along with you anywhere. Get quick relief from periods of boredom, or help yourself focus while tackling long, dull or difficult tasks. They're great for kids with attention problems, or adults with frequent meetings and tedious phone calls. Watch it spin endlessly on any flat surface, or hold one in your hand to let it rotate horizontally or vertically. The simple technique is one that anyone can master, but advanced users will challenge themselves to perform tricks, or spin in combination with several at a time. Thanks to the bright, solid colors, it has a captivating look when in full motion, and thanks to the fixed tips, it's one of the most durable models available. The plastic body is thick and resistant to breakage, and the weighted tips ensure balanced spinning. It only takes a little push to make it twirl, and the bearings at the center allow it to continue spinning for up to 2 minutes. The perfect stress reliever and pocket toy in one, it's ideal for crazy children, busy professionals, or anyone else that likes to have fun.

Product Features

  • Color Choices: Blue, Green and Yellow.
  • Style: Tri-Arm.
  • Arm Tips: Solid weights.
  • Spin Time: Up to 2 mins.

Why It's Good

  • Addictive. The simple spinning action may seem basic when compared to electronic devices and battery operated alternatives, but the rotating action is incredibly captivating, and able to capture the attention of almost anyone.
  • Colorful. The bright, solid colors look pretty amazing when the toy is still, but the whirling vibrancy is truly amazing as it continuously rotates.
  • Durable. High quality plastic and fixed tips make this model more solid than others, and less likely to fall apart or break with repeated use. Accidental dropping will not affect performance, and the sturdy material won't crack or break like other versions.
  • Smooth. Quality components ensure fast, smooth, and long-lasting spins.
  • Fixed Tips. Better for younger spinners, this model doesn't have extra bearings at the tips. Instead, it has solid weights that are securely in place. With less parts in general, and a diminished possibility of stuff popping out, it will be safer and less frustrating for younger users.
  • Fast. Just give it a flick, and it will rotate at high speed, and continue moving for a long period.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Fidget Hand Spinner
Dimensions 3" x 3" x .5"
Color Your choice: Blue, Green or Yellow
Material Sturdy Plastic Body with Metal weights and bearings.
Number Bearings 1 at the center.
Bearing Material Metal
Number Arms 3
Arm Tips Solid Weights
Spin Time Up to 2 minutes
Ages 6 years+
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

Kill time, eliminate boredom and increase focus with this simple little fidget toy. Spin anywhere as the perfect everyday carry time waster. Order Yours Today!

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