What are the benefits of drinking from a glass bottle? Why glass instead of plastic or metal?

Glass is 100% recyclable, and way more pure in comparison. When sipping from this instead of some stainless steel or plastic version, you don't have to worry about toxins like BPA, aluminum, chromium, nikel or other harmful chemicals that can leach into the liquids you put inside. Because the water, juice or other beverage will remain unchanged, each chug will taste better, and you won't have to deal with that unpleasant taste or smell that is common with other materials. Using a GLASStic reusable glass bottle also benefits the environment. Bottled water creates enormous quantities of waste, so you'll save money and the environment when you stop drinking prepackaged, bottled water.

How does the GLASStic bottle compare to other options with protective silicone rubber sleeves?

Silicone sleeves mainly offer decoration, and minimal insulation. They will not prevent breakage, and they certainly will not contain the damage if the bottle should break. This is something that GREATLY differentiates GLASStic from the competition! It is not only break resistant, it is also shatterproof. If you drop it, the plastic casing will prevent breaking in many cases. If the glass does break, all of the glass will remain contained inside the shell, so it is much safer, and easier to clean up. The outer shell is made from a highly durable plastic.

Is the protective plastic outer shell BPA free? Is the cap and base BPA free?

Yes, the protective outer shell, the cap and the base are all BPA free. The cap and the base are also fully recyclable.

Are Aluminum and Stainless Steel Bottles Safe?

Aluminum is a neurotoxin and so most, if not all, aluminum bottles contain a plastic lining that may contain BPA. We feel this is something to consider with Aluminum Bottles. Stainless steel bottles can contain heavy metals like chromium, nickel and arsenic which could leach into the beverage. We feel Glass is the ultimate choice for safe beverage containers!

If I drop my bottle and it breaks, what can I expect to happen?

If the lid and base is on securely when the glass bottle breaks, the broken glass will remain inside the protective outer shell. The water contained in the bottle may leak out slowly, but most of it will remain contained inside. To remove the broken glass, unscrew the bottom base, drain the water out and then shake the broken glass into the garbage. You can use the flat top side of the cap to push the glass at the mouth of the bottle down and out the bottom of the protective outer shell. Rinse the shell out with water and then insert a new glass bottle.

How often can my bottle drop before it breaks?

Testing performed by an independent 3rd party testing firm has concluded that the product sustains 6 bottom drops on average before breaking the glass inside. Please DO NOT try to drop or break the Glass bottle on purpose as other parts of the product like the handle on the sports lid could be damaged or broken.

If it does break, can I replace the glass bottle inside?

Yes. You can contact the manufacturer directly and request a replacement glass bottle insert for your bottle. They will charge you $7.99 to help cover the cost of the bottle and shipping it to you. This replacement glass insert is offered n order to allow you to recycle the broken glass, and continue to reuse the plastic components of your Glasstic bottle.

I live in a humid climate, are you saying that it will never sweat...even with ice cold water in it?

The glass on the inside can experience condensation, but the outer plastic shell will not because all of the 'sweat' or condensation will be trapped inside the protective outer shell. This keeps things clean and dry!

Can I place very hot water in my bottle?

At this time the bottle is not intended to be used to drink very hot beverages like coffee or tea. The bottle has not been tested by a Third Party to withstand extreme variations in temperature and so we cannot recommend using the product with very hot water. Please continue to check back with us as we are working in this area to get a tested solution that our customers can confidently use for both their hot and cold beverages.

Can I freeze it?

No you cannot. When water freezes it expands...this can and will will cause the glass to break. You can however place empty glass inserts in the freezer and 'chill' them like a beer mug.

What kinds of toxins are in plastic bottles?

The most common...and dangerous toxin in plastic is Bisphenol A. Plastic may also contain phthalates, polyurethanes, polyacrylonitriles, and EA's.

What kinds of toxins are in metal bottles?

Metal bottles contain various heavy metals that are toxic like aluminum, chromium and nickel.

Will my drink stay cooler in a GLASStic bottle compared to a single walled plastic, metal or standard glass bottle?

Yes, because of the double wall construction, the GLASStic bottle will help keep your drink cooler than single walled bottles. NOTE - this is a not a vacuum sealed double walled bottle meant to keep liquids insulated for long periods of time.

Is it diswasher safe?


If I choose to wash it by hand, what is the best way?

  1. Put a few drops of dish soap into the bottle.
  2. Add a paper towel or clean dish rag and fill it with warm water.
  3. Put the cap on and shake well.
  4. Dump out the soapy water and paper towel and rinse thoroughly.
  5. Bottle brushes also work great, you can purchase these at most local grocery or general merchandise stores.

Where is it made?

Various Cities in China

Why is it made in China?

The GLASStic bottle is made in China for a number of reasons with the biggest being that the availability of 'clear white glass' is limited here in the US/North America since the glass industry shrank in the 1980’s. The glass from most of North America is either tinted/hued typically. The second biggest obstacle with sourcing Glass in North America is that most Glass Factories only produce packaging glass in HUGE quantities...These factories do not have an economic incentive to work with smaller consumer product brands such as Glasstic. This reality forced us to look far and wide for the necessary suppliers and vendor partners needed to bring our solution to the marketplace. We are striving to help to get America to work and so we do use an American source for the BPA free plastic material that is used to make the protective outer shell in addition to employing US based sales, design and operations staff.

Glasstic - Shatterproof, Glass Water Bottle

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