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Fan Blaster

A Miniature Fan And Personal Cooling Device. No Batteries Required!
Fan Blaster - A mini fan and personal cooling device.
Fan Blaster - A mini fan and personal cooling device.
No batteries required. Just squeeze to make it spin.
A pocket size fan that allows you to keep cool at all times.
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Product Description

Stay cool at all times, and never worry about dead batteries again. This pocket size fan spins faster than most other alternatives, but it works by squeeze action instead of some form of electricity. One quick pump will generate a powerful gust of wind, and continued squeezing will result in a steady breeze of cool air to combat humidity and other uncomfortable weather conditions. The compact size makes it incredibly portable, and because it never runs out of energy, it will always be ready when you need it. An integrated wrist strap makes it easier to carry on walks, or when attending fairs, carnivals and concerts, and the compact design can also be easily stowed in a purse, pocket, glove box or drawer to be within reach when the need arises. A locking switch will prevent movement when it's not in use, and when switched to on, the large button will lower for effortless squeezing. Soft blades provide plenty of wind, but they will never break off or cause harm in any way. Take it with you while camping or hiking, or beat the heat while outdoors at the beach, and air show, or while watching your kids play. This powerful cooling device will never run out of power, and the intense air flow is sure to cool you down in a short amount of time.

Why It's Good

  • Portable. With hand-held sizing, a built in strap, lightweight materials, and a power system that never needs charging or replacement, it offers the ultimate in take anywhere convenience.
  • Powerful. The large, flexible blades spin at a speed of up to 8,000 RPM which is up to eight times faster that battery powered alternatives.
  • Energy Saving. No batteries, and no electricity necessary. The power of your gentle squeeze is multiplied several times over to turn the blades, and create a breeze.
  • Easy Operation. The large trigger is comfortable in your hand, and easy to squeeze. Anyone can make it work with little effort.
  • Multiple Uses. It's great for providing a fresh burst of air to combat stagnant heat, but you can also use it as a small bellows to help with fire making.

How To Use It

Simple and effective, this little fan is incredibly easy to use. Follow the steps below for ideal performance.
  1. It will come package with the blades in the locked position. You can tell this because the white button at the bottom will be recessed, and the switch at the top will be at the forward position. TO unlock, flip the switch back to unlock and lower the large trigger button.
  2. To use it, hold in your hand, and squeeze down on the white button. You can press with your thumb, your fingers, or your palm, whichever is more comfortable for you.
  3. A single squeeze will cause the blades to spin at up to 8000 rpm for a period of about five seconds. Repeated pumping will result in a continuous flow that will continue for a short period after you stop pressing.
  4. For best results, press button in all the way, each time.
  5. Large blades are soft and flexible, so they pose no risk of injury, and will not break by accident.
  6. Secure for storage by re-engaging the switch to lock the blades.
  7. Wipe clean when dirty.
  8. If desired, secure to wrist with included strap.
  9. To start a fire, or stoke one already burning, direct a slow and gentle breeze at the source by pumping. Too strong will extinguish, and too slow will not do the trick. Be sure to keep the plastic away from direct heat to avoid melting, but maintain a close proximity to allow adequate air flow where it's needed.

The perfect travel companion, and a life saver when air conditioning isn't available. Don't get stuck with a fancy fan that just stares at you powerless when you need it most. Get this one, and never worry about fresh batteries or electrical outlets again. It's the ultimate in off the grid personal cooling, and it may be the best pocket fan available. Counteract hot flashes as they happen, take a refreshing break when hiking or biking, or keep cool while relaxing by the pool. Nothing beats a powerful breeze when the temperatures start to rise, and this handy product provides a convenient way to cool down, and stop sweat in it's tracks. Keep one almost anywhere, and whip it out whenever you need it because it will always work to provide fast and effective relief.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1)  squeeze action fan
Dimensions 4.5"L x 1"W x 3"H
Uses Cool off on hot days, stoke a fire, dry wet paint, etc.
Color blue
Battery Powered No
Material plastic
Blade Material Soft, silicone-like plastic
Power Hand operated squeeze action.
RPM 10,000 revolutions per minute - Up to 6 times more powerful than battery powered alternatives.
Wrist Strap Yes
Locking Yes. Prevent the blades from turning when not in use by the flipping a switch.
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Cool off on hot days with this pocket friendly fan, and never worry about dead batteries again. A single pump will provide a strong breeze, and repeated pumping will keep the cool air flowing. Order Yours Today!

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