Extra Large PVA Sponge

A giant sponge block that can absorb an incredible amount of moisture. Soak spills and dry stuff quickly. Durable, long-lasting material.
Extra Large PVA Sponge
Extra Large PVA Sponge
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Looking for the largest PVA Sponge available? Look no further. Larger and more absorbent than other PVA sponges, this extra large version is perfect for drying expansive surfaces, or soaking up big spills. It holds an incredible amount of liquid, and it'll never drip. You can use it to dry surfaces without leaving behind spots or streaks, and it'll help you get the job done in record time. Our Extra Large PVA Sponge is not so big that you can't hold it, but it is close. You probably wouldn't want to use a sponge that was bigger than this one, but the increased surface area and absorption power that this giant sponge block provides will help you finish large jobs without stopping, but also complete smaller jobs faster than ever.

It's made from a premium grade PVA material so it can suck up incredible amounts of moisture, and when you wipe surfaces, it'll clean and dry at the same time. When damp or wet the sponge material is soft and flexible, but when it dries, it becomes hard and rigid. Unlike other sponges that begin to stink or grow mildew over time, our Extra Large PVA Sponge is resistant to mold, mildew and bacteria growth, and it's also resistant to odors and staining as well. You can use it on any surface without worry of damage, and the commercial grade material is durable enough for use with any soap or cleanser you might want to use. Glide across glass or metal to eliminate all moisture and reveal a spot-free shine, or clean up accidents and spills left behind by children and pets. The PVA material will pick-up and lock in dirt and other grime as you wipe, but it also completely releases all debris collected whenever you rinse it out.

Don't waste time, money or effort with any other sponge claiming to be super absorbent. This is the most absorbent sponge available. If you go with another material, it won't hold as much moisture, and if you opt for other PVA options, it will be tough to match the quality of this one. Super dense, premium-grade raw materials ensure that this sponge will work better and last longer than virtually any other available.

Extra Large PVA Sponge Features

  • 8.25" x 5.75" x 1.5"
  • Premium Quality PVA Material
  • Commercial Grade Durability
  • For Cleaning, Dusting, Drying and Soaking Spills
  • Safe For Any Surface
  • Compatible With Any Cleanser
  • Super Absorbent Material

Other Options

Looking for a smaller sponge? The version featured on this page is our extra large size PVA Sponge. We also have one that it is about half the size. For a much smaller, more traditionally-sized option, check out our Regular PVA Sponge. It's made from the same premium grade material, but it won't soak up quite as much moisture due to its smaller size. Want a version with special abilities? We also have an option with a specialized shape. Our Damp Duster PVA Scrub Sponge is smaller than this one, but it has ridges at the top to aid in cleaning and dusting.

Why This Product Is Good

Incredibly Absorbent Sponge

Soak up way more moisture than cellulose or sea sponge with this high quality, synthetic alternative. The soft and smooth material will suck up liquid like a vacuum, and then hold it in without dripping. Just press down or wipe to make it work, and the advanced material will clean as it dries. When you finish, the surface will be free of any streaks or spots, but also polished and clean. It's the perfect tool for soaking up large amounts of liquid, or drying wet surfaces quickly and efficiently. This sponge will easily outperform the one your using now.

Commercial Grade Durability

Use this Extra Large PVA Sponge in any setting, but never worry about it falling apart, or wearing out. Other sponges will wear out quickly when used on certain surfaces, or in certain settings, but this one is different. The tough and durable material is ideal for commercial applications because it can be used regularly without losing shape, or becoming ineffective. It will look like new, and work like new for a long time, even if you use it on a regular basis. Get it for use everyday as you work, or get it for your home, and know that it'll always work the way you want, whenever you need it.

Long-Lasting Performance

This giant sponge is designed to last for years. When you look at the PVA material, and feel it, you can tell right away that it's better than most. When you actually compare it to other PVA sponges, you'll find that it's way more dense, soft and smooth in comparison. The premium quality helps it to work better than other options, but it also ensures a long life. Use it over and over again and it'll still work like new long into the future.

Clean, Dust, Dry, Soak and More

A versatile cleaning tool, this sponge can do a lot more than just soak up water. The PVA material is highly absorbent, but also great at cleaning. When you wipe a surface with this sponge it will absorb any moisture it encounters, but it will also lift up and lock in dirt, dust, hair, pet fur and other debris. Dirt and other stuff sticks to it like glue, but it will also release easily when you rinse the sponge out after the cleaning is done. Use it as a damp duster, a spill soaker, a counter wiper, a vehicle dryer and more. The large size helps to cover more surface area in less time, and it also increases the volume of water that can be held inside.

Clean and Sanitary

Unlike other sponge materials that get yucky over time, this one will remain clean and sanitary for life. It will not grow bacteria or mold, it will not hold onto odors, and it will not stain easily. Other sponges also hold onto stuff you wipe up, and it can be difficult to get rid of. With our Extra Large PVA Sponge you can easily rinse out everything you wipe up, so it won't be saved for later. When you properly dispose of the dirt you clean, and when your sponge never gets stinky, it's way more clean and sanitary in comparison to most other options.

Resistant To Bacteria and Mold

Natural sea sponges, and regular sponges made from cellulose stay warm and wet, so they will all grow mildew and get stinky if you give them enough time. With PVA, you never have to worry about stuff growing on it, and it will last way longer as a result. With other sponges, you'll need to throw them out and replace them frequently, but with this one, you'll be able to store it for use over and over again. The whole block will dry quickly and completely, and there will be no growth to deal with.

Extra Large Size

Our regular sponge is pretty big, but it's half the size of this one. If you're looking for a big sponge, this one will be perfect for you. It's much larger than most other sponges available, and definitely bigger than other PVA options sold elsewhere. You can search and search, but it would be tough to find another sponge as absorbent as this one. The extra large size ensures that you can soak up an incredible amount of moisture, but it also allows you to cover a wide swath of surface area with each wipe.

How To Use It

  1. Use it like a regular sponge to wipe and dry surfaces. As you glide over any material it'll soak all moisture, but also pick up dirt and debris.
  2. To wipe any surface, just apply light pressure and wipe in one continuous motion. Move methodically from one area to another.
  3. To aid in soaking liquids press down on the top of the sponge. As you release pressure, the liquid will soak up more quickly.
  4. To dry large areas, press down to soak, and then move to a new location. Keep up with this technique until the sponge feels completely saturated, and then take it to the sink to wring out all of the collected moisture.
  5. Liquid held in the sponge will not drip out. Release it by wringing and all collected debris will wash out at the same time.
  6. For drying surfaces that are only slightly wet, you won't need to press down at all. The PVA material will do the work for you without any risk of scratching, spotting or streaking.
  7. PVA sponge material dries to rock hard, and absorbs any moisture it encounters.
  8. Dishwasher safe and resistant to bacteria. Clean as needed.
  9. Also useful to apply paints, stains and other stuff. Use instead of a brush for a smooth finish.
  10. To begin, make sure the paint or stain is in a large enough container, then use the sponge to collect a small amount of paint.
  11. Spread with even, deliberate strokes for a smooth application with no lines.
  12. Paints and stains will apply in wide sections, and there will be no brush lines or thin spots.

Tips For Success:

  • In general, you can use this sponge just like a regular one.
  • Unlike regular options, this sponge is squishy when damp, but totally hard when dry. Make sure to get the sponge damp prior to use for best results.
  • The sponge will arrive soft and squishy, if you store it in an airtight container it'll stay that way.
  • When you dry prior to storage it will need prep prior to use, but it will also be more resistant to bacteria and mildew
  • The sponge only has to soak in water for about a minute to go from rock hard to squishy as new.

No other sponge can hold as much liquid or dry surfaces as quickly. Stop wasting time and effort with low quality sponges, and save money when you switch from disposable options like paper towels. This giant sponge will outperform other towels, chamois and traditional sponges, and it'll save you money in the process. You can use it over and over again, and when you wipe and dry stuff with it, you'll get the job done way faster. Get incredible performance at an affordable price. This versatile sponge is ideal for commercial and work settings, but it's also nice for a wide range of jobs at home too.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Extra Large PVA Sponge
Dimensions 8.25" x 5.75" x 1.5"
Thickness 1.5"
Color Yellow
Material 100% Pure PVA
Uses amazingly absorbent - soak up spills or dry wet surfaces. Also picks up dirt and debris as you wipe so it is good for general cleaning too.
Chemical Safe Yes. Not affected by strong chemicals, harsh cleaners or salt water.
Washable Yes
Reusable Yes
Cleaning Surface Front and back.
Texture Smooth
Integrated Scrub Pad No
Absorbency Holds up to 25 times its weight.
Shipping Weight .5 lbs

Way bigger than our regular version, this extra large sponge is perfect for commercial applications, or for use at home whenever you have a big job. The premium quality material cleans surfaces as you wipe, but it also sucks up liquid like a vacuum. Order Yours Today!

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