1. Evri-Twist Medicine Bottle Opener
Medicine, vitamin and pill bottle opener.
Medicine, vitamin and pill bottle opener.

Evri-Twist Medicine Bottle Opener

The Easy and Strain-Free Way to Open Pill Bottles.
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Quick. Simple. And Effective. This medicine bottle opener is perfect for opening those stubborn, hard to open twist top bottles. It works on both regular lids and the child-proof variety, and is perfect for prescription medicine bottles, vitamin bottles and more. You can even use it for other lids like water bottles and soda pop. The Evri-Twist is a large round device with ergonomic grips around the outer edge. The inside features a non-slip rubber disc, and it has another larger rubber disc that is used to place the bottle on. You can grab the Evri-Twist utilizing the wide comfortable grip, or just press down and twist using your palm. The two rubber discs will grip your pill bottle securely so you can quickly and easily remove any cap. You can use this device with two hands and hold on to the bottle, or place the large disc on your counter to open any bottle with just one hand. This clever medicine bottle opener removes virtually any cap with ease. No gripping or squeezing necessary! It is great for those with dexterity problems or arthritis; or for anyone who just needs a little extra help with difficult lids. Base stores conveniently in the cap. Works on many different size bottles.


  • Remove the inserted rubber base from the lid & place it on a smooth surface for better gripping. Set your medicine bottle on the rubber base
  • Grip the Evri-Twist in one hand & push down on the removable cap, and turn counterclockwise to open. Close in the same way, twisting counterclockwise.
  • On completion, store base in Evri-Twist. For large caps repeat with base in lid.

In order to protect small children, and keep them from opening or accidentally tampering with medicine and vitamins, the lids are often incredibly hard to open. The cap may just be difficult to twist, or it might require you to push down and turn the lid at the same time. This is great for the safety of children, but can be extremely frustrating and difficult for people with arthritis, reduced grip strength, general muscle weakness, cumulative trauma disorders (CTDs) of the upper extremities, cerebral palsy (CP), muscular dystrophy (MD), and other disabilities. These people have more trouble gripping and twisting these small pill bottle caps than the rest of us, and they are often the ones that take the most pills too. Discover a quick, easy and strain-free way to get at those pills. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: pill bottle opener
Dimensions (l x w) 4" x 4"
Max Lid Size 1.75" or up to 3" with base in lid
Color White
One Handed Operation Yes
Ergonomic Yes
Material Plastic and Rubber
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

Evri-Twist Medicine Bottle Opener - The easiest way to open medicine, vitamin and pill bottles. No gripping or squeezing necessary. Open any bottle with just one hand! Order Yours Today!

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