1. How do I hang my Eva-Dry up?

A) For the E-333 there is a small hole that you can insert the metal hanger into, for the E-500 you will need to insert the "S" hook through the eyelets on the plug (it will hang up side down).

2. What is Eva-Dry and how does it work?

A) Eva-Dry is one of the most powerful, renewable mini dehumidifiers on the market today. It works with a technologically advanced Silica gel (a very thirsty substance) which absorbs moisture from anywhere it is placed.

3. Is there a light on the Eva-Dry?

A) No, not a light but color changing crystals will indicate when your Eva-Dry is ready to be renewed.

4. Do I need to plug the Eva-Dry in for it to operate?

A) No, the Eva-Dry works without power, batteries or wires. The only time you will need to plug the unit in is when it is time to renew.

5. How do I know it is time to renew?

A) There is an indicator window on the front of the unit that contains color changing crystals. These crystals are blue when the unit is dry, and will turn completely pink when the unit is saturated and ready to renew. You do not need to renew until all of the crystals are completely pink.

6. How long does it take for the crystals to change from blue to pink?

A) This depends on how much relative humidity is in the area you are trying to dehumidify. The higher the relative humidity, the more frequent the Eva-Dry will need to be recharged. Typically, for the (E-333), it should take approximately 20-30 days. For the (E-500), it should take approximately 30-60 days.

7. Will the collected moisture leak out of the unit?

A) No, once the water vapor is absorbed by the silica it can not be re-released until the unit is renewed.

8. Is it normal for the Eva-Dry to generate a mild heat when it is in the renew process?

A) Yes, it is completely normal for the unit to generate a mild heat during regeneration.

9. I see condensation build up in the indicator window when I renew the unit, is this normal?

A) Yes, the condensation build up are the remnants of moisture that have been collected from the previous cycle.

10. Where do I renew the unit so the moisture doesn't get released back into the same place I just dehumidified?

A) The best place to renew the Eva-Dry is in any well ventilated area or in a bathroom with the exhaust fan on.

11. How long does it take for the entire renew process take?

A) For the E-333 it takes approximately 10-12 hours and for the E-500/ EH-500F the process takes approximately 12-14 hours.

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