1. Eco Egg Mini Washing Machine
Eco Egg Mini Washing Machine
Eco Egg Mini Washing Machine

Eco Egg Mini Washing Machine

Portable And Powerful. A Small Electric Washer That Outperforms All Others.
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One of the best ways to wash small loads of clothes, and ensure delicate garments won't get damaged. This compact washing machine runs on electricity, and is the only similar product with an automatic rinse cycle. It comes complete with a quick connect adapter for your sink faucet, so attaching the hose, or taking it off only takes a second. A built-in handle pops up at the top, and makes transporting clean clothes easy. It's perfect for anyone without a laundry room, but it can be useful for just about anyone else too. It allows apartment dwellers and college students to skip the laundromat, and it will let campers and RV enthusiasts stay away from home longer. The Eco Egg is also nice for anyone that wants to wash certain things separately, or clean a small amount without turning on a larger, louder, and more expensive-to-run machine. 2.2 lbs. capacity.

Why It's Good

  • Compact and Portable.At only 14 pounds, this little guy is easy to move, or take with you on the go. The cool shape provides a deceptively large capacity despite the small size, and makes it easy to work with, even in tight spaces.
  • Automatic Rinse Cycle. For cleaner clothes, and maximum convenience, this machine has a set it and forget it rinse cycle. Other similar looking models do not.
  • Built-In Carrying Handle. For ease of transport and reduction of dripping and mess making, a convenient handle pops up from the top to provide the perfect grip.
  • Computer Control Panel. Stylish looking and functional, the intuitive control set makes the Eco Egg simple to operate.
  • Quick Connect Hose. An included adapter attaches to your faucet to make it easy to hook up the hose. It only takes a second to snap on, or take off, so using this machine is quick and simple.
  • Superior Quality. Better materials, more useful features, and high quality construction sets this product apart from similar ones. It also makes it work better and last longer too.
  • Integrated Pump. Unlike other models that rely on gravity, this one has a pump that provides better function, but also makes it possible to use it when not on the counter.
  • Lint Removal. A filter on top of the agitator collects lint to keep it off your clean clothes. It is totally removable, so simply pull it out to clean it between loads.
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Product Specifications

Includes: (1) egg-shaped mini washing machine
Dimensions 18" x 12.5" x 12.5"
Uses Wash small loads of clothes. Perfect for diapers, undergarments, socks or shirts. Ideal for single people or those that live in apartments and dorm rooms. Also nice for use in an RV or while camping. 
Power 110 Volts
Color White
Compatibility Hooks to regular power outlet, and regular faucet. Should be compatible with most homes and situations.
Auto Rinse Yes
Quiet Operation Yes
Integrated Handle Yes
Lint Collection Yes
Quick Connect Hoses Yes - Included adapter makes it fast to attach or take off hoses.
Capacity 2.2 lbs.
Warranty Yes - 2 year manufacturer warranty
Shipping Weight 14 lbs

A small washing machine that runs on electricity. This high quality product will work well and last a long time thanks to superior construction and materials. A counter top solution that is compact and lightweight. Save time, effort and money with this eco-friendly alternative to large machines. Order Yours Today.

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