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Dual Sided Cleaning Sponge 2-Pack
Dual Sided Cleaning Sponge 2-Pack

Dual Sided Cleaning Sponge (2-Pack)

Scrub, Wipe, Dry, Polish and more. Two surfaces provide versatile cleaning ability. Safe and effective for a wide variety of jobs.
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Gently scrub any surface, soak up large spills, wipe mirrors to a spot-free shine, and more. This versatile cleaning sponge is ideal for a wide range of tasks, and it'll help you save time and improve results when cleaning stuff all over your home. One side has a soft and smooth covering that's perfect for absorption and general cleaning, while the other side is completely covered with a non-abrasive material that gently scrubs. A sponge at the center allows you to soak up moisture, but it also helps to hold soap, and deliver the perfect amount of lather while you clean. Use one side to loosen stuck-on dirt, and use the other side to absorb moisture, clean and polish without leaving spots, or dry surfaces without leaving streaks. The combination of materials is ideal for cleaning almost anything, and thanks to the advanced material, you'll never have to worry about damage, but you'll always get high quality results.

Wipe down glass shower doors after each use, or clean kitchen counters after you finish cooking. This premium quality sponge will cut through sticky grime in a single pass, so use it as a replacement to regular sponges and rags to save time, money and effort. It'll lift up, and lock in dirt as you glide across surfaces, and it'll loosen and remove grime without any additional cleansers. Scrub delicate surfaces without any risk of harm, and scour pots, pans and other stuff without any risk of scratches and other damage. This powerful cleaning sponge can be used almost anywhere, and you never have to deal with problems it may cause. Scrub, scour, scrape, dry and wipe, but never worry about any harm. Unlike regular sponges that don't clean as well, or those that are dangerous and wear quickly, this one offers incredible performance with long-lasting durability.

Product Features

  1. Dual-sided convenience.
  2. Safe for virtually any surface.
  3. Machine washable. Reuse over and over.
  4. Cleans without chemicals.
  5. Non-Abrasive Scrubbers.
  6. Convenient 2-Pack

Why They're Good

  • High Quality. A highly absorbent sponge is coated in premium quality microfiber for increased ability. Clean thoroughly with less effort, and absorb more moisture with less wiping. The top quality material makes cleaning easier, and allows for better absorption so you can soak up bigger spills, squeeze out more soap, and scrub free tougher grime.
  • Extremely Effective. Regular sponges only soak up spills, and absorb moisture. This one will lock in any water it encounters, but it will also scrub away stubborn dirt, and polish surfaces to a streak-free shine. The advanced material does all of the work for you, so you can clean and dry with less effort.
  • 2-In-1 Action. Two completely different materials allow for maximum versatility. Flip back-and-forth while you clean to take advantage of the the benefits offered by both surfaces. One side is amazing for absorbing water or and scrubbing surfaces, and wiping glass and stainless steel without leaving spots, and the other side is ideal for scrubbing free stuck-on food, dirt and grime. With the combination, you can easily clean delicate stuff like crystal, stemware, windows and mirrors, or work on tough jobs like dirty pots and pans, yucky kitchen counters, or tubs and showers full of build-up.
  • Added Scrubbers.
  • The soft and fluffy side is perfect for soaking up moisture, or general cleaning in all locations, but the reverse side has a powerful scrubbing surface . Use it to scrub away tough grime with ease, but never worry about damage or harm. Both sides are safe for use on almost any surface, so you can clean non-stick cookware, wipe down glass stove tops and more.
  • Long-Lasting. Totally machine washable and reusable. Just launder the sponge whenever it gets dirty. The cleaning ability of the microfiber material doesn't wear out like regular scrubbers do, so wash and reuse, but still get the same scrubbing and cleaning power.
  • Eco-Friendly. Extremely effective, even with just water as a detergent. The outer shell is constructed from an advanced fabric that cleans with just water, but you can use your favorite cleanser if you want to. An ideal non-toxic cleaning tool, this sponge is highly effective with or without additional soaps and cleansers.
  • Multiple Uses. With two sides to choose from, and incredible absorption power thanks to the sponge inside, this Dual-Sided Cleaning Sponge is great for a wide a variety of jobs. Use in your kitchen for dishes and counter tops, use in your bathroom for sinks and tubs, or use outside for cleaning vehicles, patio furniture and more.

Stop wasting effort with regular sponges and rags. These multi-use alternatives work way better than regular ones, and they outperform cleaning rags and other stuff too. Save time, effort and money when you switch to this powerful tool, and look like a pro without even trying. You'll have no ability to scratch or mark the surface you're cleaning, but you'll be able to guarantee good results.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Washable Cleaning Sponge
Dimensions 6" x 4" x 1.25"
Color yellow/silver or green/silver
Dual-Sided Yes
Compatibility Safe for use on virtually any surface.
Material Microfiber outer shell with a sponge inside, and added Lurex scrubbers on one side.
Reusable Yes.
Washable Yes. Machine Washable.
Non-Abrasive Yes.
Microfiber Blend 80/20
Microfiber Weight 270 GSM
Added Scrubbers Yes. One side is completely covered with a Lurex scrubbing web.
Package Size 2-Pack.
Uses Scrub, wipe, dry, polish, clean and more. This versatile cleaning sponge is safe and effective for a wide variety of jobs. Combine with soaps and cleansers, use dry, or use with water alone to clean.
Shipping Weight .15 lbs

A safe, long-lasting alternative to regular sponges and scrub pads. With dual-sided convenience, this sponge will help you improve results and save time when cleaning all over your home. Order Yours Today!

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