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Drink Bottle Tether

No More Spilled Drinks, Dirty Cups, Or Thirsty Babies!
A strap for tethering cups and bottles to keep them close at hand.
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Product Description

Never let your baby go thirsty, and don't worry about losing cups or possible messes when they control their own drink. This handy strap will keep your child's beverage close at hand, and it will also make it impossible to lose or get thrown across the room. Your child will always have liquid refreshment when desired, and you won't have to worry about it getting spilled by accidental dropping, or purposeful tossing. Dirt, germs and other contaminates will not be collected from flooring surfaces, and their cup or bottle will not go missing when you are out and about. The elastic cage can keep any type of drink container snug and secure, and the versatile strap will connect to high chairs, car seats, strollers, shopping carts and more. It doesn't matter if your child is clumsy or a comedian, this strap will eliminate throwing, and make any accident less of an impact. Instead of falling all the way to the floor, the sippy cup or bottle will just dangle conveniently within reach. 

Thanks to the versatile design, you can use this strap with almost any drink container, and it will easily attach to virtually any object you want. The end that holds the drink is all elastic and sort of criss crossed in the form of a cage. It will stretch and flex to conform to almost any shape, and the strong elastic straps will hold on tight. Because it offers so much support, and also grips the drink around all sides, it will not only keep it within reach, it will also keep it upright, even when it falls. It does not matter if you have a baby that drinks out of a bottle, or an older child that uses a cup. This tether system will hold any type of beverage container your kids use, and allow you to easily strap it in the ideal location. You can make sure that nothing drops to the floor at meal time, or ensure that you don't have to stop the stroller while walking in order to pick up a dropped bottle. No more wiping off dirt when a cup rolls onto the floor because with this strap, it won't ever get there. Instead of falling all the way down to get dirty, lost or to make a mess, your child's drink will just hang there making it easy for them to reach down and pull it back up.

Keep your hands free to do other stuff, never slow down to pick up dropped cups, prevent messes before they happen, or just make your child a little more independent while you keep them hydrated. Securing a cup or bottle is as easy as slipping it into the elastic net, and it will remain in there thanks to the snug fit and strong material. The fully adjustable strap can connect to any chair, and can be made shorter or longer depending upon your needs. The quick release buckle will make it easy to attach, and a snap to release. Although simple for adults, the buckle will be too difficult for a small child to unhook themselves. 

Keep their sippy cup or bottle upright, and make sure they don't loose it or have an accident that gets it dirty. Eliminate the possibility of spilled liquids while you give yourself the piece of mind that your child will always have a beverage within reach if they get thirsty. This tether is great for convenience, but it can also eliminate malicious or comedic tossing. If your child thinks it is funny to throw their cup on the carpet, or if they do it when they get angry, this strap can put and end to it. By not encouraging or allowing this behavior, it will phase itself out naturally, so you can begin to use the tether for conveninece sake only. Accidents happen, and all kids throw things from time to time, but when you keep it tethered you can be sure that no mess will result, and your child's cup won't actually go anywhere. Order Yours Today

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Drink Bottle Strap
Dimensions (l x w x h) 1" Wide
Color Black
Material Plastic & polypropylene
BPA Free Yes
PVC Free Yes
Phthalate Free Yes
Latex Free Yes
Microwave Safe No
Compatibility Attaches to high chairs, strollers, shopping carts, strollers and more.
UsesKeep sippy cups and bottles within reach and off the floor. Eliminate spilled drinks and tossed cups.
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Snack Trap Drink Bottle Tether - Reduce messes and make your child happy with this tether for drinks. It works on bottles, sippy cups and other containers, and can strap to just about anything. Prevent messes or loss due to throwing or dropping.  Order Yours Today!

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