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DP-24 Mist Maker (with AC adapter)

A red, underwater LED and powerful ultrasonic mister in a compact package.
DP-24 Mist Maker
DP-24 Mist Maker
Close up view. Mist maker with single LED light.
Top: Mist maker when off. Bottom: Mist maker when running.
Detail view. Thick natural mist.
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Product Description

This powerful mist maker is the perfect choice for those looking for an ultrasonic mister with less intense lighting effects. The single red light combines with the quickly forming cloud of mist to transform room temperature tap water into what looks like a pool of hot lava, or a bubbling cauldron. Because the "smoke" is nothing more than water vapor, and the "lava" is nothing more than illuminated water, curious minds can be free to touch and feel as the moist cloud billows all over. The ultrasonic action works well as a humidifier, but it's also a very efficient way to diffuse essential oils into the air, and it generates negative ions, so it neutralizes dust and pollen as well. Unlike other models that change and fade colors, this one glows with a single, solid color, and it only has one LED, so the color is very visible, but not as dominating as models with several LEDs. Just plug it in, and submerge in water to make it work, it's equipped with a low water sensor, so it will power down once the water level gets too low. The DP-24 has a 20 mm disc, so it produces a large volume of mist, and it comes complete with AC adapter as a full set. Use it as a universal replacement to fix an existing fountain, improve a water feature that never had a mister, or make your own fragrance diffuser.

Mister Features

  • 20mm disc with 90 ml/hr output.
  • One red LED with solid, constant color.
  • Compact design.
  • Low water sensor.

What Does It Do?

The single LED light at the top will create a constant glow under the water, but because it's only one, it won't be as intense as other options. Once submerged and plugged in, the mister will start producing a thick, steady stream of fog, almost immediately. When placed in a bowl, fountain, or other small to medium size container, it will quickly create a layer of natural mist that gently floats above the water. As the pool reaches capacity, the mist will billow out to humidify the surrounding environment. The red glow beneath the cloud adds a nice effect that's not overwhelming, so it's perfect for any application where bright lights would be distracting. Use it as a decoration, use it as a humidifier, or use it as a natural deodorizer by diffusing the fragrance into the air. Replace a broken mist maker, enhance an existing water feature, add moisture for plants and animals, or use it to create a unique decoration.

How Does It Work

You won't need any special ingredients because it works with regular tap water to produce a natural cloud without any chemicals required. The thick fog that you see forming on the top of the water is nothing more than vapor created by water evaporating on the surface of the mist maker. When you place it under water and turn it on, the ceramic disc with vibrate rapidly to cause the liquid touching it to rapidly transform into mist. It acts as a natural humidifier, and because it also generates negative ions, it purifies the air as it runs. Put a few drops of scented oil into the water and it will diffuse the fragrance throughout the room to deodorize your home or office naturally.

Other Options

Like the single color, but prefer a different hue? Take a look at the TL-24 Mister. It's slightly different, and it has three LED lights in your choice of colors. Prefer to have a multi-colored mister that's controllable? Check out the CN-24. Not interested in controlling the lighting effects? The DH-24 has multi-colored lights that automatically rotate through several different lighting modes.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) misting unit, (1) AC adapter
Dimensions 1.6" Diameter
Compatible Splash Guard Holder(s) Metal Splash Guard, Splash Guard Holder C, and more.
Color Silver
Material Metal
AC Adapter Included Yes.
LED Lights 1 single color (red)
Light Adjustment None
Inline Control No
Remote Control No
Ceramic Disc Size 20 mm
Ceramic Disc Life >5,000 hrs.
Output 90 ml/hr
Auto Shut Off Yes (low water sensor)
UL Listed Yes
Cord Length 3 ft.
Power 24V
Shipping Weight 1.8 lbs

Repair a broken fountain or make your own with this replacement misting device kit. Submerge into any bowl of water to produce a natural cloud of mist that humidifies the room. Order Yours Today!

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