Deluxe Stretch Lid Set (7 Pieces)

Reusable silicone lids to cover every container in your kitchen. Stretch for a universal fit. Clings tight and provides and airtight seal.
7 Piece Stretch Storage Lid Set
7 Piece Stretch Storage Lid Set
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A Deluxe, 7 Piece Set of Stretch Lids to prepare you for covering any container in your kitchen. This silicone storage set combines our regular stretch storage lid set and the extra largestretch storage lid into one money saving combo. You can order each product separately if you only want one or the other, but when purchasing them together in this set, you'll pay the lowest price possible.

Save a soda without losing the fizz, keep half a can of pet food for the next day, cover leftovers from dinner, transport brownies and cakes without damage, or preserve fresh fruit by stretching a lid over the uneaten half. These handy Stretch Lids can stand in whenever you would normally use plastic wrap, but they provide a better seal, create a stronger lid, and are totally washable and reusable for years of service. Add in the fact that they are microwave, oven and freezer safe, and you have an incredibly versatile storage device and cover for all sorts of tasks. Use these Silicone Stretch Lids as a splatter guard in the microwave, to cover casseroles in the oven, or to store foods in an airtight chamber for long term storage in your freezer.

This Stretch Lid Set is simple to use, and the silicone material allows each lid to adapt to any shape or size container you have. Despite their circular shape, you can easily seal round, square, or rectangular dishes with the same great results. Thanks to the durable material, these universal fit silicone covers also provide a sturdy shelf once in place, so you can easily stack stuff in your fridge to conserve space. Just pull to stretch, and secure a lid in place. The clingy material grips the edges of glass, metal, plastic and other materials, and added ridges lock the lid in place, and prevent slipping. Each lid in this set is made from a pure silicone material that is totally food safe, and each size will adapt to fit a variety of containers.

With the selection available in this set, you'll be prepared to cover anything from a single can of beans to a party size taco dip in a 13" x 9" pan.

Product Features

  • 7 Lid Set.
  • Lid Size Range: 2.75" - 9.50"
  • 100% Silicone Construction.
  • Stretch To Fit.
  • Clings For Secure Seal.
  • Compatible With A Wide Range Of Dishes and Containers.

Why This Product Is Good

Premium Quality.

Be careful with similar looking products. The material really maters with this product, and lower quality lids will never work like you want them to. The thick, pure silicone material that our Stretch Lid Set is made from will guarantee good results, but other options are made from different plastic materials that are thinner and less effective. Avoid stretch lids that fly off, slip, or tear, and ones that don't provide a good seal. This premium quality set is guaranteed to work well and last a long time.

Extra Stretchy.

This set is made from a pure silicone material to ensure a tight fit and the ability to adapt to a wide range of containers and dishes. Just pull to stretch, and fit these lids on anything you need to cover. The stretchy material will conform to any shape, and once in place, the extra elasticity will ensure a tight fit. Easily cover any container without struggle, but also provide an airtight seal. This set is thick enough to provide a durable cover, but not so thick tto make the lids difficult to manage.

Versatile Performance.

Don't let the shape fool you. It doesn't matter that these lids are round. You can still use them to cover square or rectangle shaped dishes. The silicone material will stretch and adapt to work with any shape container you have. Compatible with any material, you can use it on glass, plastic, metal, porcelain, ceramic and more.

Washable and Reusable.

You'll cut down on waste and save money over time when you switch to these reusable storage lids. Plastic cling wrap and foil get thrown away after a single use, but these silicone alternatives can be washed and reused hundreds of times. The silicone material will resist staining and the retention of odors, and the lids wont warp or lose their ability over time.

Temperature Resistant.

These are perfect for storing leftover food in your refrigerator, but they are also compatible with extreme temperatures, so you can use them in the freezer, microwave or oven too. Cover food to prevent splatters or retain steam while cooking, or cover food for storage purposes in your fridge or freezer. These versatile storage lids provide the perfect solution for a range of situations.

Sturdy To Stack For Storage.

When you cover stuff with plastic or foil, you can't put other things on top of it unless you are very careful. The sturdy silicone material that these reusable lids are made from almost forms a solid shelf. The tight stretch creates a firm, flat surface that you can easily stack other stuff on. Conserve space in your fridge, or pack with other items when traveling.

Dishwasher Safe.

Easily hand washed due to the silicone construction, but also safe for cleaning in a dishwasher for added convenience.

Sticks In Place.

The material itself is very sticky, but added ridges on the inside provide extra grip on smoother materials like glass. Ensure a secure grip and a long-lasting seal when you cover stuff and store it using these lids.

Stop struggling with plastic film and foil, and don't toss stuff out after a single use. These reusable lids work better than the disposable options they will replace, and they will save you money when you use them instead. Quickly cover any container with a sturdy lid, and preserve the food inside thanks to the airtight seal. You can even use them instead of standard lids to replace one that is lost, or to eliminate the annoyance caused when you can't find the right one. Imagine never running out of wrap, never searching for lost lids, and never throwing away wads of garbage after you pull saved food from the fridge. This amazing set is perfect for any kitchen, and they are guaranteed to work. Save time, save money and save the environment when you switch to this Eco-friendly food storage option.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) set of 7 Silicone Stretch Lids
Lids Included 7
Lid Dimensions (1) 9.50", (1) 8.25", (1) 6.75", (1) 5.75", (1) 5.15", (1) 3.95" & (1) 2.75"
Uses Cover plates, bowls, baking dishes, fresh fruit and more for storage purposes. Stretch to fit and create an airtight seal.
Material 100% Silicone.
Color Clear/Blue
Freezer Safe Yes
Microwave Safe Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Oven Safe Yes. Up to 480F
Washable Yes
Reusable Yes
Compatibility Works on virtually any material.
Added Texture Yes. For increased performance.
Shipping Weight .25 lbs

One lid for anything you need to cover. Round in shape, but they work on any geometry in your cupboard. Quickly create an airtight lid, and then reuse over and over again. Order Yours Today!

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