Hand-Held Cutlery Cleaner

A powerful, dual-sided scrubbing tool for hand-washing silverware, knives and cooking utensils. Quick and effective.
Hand-Held Cutlery Cleaner
Hand-Held Cutlery Cleaner
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Get better results with less effort. This powerful cutlery and silverware washing tool makes it easy to look like a pro when hand-washing dishes. Never worry about stuck-on food or other stubborn grime, and keep blades and other dangerous surfaces away from your hands. Not only will this tool aid in cleaning, it'll also provide protection, and the confidence to scrub at high speed. Simply insert any dirty tool, and then move it back-and-forth to remove every spec of food and dirt without even trying. The powerful, opposing bristles do all of the work for you, so you never have to scrape and scrub for long periods just to get stuff clean.

Use our Hand-Held Cutlery Cleaner with confidence to wash forks, tongs, graters, knives and other tools that are normally very difficult to get clean. It'll adapt to any shape, and it'll scrub down into holes and crevices without any extra effort on your part. You can press down to apply extra pressure when necessary, but for most jobs, you won't have to apply any pressure at all. Stop struggling with rags and sponges, and don't stick expensive knives in the dishwasher just because they're scary to clean. Grab this handy tool and quickly hand wash any silverware, knife, or utensil you have.

Product Features

  • Dual-Sided Scrubbing Power.
  • Long-Lasting Bristles.
  • Textured Surface For Added Grip
  • Safe and Effective.

Why This Product Is Good

Time Saver

Hand-washing takes a long time, especially when you have to watch out for sharp surfaces. With this Hand-Held Cutlery Scrub Brush tool you never have to worry about accidents, and thanks to the dual-sided scrubbers, it will get stuff clean faster than ever.

Powerful Scrubbers

Strong bristles provide incredible cleaning power without any possibility of damage. Thanks to the design, they will scrub every surface at once. Opposing bristles overlap, but also extend to cover the areas in-between the bristles on the other side. The design makes scrubbing easy, but also ensures that anyone will do a perfect job.

Versatile Ability

Wash one knife, or wash three spoons. The wide opening and adaptive interior mean you can use it with many shapes and sizes of utensils. Wash several pieces of silverware at once, or use it to clean difficult stuff like chopsticks, graters, and sharp cooking utensils.


Wash with confidence because your hand will never slip thanks to the textured outer surface. Keep a wide, comfortable grip, and easily apply pressure, or maneuver as needed.


It could not be more simple, but that does not decrease effectiveness. Anyone can make silverware and knives sparkle when using this tool. Just insert anything that fits, and then slide back-and-forth.

High Quality

Durable materials and quality construction mean that this product will work well, and last through tons of use.

Hangs For Storage

Slip onto the edge of a bucket or something similar to hang when not in use. The bristles will dry completely to keep them in good condition longer. Also stands on it's own as another storage option, and the bristles will still be elevated and ensured to dry.

Stop wasting time with rags and sponges, and don't ruin stuff by tossing it in the dishwasher. The durable bristles on this cutlery cleaner scrub brush overlap for maximum coverage, and cut through grime with speed and efficiency. When you start using this to hand-wash silverware and knives, you'll instantly do a better job, and it will take you less time to finish.

How To Use It

Anyone can use this tool to improve their hand-washing skills. Just plunge down to quickly remove caked on food and other grime with the gentle cleaning action. Use with a single item or several. Our Hand-Held Cutlery Cleaner is so easy-to-use that it's nearly fool-proof, but check the tips and instructions below for best results.
  1. Prior to use, ensure that the bristles are clean, and the exterior is dry.
  2. Use with soapy water, or apply soap directly to the bristles.
  3. Drizzle dish soap over the top of the bristles.
  4. To wash, wet cutlery and other utensils first, then push through the bristles to clean. Use a quick back-and-forth motion to thoroughly clean, and remove stuck food.
  5. Wash one at a time, or work with several pieces of silverware or cutlery at once.
  6. Hand washing is recommended when dirty, but to accomplish this easily, simply add soap and let water run through the bristles until clear.

Other Options

Looking for a similar tool that mounts to your sink? We also carry a suction mount cutlery cleaner that sticks to the side of your sink to remain ready at all times.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Handheld Cutlery Cleaner - a silverware and knife cleaning tool
Dimensions 3.5" x 3" x 2"
Uses A fast and easy way to scrub and wash silverware, knives and other cooking tools.
Compatibility Works with anything that fits inside.
Material Plastic/nylon
Scratch-Proof Yes
Attachment None
Non-Slip Yes. Textured exterior ensures a solid grip.
Color White with green.
Capacity Easily accommodates several items at once. Wash several pieces at the same time.
Hole Size & Bristle length 1" x 2.25" opening with .65" bristles on both sides that overlap.
Shipping Weight .3 lbs

The easy way to hand-wash like a pro. Use less effort, and get stuff cleaner than ever. This double-sided scrubber is perfect for knives, silverware, chopsticks and more. Order Yours Today!

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