1. Crystal Mist Fountain
Crystal Mist Fountain
Crystal Mist Fountain

Crystal Mist Fountain

Tabletop Misting Fountain with Sculpted, Clear Glass Base.
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The Crystal Mist Fountain is a convenient table top model misting fountain. This unique decoration is a humidifier, air purifier, aromatherapy diffuser and fog generator all-in-one. The Crystal Mist Fountain is small enough to fit almost anywhere, and is a unique water feature that would easily enhance any room. A Sculpted glass bowl and mist cover, make the light show generated by the LED lights in the mist generating device even better. This fountain features color changing controls that can be set to display a single color, or rotate through a series of 12 color combinations. As with all our fountain models, all you need is water to create an amazing cloud of mist. Just add water to the bowl, push the button and relax while soothing sounds of water, a mesmerizing light show, and a billowing cloud of mist are generated by this fountain. Enhance your home or office.

The Crystal Mist Fountain is able to generate fog and mist by utilizing electrical oscillation technology. The ceramic disc in the misting unit vibrates under high frequency to generate negative ions and a natural fog on the top of the water. There are no chemicals or dry ice involved. Just simple tap water is all you need to enjoy the benefits of this unique misting fountain. This fountain not only looks good, but it is beneficial to your health and well being too. The Crystal Mist is a natural humidifier, and the moisture created can help people with allergies or respiratory problems. The negative ions generated are also helpful for purifying the air. With the addition of just a few drops of oil, this fountain becomes the best aromatherapy diffuser ever.

The Crystal Mist Fountain is also good for your plants. Many plants thrive in humid climates because the liquid in the air can easily penetrate and feed the plants. The Crystal Mist can simulate conditions of a more humid climate. Plus it cleans the air of contaminates, so your plants, and you, will breathe cleaner air.

This fountain comes complete with a crystal base and misting cover, one misting unit with 12 controllable LED lights, all power cords, and instructions for assembly. Bring some tranquility to your home. Order Your Crystal Mist Fountain Today.


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