Crack and Crevice Cleaning Brush

A mini sweeper and dustpan in one. The perfect tool for cleaning in tight spaces. Compact and effective.
Crack and Crevice Cleaning Tool
Crack and Crevice Cleaning Tool
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A hand-held sweeper and dustpan in one! Stop struggling to clean into tight spaces, or under and around stuff you'd prefer to avoid moving. This compact and effective brush makes it easy to clean almost anywhere, and with the integrated dustpan you'll be able to lift up, and remove, every spec of dust or dirt you encounter. Use it to dust and sweep keyboards, printers and computer fans in your office, use it to wash and clean windowsills and molding in your living room, or use it to clean into vents and completely detail the interior of your car. This impressive little brush will be your first choice for a wide range of jobs, and it'll help you tackle certain tasks that regular dusters and brushes can't handle.

The long, slender brush head is tapered at the end to improve performance, and a matching dustpan is conveniently stored inside the handle. Use the brush with the dustpan attached, or quickly remove it to sweep up dirt. The dustpan locks into place to become part of the handle when you don't need it, but it quickly pops out whenever you're ready to collect a pile of dirt, dust or hair. The nylon bristles provide plenty of cleaning power to get the job done, but they also flex and bend easily to prevent damage, and facilitate cleaning into tight spaces. Never worry about scratching or damage to the stuff you are cleaning, and use this Crack and Crevice Cleaning Brush wet or dry depending on the job.

Don't avoid tough jobs, or waste time and energy by trying to clean with the wrong tool. Improve results, and reduce time and effort when cleaning in hard-to-clean areas by using our high quality Crack and Crevice Cleaning Brush.

Product Features

  • 2-In-1 Design.
  • Versatile Brush Head.
  • Lightweight and Durable.
  • High Quality Nylon Bristles.
  • Safe For All Surfaces.
  • Hangs For Storage.

Why This Product Is Good

High Quality

Sturdy construction combines with premium quality bristles to create a powerful, long-lasting tool. The sturdy handle won't fail while you're cleaning, and the bristles won't wear or lose shape quickly. Don't waste money on low quality alternatives. This top quality cleaning brush is guaranteed to help you clean into nooks and crannies like a pro.

Built-In Dust Pan

Never run for a second tool, or scratch your head wondering how you'll pick up all of the dirt you collected. This perfectly-sized brush comes complete with a perfectly-sized dustpan to match. Any tight space you can sweep into, you can also place the dustpan into in order to lift up and remove any debris.

Compact and Versatile

Dust in between keys on a keyboard, or remove dirt and grime from a windowsill. This versatile brush can be used wet or dry, and with or without cleansers. Sweep, dust, scrub or wash a wide variety of surfaces, and clean into areas that are impossible to reach with other tools. This handy brush will make it easy to clean all sorts of stuff.

Designed For Tight Spaces

The low profile design combines with the long, tapered brush head to make this tool perfect for cleaning into tight spaces. Get into cracks and crevices that other brushes can't handle, or clean in between and under stuff without moving it.

Premium Quality Bristles

Expect long-lasting performance, and avoid dealing with issues caused by low quality alternatives. Because the bristles will hold their shape, and resist wearing out quickly, this brush will remain effective for a longer period when compared to other options.

Lightweight and Portable

The compact design is only improved by the lightweight materials. Take it with you on the go, or store it in convenient places like a glove-box in your car, a drawer in your office, or even in a purse or a backpack. It'll be comfortable when you use it, and you can easily take it anywhere if you need to.

Highly Effective

This effective brush is guaranteed to work well, and help you clean like a pro. It's the perfect tool to keep on hand because it'll help you tackle tough jobs that are often avoided. Certain objects and areas are tough to clean without the right tool, but those jobs will be easy when you have this brush on hand.

Where To Use It

Thanks to the gentle but effective bristles, you can use this Crack and Crevice Brush to clean, sweep and dust on any surface. You'll never have to worry about scratches or marks, and you'll never have to worry if the brush is too big. Use this compact tool to clean in any of the areas listed below, or anywhere similar.
  • Window Jams and Windowsills.
  • Keyboards and Laptops.
  • Baseboards and Moulding.
  • Heater and AC Vents.
  • Desk or Utensil Drawers.
  • Cracks in Counters and Flooring.
  • Around Nick-Knacks and Plants.
  • Under and Into Appliances.

Stop just looking at all that dirt and dust, but don't try too hard to clean it up either. Most brushes and sweepers are too fat or bulky to clean into tight areas, and vacuum cleaners and other tools are often overkill or ineffective also. This convenient tool has the perfect size and shape brush head to clean and sweep into almost any tight space you'll encounter. Don't deal with dirty windows, dusty keyboards, or a vehicle coated with grime. Easily clean all of the the cracks, corners, vents and other tiny spaces with this brush.

How To Use It.

This simple and effective brush is easy for anyone to use, but follow the tips and instructions below to help get the best results, and maximize longevity.
  1. Use the brush dry for dusting or sweeping.
  2. Add soap and water, or a cleaning spray to scrub and wash instead.
  3. The versatile bristles are safe for all surface types, and can be used with or without cleansers.
  4. To collect the debris you sweep, use the integrated dustpan.
  5. To remove the dust pan, simply press down on the top loop to release it, then slide it down and out of the white handle.
  6. To secure the dust pan back in place, simply slide it back into the handle, and then pull up on the loop to lock it back in place.
  7. The brush can be used with or without the dustpan attached.
  8. Hand wash, or place in dishwasher for cleaning.
  9. Use the top loop to hang for storage.

how to use crack and crevice brush

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) crack and crevice cleaning brush
Dimensions 7.25" x .75" x .5"
Brush Head Dimensions 1" x .75" x .5"
Handle Length 4.75"
Bristle Length 1"
Bristle Shape Square/With Taper
Bristle Material Nylon
Handle Material Plastic
Lightweight Yes. Highly portable and comfortable to hold.
Hanging Loop Yes. Easily hang for storage.
Angled Head Yes. Easily clean into any crack, crevice, or corner.
2-In-1 Design Yes. Integrated dustpan hidden in the handle.
Uses Use to clean in tight spaces. Perfect for nooks and crannies. Use anywhere to clean into small areas, between stuff, under things, and more.
Color White / Black
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

Clean in tight spaces, and collect what you clean. This tiny brush is the perfect tool for certain areas, and when paired with the tiny dustpan, you have a powerful cleaning combo. Order Yours Today!

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