1. CordPro XL
CordPro XL - Extra large cord storage device.
CordPro XL - Extra large cord storage device.

CordPro XL

Innovative Cord Reel That Solves Tangling & Storage Problems.
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Never worry about tangled cords again! Store up to 150 feet of extension cord. This simple and easy-to-use device is uniquely designed to store and dispense all kinds of cords. It divides the cord into two separate compartments, so it will never tangle and you can dispense it with ease. Never worry about an unorganized mess or cords that refuse to unwind. The CordPro XL keeps it neatly organized so you can dispense as much as you want from either end. It works so good because the design is so simple. It doesn't have any moving parts to wear out and comes with a Lifetime Guarantee. Winding it up is easy because the ends will wind past each other, not over, so it will never tangle. The CordPro XL is great for extension cords, but works on anything flexible. Use it for power cords, air hoses, flat cords, fresh water hose, antenna cables, computer cords and more.This handy device would make the perfect addition to any garage, basement, RV or boat. This is the large size cordpro. If you are looking for a smaller one click here.

No more tangles, no more aggravation, and easy use of all your cords, hoses, and cables. The CordPro XL organizes your cord into two seperate flexible chambers, one for each half. This allows you to access either end independently, and at all times. You can plug it in, go to work, and it unreels as you go. It is made out of the same material as pickup truck bed liners, and specially formulated for outdoor use - good to minus 100 degrees.

Once in awhile a tool comes along that satisfies a need so completely and so simply that it becomes the standard, the last word on the subject of that particular need, a major tool... like a pipe wrench, like locking pliers, like a folding knife; not limited to one size and with far reaching applications. Cordpro is just such a tool. So simple, it's got no moving parts. Great for organizing just about anything that is prone to tangling. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) cordpro XL
Dimensions 15-5/8" diameter x 4-1/2" deep
Max Capacity 150' - 12/3 cord
100' - 10/3 cord (standard duty)
60' - 3/8" air hose
50' - 1/2" hose
50' - 30-amp RV power cord
300' - coaxial cable
Material Plastic (same as truck bed liners)
Uses yard/garage/home
Hangable Yes
Carrying Handle Yes
Warranty Lifetime
Shipping Weight 2.6 - 4 lbs.

CordPro XL Organizer - The easiest way to organize your cords and hoses. Use it for extension cords, water hoses, air hoses and more. Perfect for the garage, boat, RV or basement. Comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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