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Compact Rubber Broom
Compact Rubber Broom

Compact Rubber Broom

A 12" rubber bristle broom with a pole designed for compact storage and easy portability.
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Want to keep a broom in your car for snow removal, general cleaning, or when traveling for work? Do you need one that can store in a small cupboard, or slip into a tight space in a crowded closet? This compact rubber broom is an amazing all-purpose cleaning tool, and it features a two-stage telescoping handle that allows it to shrink down to a very small size. Keep the head on, or take it off to make the broom even more compact, and it'll easily fit into bags, trunks, closets, and cabinets with ease. A full size head ensures plenty of cleaning power, but the telescoping handle will collapse to just 20" long, or extend to 42" when needed. Make it compact for cleaning surfaces other than floors, when you want to take it with you while traveling, or to place it in a cluttered location when not in use. Enjoy incredible cleaning power whenever you need it, but keep it out of sight when you don't need it. Whether you want a portable broom with amazing versatility, or one that is super easy to store, this is the perfect option.

Why Rubber Is Better

Regular brooms have thin bristles made from a variety of different materials that all wear out, and fail over time. While in peak condition, these bristles are only good for cleaning floors, and they often leave stuff behind, or force you to sweep the same area more than once. When you switch to rubber bristles, it becomes safe to clean on any surface, and you never have to worry about the type of stuff you are cleaning. One sweep will remove any type of debris, no mater how light, or how small. The rubber bristles flex to form a wall, but also bend to conform to the surface being cleaned. When combined with a slight static charge, it means fewer strokes, and less effort to do a better job. Plus, this tool is much more than a broom, you can use it to clean uphpolstery, clear snow, wash windows, scrub siding, mop floors and so much more. Never worry about safety or compatibility, and guarantee performance when you clean with rubber bristles instead of traditional broom materials.

Product Features

  • 20"-42" Telescoping Handle.
  • 12" Rubber Head.
  • Washable and Long-Lasting.
  • Safe For All Surfaces.

Why It's Good

  • Two-Stage Handle. In order to make the pole for this broom as short as possible, a two-stage telescoping mechanism was added. It extends to a length that's a little shorter than normal, but when all-the-way collapsed, it's only 20 inches long. You can easily pop it in your trunk, or slip it into a cabinet. Perfect for portability or space-saving storage.
  • Rubber Bristle Head. The bristles on this broom flex and bend to mold to any surface, and they work together to pick up every spec of dirt and debris they encounter, no matter how small. A slight cling helps to collect stuff like pet hair and saw dust, and prevents things from flying into the air. They work on any surface, collect any type of dirt, and can double as a mop or scrub brush. Wash or rinse whenever they get too dirty, and this durable head will last for years with regular use.
  • Built-In Squeegee. As if the bristles were not useful enough, the head on this broom also features a flexible, full-length squeegee. Use it to dry surfaces like windows and concrete floors, or use it to move large amounts of water in a flooded basement, or after a strong rain.
  • Durable. The steel handle and rubber head are designed to be tough enough to handle commercial applications. You can use in combination with a variety of cleansers, and you can clean safely on smooth or rough surfaces without any worry of damage or wear.
  • Portable. No other broom is so easy to travel with. Collapse the handle, and remove the head, and the whole bundle practically fits in the palm of your hand. You can place it in a bag, trunk, box or case to store when not in use, or to bring with you for a reason. This makes it perfect for traveling cleaners, using as a snow brush, or just for a compact storage location at home.
  • Versatile. Much more than just a broom, this powerful tool can be used for a variety of tasks. It provides incredible performance on a variety of surfaces, and you never have to worry about scratching or other damage. Use it wet or dry, indoors or out.
  • Easy Maintenance. Simply hose it off, hand wash, or even place the head in your dishwasher when it gets dirty. The durable rubber will last for a long time, and if cleaned occasionally, it will provide like-new performance for a long time.

Other Options

Looking for something with a larger head, or a longer pole? We have other options available. If you'd prefer a natural rubber head, standard length pole, or larger size option, please check out our 12 inch household broom, 13.5 inch commercial grade broom, or the extra large 18 inch outdoor broom.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Compact Rubber Broom
Head Size 12"
Head Thickness 2"
Bristle Height 1.2"
Handle Length 20" - 42"
Head Material Rubber
Handle Material Steel
Uses Sweep up anything with more speed, safety, and efficiency. Easily outperforms traditional brooms with tough stuff, like dust, sand, hair, etc. Also doubles as a squeegee, scrub brush, or snow removal tool.
Head Color Black
Handle Color Gray
Telescoping Handle Yes. Two stage telescoping pole.
Squeegee Yes
Brand Furemover
Shipping Weight 1.4 lbs

A more portable rubber broom. Not quite regular size when fully extended, but super short when all-the-way compacted. The perfect rubber bristled tool for storing in small spaces, or taking with you on-the-go. Order Yours Today!

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