Compact Automatic Washing Machine With Spinner

Computer Controlled Convenience and Lightweight Portability. Clean Clothes Anywhere!
Portable Washing Machine With Spin Cycle
Portable Washing Machine With Spin Cycle
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Wash your clothes, and then spin the moisture out with the same machine. This compact washer offers incredible convenience, and outstanding value, so it's easily one of the best ways to reduce cost, while allowing you to skip expensive trips to the laundromat. It won't spin quite as fast as a dedicated spin dryer, so it's not going to pull out as much moisture in comparison, but some people prefer the small footprint, and compact convenience offered by this model.

Just toss in your laundry, and then select the wash cycle you prefer. Thanks to fully automatic operation, the machine will handle the rest. It automatically cycles through wash, rinse, and spin cycles, and when connected to your faucet, it will also fill itself according to the water level you set. An agitator at the bottom rotates back and forth to ensure that every inch of material is as squeaky clean as the next, and a built in pump eliminates every drop of dirty water to keep it that way. It's large enough to handle jeans and sheets without any trouble, but it's also compact enough to store out of sight, or bring with you while traveling. You won't need anything special in your home to use it because it plugs into a regular outlet, and comes complete with adapters for your faucet. When compared to other small options, this Compact Automatic Washing Machine is way more effective. When compared to larger machines, it is cheaper, faster, more gentle, and much more eco-friendly.

Wash Cycle Options

  • Normal: Total run time = 30 min. (1 wash + 2 rinse + 1 spin cycle)
  • Rinse: Total run time = 18 min. (2 rinse + 1 spin cycle)
  • Spin: Total run time = 5 min. (1 spin cycle)
  • Quick: Total run time = 18 min. (1 wash + 1 rinse + 1 spin cycle)

Why This Product Is Good

Computer Controls

Just press a button. No complicated dials, or tedious programming. One button will turn it on, and another will select the wash cycle you prefer. Everything else is automatic.

Super Compact

With a smaller footprint than similar machines, this one offers maximum washing capacity and portability combined. Perfect for small spaces, this mini washer can fit under tables, inside closets, and all sorts of other places when not in use.

Built In Spinner

Other little washing machines leave clothing soaking wet. With these, hand wringing, or a spin dryer becomes necessary. This model has an integrated spinner, and an automatic spin cycle. Clothing won't be quite as dry as it would with a dedicated spin dryer, but it will be damp enough to hang dry.

Environmentally Friendly

Get your laundry just as clean, but use significantly less water, electricity and soap. Your impact on Mother Nature will be less, and you'll save money without compromising cleanliness.

Large Capacity

Pile in a full 5.5 pounds of laundry thanks to the ample capacity. Clean several items at once, or use for larger, more bulky items like jeans and sheets.

Quick Connect

Quickly attach to your kitchen faucet for automatic filling. Included adapters will allow you to hook up to your faucet with speed an precision.

Lightweight & Portable

Lift up to your counter, or store out of sight without any trouble. Thanks to the lightweight construction, you can easily maneuver this to any location that's convenient, and you can also take it with you if the need should arise.

Universal Compatibility

No special connections necessary, this machine can be used in almost any location, or situation. It plugs into a regular electrical outlet, and it fills by attaching to a regular faucet. Use with or without the intake hose for maximum compatibility.

Automatic Draining

Direct the long hose into your sink, or anywhere else, for effortless draining. A built in pump eliminates all water and sends it through the hose to the disposal location of your choice.

Top Quality Motor

More powerful and longer lasting in comparison to others, this machine features a top quality motor. You won't have to worry about low power that does not clean, and you won't have to worry about failure due to inferior components.

How To Use It

  1. To prepare for washing, connect the inlet hose to your faucet, and direct the outlet hose into a suitable area for draining.
  2. Turn on faucet.
  3. Plug machine into any regular electrical outlet and press power button to turn it on.
  4. Load in your laundry. Add up to 5.5 pounds of dry clothing. Spread out evenly to maintain balance during wash cycle.
  5. Pour in detergent. 1 tablespoon or less is normally sufficient. Add more or less based on clothing type, soil level and personal preference.
  6. Close the washer lid, and make sure it clicks shut securely.
  7. Use the buttons to select your wash cycle.
  8. Let the machine run until complete.
  9. Depending upon your selection, it will wash, and then rinse, and then spin to finish.
  10. When finished, unplug the washing machine and turn off the water.
  11. Once water is off, disconnect inlet hose.
  12. Once clean, hang dry, or place in traditional dryer to dry in just a few minutes.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Super Compact Automatic Washer
Dimensions 16" x 17" x 25"
Inner Drum Dimensions 11" high x 13" diameter
Uses Wash small loads of laundry, no matter where you are. Fully automatic washer with spin cycle to pull water from clothing after it's clean. Perfect for dorm rooms, apartments, single people and more. Use less electricity at home, or wash clothes while traveling without the cost or hassle.
Computer Controls Yes
Power 120V/60Hz
Color White.
Compatibility Plugs into any regular power 110V outlet. Works with any clothing that fits.
Power Usage 150W
Rinse Cycle Yes
Spin Cycle Yes
Spin Speed 900 RPM
Water Level Adjustment Yes
Faucet Adapters Yes. Included for fast and simple connection to faucet.
Quiet Operation Yes < 62 dB
Efficiency 100 times more energy efficient than conventional units.
Capacity 5.5 lbs. 
Warranty Yes - 1 year manufacturer warranty
Shipping Weight 35 lbs

Never go to the laundromat again! Wash clothes without effort, and spin out moisture to leave them mostly dry. Lightweight and portable, this machine is perfect for small spaces, or anyone that needs to clean laundry on the go. It's environmentally friendly and cost effective when compared to most other options. Order Yours Today!

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