16 Inch Pro Grade Cleaning Cloths (2-Pack)

Powerful and Long-Lasting! Get professional results at an affordable price with these high quality microfiber cloths.
A 16" x 16" Commercial Grade Cleaning Cloth. Use wet or dry!
A 16" x 16" Commercial Grade Cleaning Cloth. Use wet or dry!
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Heavy duty and long-lasting, these professional quality cleaning cloths provide incredible cleaning power at an affordable price. They're made from premium quality microfiber, and they're comparable to other options that sell for way more money. The multipurpose material can be used wet or dry, and it's safe for contact with any surface you'll want to clean. When used dry, these cloths will pick up and eliminate dust with a single swipe, and when used wet they'll remove stubborn grime with ease.

You can pair them with any cleanser you like to work with, but the amazing material will also remove 99% of all dirt with just water as a detergent. Be Eco-friendly by washing windows with only a damp cloth, or spray and wipe with a chemical cleanser to deal with tough messes. The large size is ideal for a wide variety of jobs, and each cloth can be washed hundreds of times before replacement is necessary. Stop spending too much on trendy brands, but don't settle for ineffective cleaning cloths just to save money either. These Commercial Grade Cleaning Cloths will outperform the competition without breaking the bank. 16" x 16"

Other Options

Prefer a smaller size? Get the same heavy-duty material and the same cleaning ability, but in a slightly smaller size by choosing our 12 inch version instead.

Why This Product Is Good

Non-Toxic Cleaning

Traditional cleaning rags are treated with chemicals, or they rely on the addition of soaps or sprays to do a good job. With these large commercial grade cloths, you can continue using your favorite cleansers if you want to, but the material will do most of the cleaning, and for most jobs, a dry cloth, or one damp with water, will be all that you need.

No Spots - No Streaks

No special steps, or practiced techniques necessary. The absorbent fibers not only eliminate every spec of dirt, they also soak up every drop of moisture as you wipe. Use on glass, stainless steel and other surfaces, and never worry about streaks or spotting when you finish.

Zero Lint

Unlike cotton cleaning cloths and towels, this one will never leave behind little pieces of fuzz when you wipe, so surfaces will look better, and you'll only have to do the job once.

Professional Quality

Use for your business, or use at home to look like a pro. These commercial grade cleaning cloths are thicker and more effective than options found elsewhere, so they're perfect for commercial applications, but they're also affordable so they're perfect for home use too. Save time, effort and money when you choose these over something that looks similar.

Use Wet or Dry

Outstanding when used dry for dusting and polishing, and even more amazing when wet with water. A damp cloth will cut through stubborn grime, and wipe away greasy stuff in a single pass. A dry one, will suck up dust like a magnet.

Premium Microfiber

Although many microfiber cloths look similar, they don't all work the same. The specific material, and the construction of the cloth determines cleaning ability, so be careful when choosing similar looking items sold elsewhere. These heavy weight alternatives are constructed from a superior material, so they easily outperform most other cloths. Soak up more liquid, and wipe away more dirt using these commercial grade, 300 GSM cloths. The advanced fabric actually grabs and locks in grime to leave surfaces incredibly clean, and with very little effort.

Extra Absorbent

Awesome as a cleaning tool, but also useful for picking up spills, or drying wet surfaces. The microfiber material will suck up liquid, and hold it without dripping. When compared to cotton towels and regular cleaning rags, these cloths are up to ten times more absorbent.

Washable and Reusable

Use over and over again. Cleaning ability will remain wash after wash, and the durable material will stay in excellent shape for hundreds of washes.

Colorful Material

Choose your favorite hue, or color code your cleaning supplies. It's easy to keep cloths separate, or find one that matches your preference thanks to the variety of color options.

Fast and Effective

No extra stuff to spray down, or saturate the cloth with, and no need to go over the same area twice. Expect spotless surfaces in a single pass when you wipe and clean with these cloths. Save time and effort while getting surfaces cleaner than ever. Just glide over any material to remove dirt, dust and other grime.

Where To Use Them and What To Clean

Use these Large Commercial Quality Cleaning Cloths to replace any rag, towel, sponge or cleaning cloth you're already using. Not only will it work better, it'll also last longer when compared to other options. You don't have to be careful or worry about damage when you clean with it, so almost any mess or surface is compatible. It'll remove dirt and germs when used dry, or with just water as a detergent, but you can also pair it with additional cleansers if you prefer. Use it to clean wood, glass, metal, painted walls, flooring and so much more. It's tough on dirt, but gentle on the surface it's covering. The list below details some jobs and locations where this powerful cloth would be helpful, but you can use them for anything similar too.

  1. Windows and Mirrors: Eliminate spots and smudges, and leave the surface sparkling clean, and without streaks.
  2. General Cleaning. Wipe and scrub all over your home or office. The material lifts and cleans dirt in any location.
  3. Dry Dusting. Use the cloth dry to wipe surfaces and pick up dust like a magnet.
  4. Wet Spills. Way more absorbent than cotton rags and towels, just wipe to soak up and absorb incredible amounts of moisture.
  5. Doors and Walls. Remove dirt, grime, fingerprints and oils by just wiping. Get the cloth damp with water to remove any kind of grime from doors and painted walls.
  6. In The Kitchen. Wipe down counters, clean appliances, wash or dry dishes, and more. This cloth will increase your cleaning power to get surfaces in your kitchen cleaner than ever.
  7. In The Bathroom. Tubs, sinks, showers and other surfaces can be wiped clean quickly and easily. Lift up soap scum and water stains without scrubbing, and leave surfaces clean and spot-free when finished.
  8. In Your Vehicle. Dust the dash, clean the center console, wash tinted windows, or wash and dry the exterior. Use this versatile cleaning cloth to detail any vehicle, and achieve professional results.
  9. Stainless Steel. Whether it's light fixtures, appliances, furniture or other stuff made from metal, this is the perfect tool to clean it. Wipe away smudges and grime without any risk of harm.

Don't be fooled by similar looking cleaning cloths you've seen or used elsewhere. All microfiber is not created equal, so instead of wasting money on a low quality cloth that may just bring frustration and empty promises, get our proven alternative for quick and easy cleaning in every room of your home. You'll never scratch the item you're cleaning, but you'll always leave it free of dirt, and polished in appearance. Although it offers incredible cleaning power, this product is not coated with any chemicals, and the fibers are not stiff, or abrasive. You don't even need to use a chemical spray when you clean with it because water alone will easily remove 99% of all dirt and germs from whatever you're cleaning.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) 16 x 16 Commercial Grade Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Dimensions 16" x 16"
Weight 300 GSM
Grade Commercial Grade
Shape Square
Uses Clean, dry, dust, scrub, wipe down, polish and more. A versatile cleaning tool that offers high absorbency, and powerful cleaning abilities.
Where To Use Safe for any surface. Will not scratch, and no chemicals needed.
Color Your Choice: Blue, Green, Black, Orange, White, Purple, Red, and more.
Material Premium Quality Microfiber
Microfiber Type Multipurpose (terry) 80/20 blend
Edges Sewn / overlock
Absorbency Soaks up to 10 times more than a regular cotton cloth
Compatibility Use wet or dry
Cleaning Surface Front and back
Machine Washable Yes - Machine wash, tumble dry low. Do not use fabric softeners or bleach.
Shipping Weight .2 lbs

A powerful cleaning cloth for wet or dry use. The perfect tool for non-toxic cleaning in almost any location. Wash windows, wipe stoves, remove marks from walls, dry counters and more with only water needed as a cleanser. Order Yours Today!

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