ClipHanger S2

A Versatile Phone Clip With A Slim Profile And Locking Latch.
Clip Hanger S2 - Locking Phone Clip
Clip Hanger S2 - Locking Phone Clip
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The original Cliphanger was awesome, and this model is even better. The old design has been reworked to make it lighter, flatter, more durable, and able to lock when closed. This slim holder easily attaches to any phone in order to provide a hanging hook, a clip, and a handle all in one. You can even use it with mp3 players, GPS units, tablets and other mobile devices thanks to the universal fit, and simple attachment method. Once in place, it does not add bulk, but it does make it way easier to keep your phone within reach at all times, or secure it when not in use. A simple motion will un-hook the clip without effort, and once the call has ended, another quick motion will lock it back in place. Hook it to your belt loop, connect it to a purse strap, hang it on your backpack, secure it in your car, or just slip it in your pocket. The large clip offers the perfect way to hold and store your phone when not in use, but it also creates the perfect handle to make it easier to handle when texting, watching video, surfing the net, or gaming. A powerful adhesive keeps it in place on any device, but removes completely if you take it off. The attractive material comes in your choice of colors, and it's nearly impossible to break or ruin. Stop searching for your phone all over, but don't spend a bunch of money for a less versatile holder, or one that only works for one specific model. Choose this high quality alternative, and get one of the best phone holding options available, and one that installs on any model in a matter of seconds.

Other Options

Want to save some money? The original ClipHanger Stick is still available in limited supply. It doesn't come with a warranty, but it does come with a smaller price tag. If you like the upgraded materials and features of the S2, but you're concerned about alignment, or ability to hang in either orientation, then check out the ClipHanger Pivit. It's just like the one on this page, but it has the added ability to rotate for increased convenience, and more options for use. Want to make this clip even more useful? Then get an < href="cliphanger_autohook.html">AutoHook to go with it and easil dangle your device anywhere you want.

Why It's Good

  • Rugged. The chemically resistant plastic flexes and bends easily, but is almost impossible to break. Never worry about failure or breakage, and eliminate frustration caused by flimsy alternatives.
  • Slim. Incredibly thin, and with a totally flat design. Once in place you will barely know it is there.
  • Lightweight. It weighs almost nothing, and will add no noticeable heaviness or bulk to your mobile device.
  • Compatible. Designed primarily for phones, but also good for GPS devices, mp3 players, tablets and more. The universal attachment method and fit will allow for use on virtually any model.
  • Locking. An improvement over the original model, the closure on this one locks in place to hold on more securely. You can still operate it with one hand, but you never have to worry about it coming un-clipped.
  • Versatile. Use it to hang your phone from a belt loop or purse strap, or use it to clip it in the perfect place while driving. It also doubles as a handle for holding your phone while texting or gaming, and it offers a secure way to attach it to almost anything.
  • Reusable. Easily transfer to a new phone, and leave absolutely no mark on your old one. You will have to get a fresh adhesive in order to install on the next device, but this clip is totally removable and reusable.
  • 3 Year Warranty. Because it's highly unlikely that it will break with normal use, the manufacturer offers a full 3 year warranty. You will probably have a new phone before you ever have to worry about this clip failing.

How To Install It

The process to install this clip is easy, and it works just as well on almost any portable electronic out there. The most important thing to consider is placement. You'll want to make sure the loop is up high enough, but not too high, and you'll want to ensure that things like camera lenses aren't being blocked. You decide on placement, follow the steps below to install the S2.
  1. The included adhesive pad needs to connect to the clip, and then to the phone. To prepare for adhesion, clean both surfaces thoroughly and allow them to dry.
  2. Once clean, remove the backing from one side of the sticky pad, align the tab, and press it in place of the back side of the clip.
  3. Once on the S2, remove the backing from the other side of the adhesive pad, and then press the clip in place on your phone.
  4. Make sure it's aligned correctly, and then press firmly for a few seconds. Once installed, it should be aligned at the middle, and the top part should be positioned above the top of the phone about an inch.
  5. Full adhesion will take a day or two to achieve, so handle gently for the first day.
  6. To remove the S2, simply twist to break the bond, and then lift off. The industrial strength adhesive will release without leaving a residue or mark.

How To Use It

Using it is simple, but continue reading to become an expert. It will allow effortless access and secure storage, so you will never miss a call, or get frustrated searching again.
  1. To open the clip, the top of the latch needs to be lifted up and out. If hanging, you can do this with a simple tug and twist motion, and if holding, just use your thumb to press the loop up and back.
  2. To secure the latch in place, just press down to hear the click. It will lock the clip closed once you have it where you want it.
  3. To hang anywhere, just use the loop at the top.
  4. To clip onto your belt loop or something else, press the latch open, slip it in place, and then press the latch closed.
  5. To use as a handle when viewing your phone, simply slip a finger or thumb though the loop for an incredibly comfortable and secure grip.

For increased security and improved access this phone holder is hard to beat. The versatile performance allows it to be way more useful than traditional; holders, and the universal fit takes out all of the guess work. Hold on tight and never worry about dropping, or hang within sight to never miss and update. It's perfect for carrying your phone in a place where it can be easily reached, but it's also thin enough to slip into your pocket without getting annoyed. Stop repurchasing cheap options that break or fall apart, but don't waste money on some fancy device that doesn't work as well. The simple and effective design on this clip guarantees outstanding performance and maximum versatility, no matter what you stick it to.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) S2 Phone Holder
Dimensions 3.8" x 1.4"
Compatibility Fits any phone (also works on ipods, mp3 players, pda's, radios and remotes)
Color Black
Car Mount Included No
Integrated Light No
Locking Latch Yes
Rotating No.
Profile Totally flat.
Material Durable Plastic
Warranty 3 years
Shipping Weight .2 lbs.

An indestructible phone holder that works with any device. Quickly clip to belt loops and purse straps, or hand almost anywhere. The stylish clip also makes a great handle for holding. Order Yours Today.

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