ClipHanger Stick

A Universal Clip That Fits Almost Any Phone or MP3 Player.
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A universal clip and holder for any phone or small electronic device. Instead of adding bulk, or wearing out over time, this sturdy and slim alternative provides the same convenience without many of the drawbacks. It adheres to the back of your device without adding extra weight, and gives you the perfect handle for gripping while talking or texting, and a convenient hook for hanging when you're not using your cell. A strong adhesive keeps it in place, but it removes without leaving sticky stuff if you ever want to take it off, or put it on a new phone. Stop searching for the perfect holder for your specific model because this one is perfect for any. Dangle from a belt loop, hang in your car, attach to a purse strap, or hook it to your backpack. ClipHanger keeps your phone tucked aside, but handy for answering incoming calls, or checking the latest Facebook update. It's adaptable design can be affixed to any small device, and since it is low profile you can slip it in your pocket, or hook it to your belt with equal comfort.

Other Options

This is the orginal design, but a newer version is available. Order the one on this page if you want to pay the lowest price, and if you don't care about the upgraded features. For a thinner clip that's more durable, and has the ability to lock shut, check out the S2. It's the updated version of the classic stick. For all of those upgrades plus the ability to rotate the loop to any angle for improved clearance and horizontal hanging, check out the Pivit. Want the added convenience of being able to hang your phone in any location? Then take a look at the < href="cliphanger_autohook.html">AutoHook. It's made for this clip, and it allows you to dangle your device in any spot you want.

Why It's Good

  • Durable. High quality plastic is almost unbreakable. Despite the small size and low overall weight, this clip will remain incredibly strong. It's almost impossible to break it with normal use.
  • Thin. A slender profile makes it hardly noticeable once installed. Your phone will not be significantly thicker, so you can still slip it in your pocket when you want to.
  • Lightweight. Strong materials are also light, so it will not add bulk to your device. The flexible material weighs almost nothing, but that doesn't affect strength or performance.
  • Universal. Designed for use with virtually any model of phone, but also great for tablets, mp3 players, GPS and more.
  • Versatile. Use it while holding your phone, use it for storage, or use it for travel. Easily clip any device, almost anywhere, and keep it in the perfect place. Improve accessibility, and decrease accidents and missed calls.
  • Reusable. Just get a new adhesive to use it over and over again as you get new phones or transfer to new devices. The old sticky pad will come off completely, and leave no mark.

Use it for your mobile phone, iPod, Mp3 player, radio, gps, tablet and more. The industrial adhesive that keeps it in place won't come off until you want it to, and it won't damage your phone or leave behind sticky stuff either. Once it is attached to your phone, this versatile hook is easy to use. Just hold your phone in your palm and use your thumb to flick it open. Easily attach it to your belt loop, purse strap, backpack, brief case, etc. A simple twist the phone is all it takes for quick and easy removal. Thanks to the advanced design, it goes on and off in a flash, and it will never detach unless you want it to. Not only is it great for storage and securing your phone to prevent damage when not in use, it also works great to increase comfort and control while handling your phone too. Just interlock your finger(s) through the clip in order to achieve a secure grip on your phone when you're talking, web browsing, watching videos or playing games. With several colors to choose from, you are sure to find one that fits your style, or the color of your existing case or skin.

ClipHanger is easily one of the best ways to hang onto any cell phone, pda or iPod. It takes away the need for a case because it conveniently clips onto your belt loop and allows one handed access to your phone. Its thin profile minimizes bulk and won't poke you or cause discomfort, even while sitting. The whole device is made from durable plastic that won't break, and because it sticks up beyond the top of your device, it helps to protect the antenna or head phone jack if it has one.

This cell phone holder is designed to solve the most common problems people have with their phones. Most ladies keep their phone in a purse. By the time they are able to find it, they miss the call. With this clip and hanger in one, any electronic device will easily hook to the strap of your purse, so it can be accessed without hesitation or trouble. Other cell phone clips are bulky and stick out too far to be comfortable. This one is different because it is very slim and hooks to belt loops, pockets or waistbands and remains easily reachable without becoming annoying. It moves with your body so it will not snap off and break.

This high quality, accessory is incredibly durable so it comes with a full one year warranty. Strong adhesive allows you to stick it to the back of any mobile phone , and it will hold strong for the life of your device. If you ever decide to change phones, you don't have to hunt around for another case or clip to fit your specific model. Just twist off the ClipHanger, apply a new adhesive, and stick to your next phone. This compact device holder can hang from the simplest yet most convenient places. No more worn velcro or one-size-fits-few cases.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) ClipHanger 
Dimensions 3.8" x 1.4"
Compatibility Fits any phone (also works on ipods, mp3 players, pda's, radios and remotes)
Color Clear, Smoke, Black, Glow( in the dark), Light Pink & Blue
Car Mount Included No
Integrated Light No
Locking Latch No
Profile Slightly curved at the top.
Material Durable Plastic
Warranty None
Shipping Weight .2 lbs.

Virtually unbreakable. Just stick, clip and hang. This innovative holder fits on any mobile device and allows you to keep it easily accessible. 

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