Clip On Boiler Basket

The easy way to cook two things at once! Add to the side of any pot. Steam or boil the stuff you put inside.
Clip On Boiler Basket
Clip On Boiler Basket
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Save time and effort when you cook two things in the same pot. This handy kitchen gadget allows you to make broccoli for your Alfredo, or peas for your mac and cheese, without getting an extra pot out of the cupboard. Simply clip this basket to your pot of boiling water, and you have the perfect location to steam or boil your favorite vegetable, as a companion to your pasta. The veggies won't mix in with your noodles, and you'll be able to cook them to perfection, independent of the pasta below. When finished, simply lift the basket out, and it doubles as a strainer to keep the food in perfect condition, and drain any excess water. No more hand-washing multiple pots, and no more avoiding vegetables. Use this Clip On Boiler Basket to reduce the amount of work it takes to prepare meals, and eliminate some of the mess in the process.

Product Features

  • Fits Any Pot.
  • Holds Up To 3 Cups.
  • Clip On Design.
  • Steam or Boil Foods.

Why This Product Is Good

Clip On Design

No special steps to take, or difficult parts to connect. Once in place, it will remain attached, but you can also slip it right off when you finish cooking. It won't slide around, spin, or anything similar, so the stuff inside will remain protected, and separated from the other food in your pot. The clip on design makes it easy-to-use, but also safe and secure.

Steam or Boil

Contents of the basket can be under the water, or over it. Simply raise or lower the water line to switch from steaming to boiling. Thanks to the versatility, you'll be able to prepare vegetables and other foods just the way you like them.

Universal Fit

Thanks to the shape and attachment method, you can use this clip on basket with confidence on pretty much any pot you have. It'll slide into place easily, and the space-saving design will still allow for plenty of access to the food directly in the pot.


No more searching for multiple pots or pans, no more turning on several burners, and no more pile of dishes to wash by hand after you cook. Don't wait for one thing to finish before starting the next, and never settle for a lesser meal. Use this basket to save time and effort when cooking a wide range of meals.

Healthy Cooking

This high quality basket is totally heat resistant and BPA-free, and it will help you to include more fresh vegetables in your diet. Get it to save time and effort, but use it often as an easy way to eat healthy.

Dishwasher Safe

Regular pots and pans have to be hand-washed when you finish using them. This handy device can simply be popped into your dishwasher for cleaning.

Don't avoid eating vegetables because it's too much work. This Clip On Boiler Basket is a clever device that makes it effortless to prepare veggies along side pasta and other foods, and it can also eliminate the possibility of arguments by allowing you to cook a special pasta for a child, in the same pot as yours. The two foods will never mix, and you have the option to submerge the basket, or keep it above the boiling water. This affordable kitchen tool will easily pay for itself as it helps you prevent messes, and empowers you to produce more food in less time.

How To Use It

  1. Thoroughly wash before each use.
  2. To cook, simply fill basket with ingredients. Include as little as 1 cup, or as much as 3 cups.
  3. Slowly lower the basket into the pot, and use the side clip to hang the basket from the rim of the pot.
  4. Steam or boil as needed until finished.
  5. When cooking is complete, carefully remove the basket. It can be used as a strainer to drain the contents.
  6. Hand-wash or place in the dishwasher when dirty.
  7. Ideal for veggies and pasta, but compatible with a wide range of other foods too.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Clip On Boiler Basket
Dimensions 5.5" 5.5" 4.5"
Color Red or Gray - Random color shipped unless otherwise requested.
Capacity Up to 3 cups
Material Sturdy Plastic
Compatibility Use in any medium or large pot.
Clip Attachment Yes
BPA-Free Yes
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Reusable Yes
Heat Resistant Yes.
Uses Steam, boil or strain. Use as a clip on strainer, or attach to a pot while cooking to steam or boil food inside.
Shipping Weight 2 lbs

The perfect way to save time when cooking multiple foods at once. Boil veggies for you pasta without mixing them in, or getting another pot dirty. Order Yours Today!

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