Clear Plastic Lunch Bag

A premium quality, see-through lunch bag. With a large capacity, strong zippers, and an extra front pocket, it's perfect for school, travel, or leasure.
Clear Plastic Lunch Bag
Clear Plastic Lunch Bag
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Bring your lunch, but don't break the rules. This Clear Plastic Lunch Bag is ideal for a wide range of activities and settings, and because it's completely see-through, you can take it certain places where regular lunch bags can't go. You may need one to comply with guidelines at school or work, or you may need one to carry in snacks or beverages the next time you go to a concert or game. This convenient little bag was designed to carry a lunch, but it can be used to store and carry anything that fits, and thanks to the compact size, it may be the perfect option based on the occasion, building or venue. A large main pocket leaves room for plenty of food, but an added front pocket increases storage and allows for better organization. The thick PVC material is completely clear and see-through so you can easily see what's inside, and you can never get in trouble, no matter where you go. Other clear lunch bags can be flimsy and cheap, but this high quality alternative offers durable construction at an affordable price. Get through security without any delay, but also carry plenty of food to get through the day.

Clear Plastic Lunch Bag Features

  • Large 9" x 7" Size
  • Heavy Duty PVC Construction
  • Reinforced Stitching
  • One Large Pocket, and One Front Pocket
  • Strong Zippered Closures
  • 100% Clear
  • Adjustable Strap
  • Flat Bottom Design

Why This Product Is Good

High Quality Construction

Other clear lunch bags will be way less durable in comparison, so they may not work as well, or last as long. This one is made from a durable PVC material and features reinforced stitching for added durability. When you get this one, you can be sure that it will work well, and hoild up to daily use. Don't waste money on a similar looking product that will only wear out quickly or fail with a few uses. Get this high quality alternative and guarantee yourself a product that will work and last like you want it to.

The Perfect Size

Not too big, and not too small. This lunch bag is the perfect size for almost anyone. It holds plenty of food no matter if the user is a child or adult. Pack it with a full lunch, or carry just a few snacks. The small sizing allows for ample storage space without being too bulky.

Extra Pocket For Added Storage

Use the large, main pocket for the bulk of your food, but also use the front pocket to keep stuff organized and separated when needed. Other lunch bags only have a single compartment so small stuff can get lost and delicate stuff can get ruined. Thanks to the extra front pocket on this one, you can easily store and protect all of your food.

Long-Lasting PVC Material

The thick PVC material is totally clear and very flexible, but it's also highly durable. Other clear plastic bags will tear with light use, or get brittle with extended use. With our Clear Plastic Lunch Bag you can be sure that it will remain in like-new condition for a long time, even with everyday use.

Extremely Durable

Commercial grade zippers, extra thick PVC and double-stitched seams ensure a strong bag that will last a long time. Don't be fooled by similar lunch storage options that look the same. This one is much more durable in comparison to most other options.

Adjustable For Comfort

The comfortable shoulder strap can adjust for any user. Make it as long or short as you want. It can be short for children, or for holding in your hand, or you can make it long for an adult to carry over their shoulder.

Take It Anywhere

Never break any rule when you use this bag. It's totally clear, and has a compact size, so it will always be in compliance with any rule or guideline. Speed through security, and never get turned back once you get to the gate.

Flat Bottom Design

Load and unload easily thanks to the large opening, and flat bottom. This bag will sit stable on any flat surface, and the wide base will make it easy to load it up, or find the stuff inside. When not in use, it will remain where you put it without tipping or rolling.

Totally Water-Proof

A great feature to make the bag perfect for outdoor use, but also nice for when accidents happen inside. Other lunch bags will get pretty gross when food and drinks spill on the inside, but this one contains the mess, and makes it easy to clean thoroughly later. Take it camping in the rain, and protect the food inside, or send it with your child to school, and never worry about messes escaping to ruin other stuff.

Follow the rules by carrying your lunch in this high quality lunch bag. The clear exterior makes all of the contents visible at all times, so you can be in compliance when regular bags are restricted. It can be pretty annoying to get turned around at the gate, and getting into trouble at school or work is never fun. When you carry your lunch in this bag you'll never break any rule, and you'll fly through any security checkpoint. With higher quality materials than most, you can also be sure that it will perform well and last a long time.

Clear Plastic Lunch Bag detail view

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Heavy Duty Clear Plastic Lunch Bag
Dimensions 9" x 7" x 6"
Uses Use to store and carry almost anything that fits. Designed for food, and use as a lunch bag. A high quality lunch box with clear plastic exterior.
Color Clear
Material PVC Plastic
Number of Pockets 1 Main Pocket, and 1 Front Pocket
Adjustable Strap Yes
Extra Padding No
Reinforced Stitching Yes
Flat Bottom Yes. Sits flat on any surface for safety and convenience.
See-Through Construction Yes. All contents are visible.
Washable Yes. PVC material wipes clean easily.
Shipping Weight .7 lbs

A great way to carry and store food, but still keep it visible. Follow the rules, or just make it easy to move quickly through security checkpoints. This durable lunch bag is made from clear plastic so it's perfect for schools and workplaces with mandates, or certain events where regular lunch boxes aren't allowed. Order Yours Today!

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