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Chenille Mini Duster

A washable, microfiber dusting tool for small spaces. Eliminate dust without using chemicals!
Chenille Mini Duster
Chenille Mini Duster
Convenient Hand-Held Size Duster
Removable microfiber head is totally wahable.
Product detail: top and side view - chenille mini duster.
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Product Description

A powerful cleaning tool in a compact package. Get big results when you dust small spaces using this hand-held mini duster. It's the perfect size to store in your glove box for dusting dashboards and other surfaces, but it's also nice for use at home when dusting under objects, into tight spaces, or around delicate items. The plastic handle is lightweight and durable, and the advanced dusting head is removable for washing. Just glide the tool over any surface, and it will lift up and lock in any spec of dust it encounters. The material is not treated with any chemicals, and you won't need any additional sprays to get the job done, so this mini microfiber duster provides an eco-friendly way to clean a wide variety of materials and surfaces. Stop wasting money on other options that rely on harsh chemicals, and switch to this highly effective and totally reusable alternative instead.

Why It's Good

  • Compact. The smaller size makes it easy to handle, but it also allows you to clean in tight spaces without moving stuff around. Despite the compact, hand-held size, this tool provides plenty of surface area and cleaning power to take care of everyday jobs in any area in your home, office or vehicle.
  • Effective. You won't need any additional sprays or cleansers, and the duster head is not treated with any harsh chemicals, but it will rival any other option or traditional method when you compare the results. With very little effort, and in a short amount of time, anyone can completely eliminate dust from almost any location.
  • Reusable. Other options are disposable, and force you to throw stuff out, and buy replacements over time. The washable head on this duster can be cleaned and reused thousands of times before replacement is needed. Easily save money while improving your ability to clean.
  • Eco-Friendly. Thanks to the advanced material, you can thoroughly clean without any harsh chemicals, and thanks to the washable head, you'll also be reducing waste when compared to other products. Reduce your negative impact on the environment while making it easier to clean dust throughout your home.
  • Versatile. Ideal for a wide range of jobs, the convenient size, lightweight construction, and chenille microfiber head combine to create a dusting tool you can use all over. Use it on shelving and other surfaces in your home, or use it to quickly clean the dashboard in your vehicle. The possibilities are endless.

How To Use It

So simple and effective, anybody can achieve professional level results when dusting with this tool. The specialized material does all of the work for you, and a spotless surface is practically guaranteed, but follow the instructions below for best results when cleaning with this duster.
  1. To remove the dusting head, simply lift off the elastic connection loop at the center of the handle. Once disconnected, just slide off to remove.
  2. Wash the head hundreds of times to reuse the tool. Machine wash like normal, but avoid fabric softener or bleach.
  3. To reapply the head after washing, press the two arms together on the handle so that they are overlapping slightly, then slip the microfiber head onto the handle and slide all-the-way up. Once in place, secure its position with the elastic connection loop.
  4. To dust, simply hold in your hand, apply light pressure against the surface you are cleaning, and then glide across the surface.
  5. Totally reusable. No need to change the head after each use. Simply shake out after light cleaning, and when totally dirty, remove the head for washing.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Chenille Microfiber Mini Duster
Dimensions 11" x 3" x 2"
Handle Length 6"
Dusting Head Size 5" x 3"
Color Gray
Handle Material Plastic
Duster Material Microfiber (80/20 - chenille)
Removable Head Yes
Washable Yes
Compatibility Safe for use on any surface.
Uses For fast and thorough dust removal. Use for cleaning areas of your home office or vehicle. Perfect for small areas and tight spaces. No chemical sprays necessary.
Origin China
Shipping Weight 1 lbs.

A safe and effective way to clean dusty surfaces. The specialized material will lift up and lock in dust without the use of soaps and cleansers. Order Yours Today!

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