Ceramic Garlic Grater (3 Piece Set)

Perfect For Ginger, Chocolate, Garlic and More.
Ceramic Grater Plate - 3 Piece Set. Perfect for hard cheese, ginger, cinnamon, chocolate and more.
Ceramic Grater Plate - 3 Piece Set. Perfect for hard cheese, ginger, cinnamon, chocolate and more.
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This three piece set provides an easier way to grate food, and prepare dishes with more flavor. The main component is a simple ceramic plate with a colorful design, and little bumps all over the surface. It's simple to use, and offers a more efficient way to puree and grate tough foods like garlic and ginger. When you use this device instead of traditional graters and knives, you preserve flavor, use more of the food, and finish in less time. It only takes a couple of twirls to reduce a large clove into a flavorful paste, because the ceramic nubs power through food, and keep your fingers safe at the same time. Hard stuff like chocolate and ginger are normally difficult to work with, so they lead to frustration, but this plate makes them easy to grate, and allows you to produce professional quality results with very little effort. As an added bonus, the set also includes a garlic peeler so you can quickly remove skins without making your fingers smell, and a little brush to help you transfer your ingredients, or combine with oil to brush onto bread. The hand painted designs give them a great look, and the glazing all over ensures a safe surface that is easy to clean.

Don't get duped by low quality versions that will only save you a few pennies. This one is larger, more durable and more effective.

using the ceramic plate grater

Stuff Included

plate included1. Ceramic Plate Grater - Beautifully hand painted, and extremely effective, this lovely looking plate will quickly become your new favorite kitchen gadget. It looks good enough to display as a decoration, and it offers a better way to grate and puree all of those foods that normally cause frustration. Use it to zest lemons and oranges, grind cinnamon and chocolate, or puree fresh garlic. It's extremely simple to use, and there is no right or wrong way to use it. The entire center portion has little grating nubs, so you can move food around in circles, up and down, or even side to side. As long as you are passing over the ceramic bumps, you will be grating, so it's pretty difficult to have trouble. Because the plate has some depth to it, you can easily transform it from a grater to a dipping dish. Mince up garlic and other herbs, and then add some olive oil for a delicious way to enjoy fresh bread.

peeler included2. Garlic Peeler - This free bonus item is extremely useful, and sometimes sells for more money than we charge for this entire set. To get garlic ready to grate, you will first need to remove the peel. This high quality rubber-like tube makes it easy, and prevents you from having to pick at it with your fingers. To remove the peel prior to using the plate to puree it into paste, simply place one or more cloves inside the tube and then roll vigorously. You will want to make sure you are working on a flat, hard surface, and that you are applying downward pressure as you roll. Once the peel comes off all the way, you will be able to hear a slight crinkling sound and the job will be done. Learn more or purchase separately.

brush included3. Pastry & Basting Brush - This handy little brush adds value to this set, but will become useful for other tasks too. It features natural bristles, an ergonomic handle, and it's the perfect size for smaller jobs. Use it to scoop up, and spread out the food that you grate in a quick and efficient manner. Once you mince down your garlic, or grate other foods like ginger, this brush will make it easy to spread onto the food you are preparing. Also great for spreading egg wash, or butter over the tops of pastries. Learn more or purchase separately.

Compatible Foods

This versatile tool is perfect for garlic, but it works with a long list of other foods too. Use the examples below as a guide. The plate will grate any food mentioned, and many more. Start with the items listed, then experiment to include anything similar.
  • Garlic
  • Chocolate
  • Nuts
  • Cheese
  • Nutmeg
  • Ginger
  • Onion
  • Strawberries
  • Carrots
  • Citrus Fruits
  • Peppers

Why It's Good

  • Fast & Effective. Few alternatives offer the speed and precision of this one. Quickly reduce cloves to paste, or whole nuts to a fine crumble. Reduce the time it takes you to prepare food, and improve the results all at once.
  • More To Explore. Not just a grater, this three piece set will help you with the whole process. Quickly remove the skin with the included peeler, and easily control, spread or serve the stuff you grate with the included brush.
  • Low Maintenance. Easily clean up when you finish thanks to dishwasher safe materials. The glazed ceramic and pure silicone will not absorb odors or colors, and each will wash clean with ease.
  • High Quality. Other versions are much cheaper when compared to this one. Avoid contaminated paints, chipping surfaces, or inferior construction when you choose our set. The plate will be larger, deeper and easier to use, and the included accessories will be of better quality to provide longer lasting performance.
  • Cadmium and Lead Safe. With a certified safe surface that's made in Malaysia, this plate is both safe and effective.
  • Beautiful Designs. Choose from four different styles to match your tastes or kitchen decor.
  • Versatile. Most people get it for one food or another, but this clever device is perfect for grating all sorts of stuff. Get one to make garlic dip for your next party, or to reduce nutmeg to include in a recipe, and then get even more value by trying ti on other stuff too.

There has never been a quicker or easier way to mince garlic or grate difficult foods like ginger, cinnamon and chocolate. It will take you less than half the time, and your results will be far better. When making garlic paste, you will be able to reduce cloves to the perfect consistency much faster than you can with a knife or press. Because the plate is curved, and does not absorb liquids or flavor like regular cutting boards do, you will be able to use less, and retain more flavor. Very little will go to waste, and the resulting dishes you make will be far more flavorful as a result. Stop smashing and straining with a knife only to smear half of the garlic into your cutting surface. Use this efficient tool instead, and you will finish the job quicker, but also end up with better, more professional looking results.

Better Than Metal

When grating hard food like ginger root, chocolate, or hard, gourmet cheeses, traditional graters offer more of a hazard than anything. You stress and strain to grate the food, and you risk cutting your knuckles as you provide the force necessary to produce good results. With this alternative, it's much different. The strong, ceramic points do all of the work for you, and they are far less risky for your precious skin than dangerous metal blades. With only moderate pressure, and very little effort, you can grate up a pile of hard food into perfectly sized pieces. Simply spin it around the center of the plate, and the ceramic protrusions will cause a pile of grated food to form. It's just that easy, and because of the design, all of the stuff you grate will be contained within the plate itself in order to reduce mess, and eliminate extra dishes. If you are doing a large amount, just keep another receptacle handy, and the slick, glazed surface will make it easy to whisk it away, as you work.

Complete The Set

Looking for a storage container too? If you need a place to store your fresh cloves, and you also want to make them last longer, try our ceramic keeper. It comes in four styles to match the grater dishes, and the simple and effective device is the perfect compliment to this set.

using plate grater

How To Use It

This set is super simple to use, so anyone will be able to grate quickly and accurately while producing professional style results. To ensure desired outcome, and ensure proper maintenance, follow the instructions below. You will find step-by-step directions for working with garlic, but any other food can be used in a similar way. From start to finish, the process will be quick and easy, and because you can grate and serve with the same dish, clean up will be fast too.
  1. To remove the peel and prep your garlic, simply place inside the tube, then roll under the palm of your hand. Once you hear the crunching sound, the skin will be off, and the peeled clove will pop right out.
  2. Once peeled, moisten the surface of the plate with water, or apply a light coat of oil.
  3. Hold the garlic in your hand using your index finger and thumb. Position it so that the root is facing up.
  4. Apply light pressure, then rub against the bottom of the dish. Use a circular motion, or swipe up-and-down, or back-and-forth.
  5. Pulp will begin to form quickly. Use the brush to gather it together at the center of the dish.
  6. For best results, work from the outside in.
  7. To remove grated/minced pulp, tip plate over and let it slide off.
  8. To make a fresh dip, leave the garlic where it is, then add olive oil and herbs on top.
  9. Plate and peeler are dishwasher safe. Hand wash brush as needed.

The solid nubs are strong enough to power through any type of food, but will not hurt your fingers if you accidentally brush against them. They will remain safe, effective and unchanged for many years of useful operation, and because they are not metal like most grating tools, they will not rust, alter food, or pose any risk. You can wash by hand or put the plate in the dishwasher for cleaning, so even maintenance and clean-up is simplified when you use this tool. Get outstanding results for regular grating tasks, or use it to make fresh dipping oil for parties and other gatherings. This unique set makes the perfect gift because it is an ideal addition to any kitchen that doesn't already have one. Order Yours Today!

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) ceramic plate grater & (2) bonus items
Plate Dimensions 5.25" x 5.25"
Color Style Varies by default. To choose, please use the comments box at checkout. Current Choices: blue/white (grapes), blue/yellow (grapes), green (olives), or red (garlic).
Uses Provides better grating of tough foods like garlic, ginger chocolate and more.
Plate Material Ceramic
Hand Made Yes
Hand Painted Yes
Nonporous Yes - will not absorb odors
Lead Safe Yes. Certified lead free.
Design Curved plate with grating surface in the middle.
Extras Included (1) Silicone garlic peeler and (1) mini nylon food brush included. 3 piece set total.
Dishwasher Safe Yes (plate and peeler)
Origin Plate - Made in Malaysia, Brush - Made in China, Peeler - Made in China
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Give food more flavor as you discover an easier and more efficient way to grate your food. Ideal for garlic, ginger, hard cheese and more. Set includes grater, garlic peeler and food brush. Order Yours Today!

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