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Deluxe Cable Zipper Set

16 Piece set. Say goodbye to messy cords. Combine them together to reduce clutter and organize.
Cable Zipper Deluxe Set
Cable Zipper Deluxe Set
Easy as one, two, three.
Eliminate messy cords in a flash.
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Product Description

A fast and easy way to organize the mass of tangled cords behind your computer or TV. This clever system zips together several cables, and combines them into one tight bundle to eliminate messes, and allow you to tell what's going on back there. Complete with two adhesive mounts to perfectly direct wires right where you want them, and handy little stickers so you know which cord is inside. Simply lock a bunch of cords into the clip, and then zipper them into the plastic sheath with almost no effort. Once combined, you'll be left with a neat bundle that is both protected and contained. It comes with eight feet of length, and you can cut it to fit any installation. Use the whole thing to direct one long collection, or divide into several pieces to organize everything on your desk.

Set Includes

  • (1) 8 ft. x 1.2 in. cable zipper cord cover.
  • (1) Zip Clip.
  • (2) Adhesive Mounts.
  • (12) Device Labels.

Why It's Good

  • Quick. Just clip and zip to conceal a whole bunch of cords at once. The patented design guarantees perfect results and high-speed organization.
  • Versatile. Ideal for use with any type of cord you have. Combine charging cables, computer cords, speaker wires, audio/video cables and so much more. The flexible tube can adjust to a wide variety of contents, and it will offer fool-proof containment once in place. Gather cords with identical diameters, or hide a wide variety, all together in the same sheath.
  • Compact. Take a wide, tangled bundle of cords, and compress them down into one organized tube that conceals them all. Eliminate the cluttered mess around your electronics and allow yourself any easy method of directing and labeling them for easy management.
  • Simple. Organizing cords is as easy as 1-2-3 when you use this set. Anyone can make it look perfect, and you'll get the job done quickly too. Thanks to the clever design, you are guaranteed success.
  • Extras. With mounts and labels included, this set makes it easy to finish the job. Not only will you be able to compact several cables into one tight bundle, you'll also be able to hide, secure, and direct them exactly where you want them to go. Add an adhesive label to each one, and you'll quickly know what is what anytime you need to add new equipment, troubleshoot problems, or remove devices you no longer use.

How To Use It

The cable zipper is one of the fastest and easiest ways to organize any number of cords and wires. It works with any thickness of cord, and you can easily combine several together into the same sheath. The process is simple, and it requires very little effort, but follow the instructions below to ensure perfect results. How to use cable zipper
  1. Start by squeezing the zip clip to open it up. Position your cords then release to secure them in the clip so that the nose is pointing down, and the cords are flowing through it.
  2. Once the cords are secured within the clip, hold the Cord Zipper tube so that the opening is facing the downward-pointing nose of the clip. Press the nose into the opening.
  3. Insert the cords into the center of the sheath by pressing the nose forward, into the opening of the plastic tube. Slide it forward along the length of the tube to deposit all of your cords into the interior.
Please Note: All of your cords do not need to go into the sheath at the opening. You can easily include additional cords, and insert them along the side using the vertical slits. This aspect makes it easy to combine several cords and wires, even if they don't start at the same place, or originate from the same equipment. As an added bonus, you can also customize the cord cover to become the perfect size for you. Just cut with scissors to create a custom length for your specific installation.

Other Options

Don't need as much room or so much length? Check out the mini set and you may be able to finish the job without spending as much. It features a slightly thinner tube and it's two feet shorter, so it comes with a more affordable price tag.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) cable zipper deluxe set
Max Length 8 feet.
Max Width 1 inch.
Adjustable Yes. Cut to any size desired.
Uses keeps cords secure and organized
Color Black or White
Material super sturdy plastic
Zipping Clamp Included Yes
Adhesive Mounts Included Yes (2)
Equipment Labels Included Yes (12 pairs)
Compatibility Works with any cord, cable or wire that fits.
Capacity Fit anywhere from 2-6 cables depending on width.
Shipping Weight 1 lbs

Combine several cables together into one flexible tube and eliminate clutter in every room of your house. The patented system is quick and efficient, and frustration is eliminated thanks to the simple operation. Make messy cords disappear fast! Order Yours Today!

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Is this available in longer lengths?
Asked by:  on 3/10/2017
No, but you can combine several together if you need more length.
Answer provided by: on 3/10/2017
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