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There are many benefits to using a misting fountain in your home or office.  Any of our beautiful mist fountains are a great way to take advantage of benefits usually only offered by high-priced appliances. Imagine a humidifier, air purifier, fog generator, and aroma therapy diffuser all in one stylish package. Our Misting Fountains are safe, easy to use and set up in minutes. Enjoy the relaxing ambiance created by these unique indoor fountains.

  • Moisturizes your skin
  • Cleans and purifies the air by generating negative ions
  • No heat, Chemicals or Dry Ice - just add water to make mist.
  • Houseplants love the cool humidifying mist. Your plants will grow better than ever.
  • Diffuse fragrance into the air. Just add a few drops of scented aromatherapy oil
  • Negatively charged water molecules combine with positively charged dust, pollen, smoke and mold spores removing them from the air to alleviate allergies, colds and asthma.
  • Easy to use.  Just fill the bowl with water to activate the ultra-sonic misting device.
  • Relieves stuffy noses, sore throats, and headaches
  • Uses low voltage electricity. Low energy costs to run.
  • Easy maintenance with no filters to buy. Just wash the bowl to clean.
  • Natural Atomization
  • Helps to cure insomnia and air-conditioning sickness
  • Increases endorphin levels in your brain.
  • Reduces stress
  • May ease breathing problems.
  • Calms your emotions and soothes your soul
  • Increase your immunity & antiseptic ability.
  • Creates Soothing sounds of trickling water
  • 17 programmable light choices for colors and speeds
  • Generates harmony for your home or office
  • Heightens physical and mental activities
  • A truly unique gift for anyone
  • An eye-catching conversation piece
  • Recharges and re-energizes the atmosphere
  • A Romantic mood enhancement lamp

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