Microwave Bacon Rack

Quickly Cook Up To 12 Strips. A Healthier & Less Messy Way To Make Breakfast.
Microwave Bacon Cooking Rack
Microwave Bacon Cooking Rack
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Reduce the time it takes you to cook bacon, but also end up with less greasy results. This high quality rack makes it easy to prepare bacon in your microwave, and actually end up with edible results. Each piece is elevated above the grease while cooking, and positioned vertically instead of lying flat. This advanced design allows for even heat distribution and much better results when compared with other options. Whether you like your breakfast meat tender and juicy or nicely crisp, this handy tool will allow you to get the results you want. In just a few minutes you can have perfectly cooked strips with no pans to wash afterward. The whole thing is dishwasher safe, so instead of hand washing your frying pan after you eat, you can just toss the whole thing into your dishwasher and let it do the work for you. A single rack can make up to 12 pieces at once, or you can stack two racks for twice the capacity in the same amount of time.

Why It Is Better:

When you cook your bacon on the stove, it requires quite a bit of time and effort. For this reason, many of us only prepare it for special occasions. Common annoyances will include scalding splatters, meat bathed in grease, messy stove tops, mandatory paper towels for already cooked pieces, and the shear amount of attention it takes. You can certainly achieve the finished product you are after when cooking this way, but it will take twice the time, and way more effort when compared to using this rack. When you also factor in the cleaning that will need to be done afterward, the differences become great. You don't need to slave over a hot stove, or dread the mess it will create just to enjoy a delicious breakfast.

With this handy bacon cooker, set up takes seconds, and in just minutes you can enjoy fresh, crispy bacon whenever you want. Because the grease drains as it cooks instead of absorbing into the meat, it will be a healthier alternative that saves you time, and allows you to treat yourself more often.

Other microwavable trays and racks available will not produce the same kind of results that this one will. Most are nothing more than a flat tray with some waves built in, so you will still be cooking your bacon in a pool of grease. Because air and heat can not circulate as well on these types of cooking devices, you will not get the same evenly cooked results, and it will be much more difficult to prepare your meat the way you want it. You will save time with these trays when compared to cooking in a pan, but uneven, and rubbery results are pretty common.

There are other microwave bacon racks out there, and those will be a bit better than the trays because your strips will not have to cook in grease, and the heat will disburse more evenly. Results should be a bit better than on a tray, but those other racks have a smaller capacity when compared to this one, and there is no option for expansion. Because the meat just sort of hangs there instead of being secured in place, it can slip while cooking which will create some pretty awful results. This rack is thicker and more durable than the alternatives out there, and it is able to cook more bacon with a better finished product. The clever design lifts and separates the strips, but also secures them in place. All sides are exposed to heat for even cooking, and no portion will be submerged in grease. With this easy to use tool, you can quickly cook bacon that is actually crispy, and you will be surprised at how simple it is.

How To Use It:

Using this microwave bacon cooker rack is super easy. With this tool, anyone can cook it to perfection in a matter of minutes, and all of the dangerous, annoying, or messy stuff will be avoided.

Cooking Instructions:
  • To set up the rack, simply take your desired number of strips and then insert them into the slots, one at a time. Each slot or row will hold one piece, and the tray can accommodate up to 12 pieces total. You can cook a single piece or fill it to capacity, and the results will be the same. To cook twice as much, simply use two racks and stack them on top of each other.
  • Once you have inserted your meat, take the two skewers and stick them into their slots which align perpendicular to the bacon. The skewer will penetrate the meat in order to hold it in place while it cooks.
  • After the skewers have been inserted, simply pop the tray into your microwave and proceed to cook. The time and temperature will vary depending upon how tender or crispy you want your bacon, as well as the power rating of your microwave.
  • Start with less time and then add more until you get the consistency you are after. The first time may take a little experimentation, but after that, you should be a pro.
  • Once cooked, simply lift the skewers to remove all of the finished meat at once.
  • Tip skewers over plate to slide your crispy strips down and off.
  • To clean, simply dispose of any collected grease, and then put in the dishwasher.

No more messy counters or splattered stove tops, and no more sopping up greasy strips with paper towel just to make them edible. No bacon is healthy, but this convenient cooking rack will help you to prepare it as healthfully as possible. It will be far less greasy, so the overall fat content will be reduced. You won't have to take out any pans or wait for them to heat up, and you won't have to hand wash anything when you finish. Because you will cook with your microwave instead of the stove, your house will not heat up and become uncomfortable.

Use everyday to make one or two strips for yourself, or combine several racks to increase capacity and make all of those big breakfast more manageable for when company comes over. Don't suffer through another messy morning, and stop thinking that you can only eat bacon at a restaurant. Get this easy to use device, and enjoy the crispy and delicious flavor any time you want.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Microwave Bacon Cooker
Dimensions 10" x 9.5" x 2.25"
Uses Reduce mess, cut time, eliminate grease and make cooking bacon easy. Prepare crispy or tender bacon strips in your microwave oven.
Color Off White
Material Thick and durable, food-safe plastic.
Capacity Cook up to 12 strips with a single rack. Stack two for twice the capacity.
Max Cook Time Up to 13 minutes.
Grease Tray Yes. Unhealthy grease will drip down to collect under the bacon without touching it.
Fixing Skewers Yes. For perfect placement and even cooking. Skewers will keep bacon strips in place.
Cooking Position Vertical - Meat does not lie flat so it allows for cooking above the grease and even heat distribution.
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Shipping Weight 1.25 lbs

Microwave Bacon Rack - A faster, easier and healthier way to cook bacon. Reduce mess and prepare a less greasy breakfast meat by cooking it in your microwave. This rack will allow you to quickly prepare up to 12 strips just the way you want it. Order Yours Today!

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