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The best cleaning cloths available. They work so well, you only need to use water for cleaning. Easily clean your kitchen in no time by using them on counters, tables, the fridge, cabinets, and more. Make short work of the toughest cleaning chores, including the oven. You will no longer need paper towels, glass and all-purpose cleaners, or any of those products that may cause allergic reactions. The increased surface area of the micro fibers allow them to absorb 7 times their weight in liquid, so they are great for cleaning up drips and spills. In the bathroom, use one to miraculously remove soap scum from the tub and shower, or get a streak-free shine on mirrors. Imagine washing your car and cleaning the windows afterward with the same towel. Plus you will never get streaks or water spots. No buckets of water or 99 different bottles of cleaner to haul around. Just one cloth and some water is all you need.

What Makes Microfiber Different?
Microfiber cloths are made from a truly unique material. Polyester and nylon fibers are split to create microscopic fibers. These tiny strands are 100 times thinner than human hair, and there are approximately 90,000 fibers per square inch in our cloths. This ultra-fine weave not only makes it incredibly soft and gentle to the touch, but it also causes the cloth to be great at cleaning, and highly absorbent. This process also makes microfiber cloths extremely durable, and long-lasting. These cleaning cloths are completely reusable, and can stand up to repeated washings while retaining their soft texture and remaining lint-free. Lighter, gentler, and softer than other fibers, microfiber is a superior cleaning material.

Why Microfiber Cleans so Well

Tiny Cleaning Fibers
The ultra fine fibers are so small, they get down into surface cervices not visible to the naked eye. This allows the cloth to deep clean every surface better than ever before possible. The tiny wedge-shaped strands, scrape the surface, and lift up dirt. These micro fibers will remove 98-99% of all dirt, bacteria, etc., but will never scratch any surface. The unique collection wedges scoop up oil, grease, dirt, grime, film, dust, and holds it deep in the cloth to be washed away down the drain at a later time.

Static Electricity.
Our microfiber cloths suck up dust and dirt into tiny traps in the fabric by using static electricity. When you use these cloths, a charge is built up, that actually attracts dust, dirt and hair. These elusive particles are drawn in towards the cloth, making cleaning them even easier. This charge also helps prevent these tiny particles from flying into the air. You end up removing more dirt and dust with less effort. Carefully follow washing instructions and the static electricity will remain after hundreds of washings.

Dirt And Grime Storage Areas.
When the wedge-shaped fibers scoop up the dirt and grime it is stored in microscopic pockets of the fiber. Moisture causes the outsides of the fiber to expand, creating these little pockets. All of the dirt, grime and other particles are stored in these pockets, so not only does microfiber clean better, it holds more dirt. You will never leave behind any kind of residue when you clean with it and it is naturally lint free. Dirt becomes locked in the cloth until you rinse it clean later. Machine wash or rinse in warm water to release the trapped grime. The core will expand, opening up the storage areas, and pushing the dirt down the drain.

Stop using harsh chemicals. Start cleaning with microfiber today!
Cleaning cloths that work so well, you only need water.

At we have specially designed cloths for all kinds of cleaning jobs. When you have the right tool for the job, it makes cleaning fast and easy. Our wide selection of cleaning cloths allow you to clean your home, office or vehicle without chemicals. To see all of the cloths we currently carry go here: Microfiber Cloths

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