1. Slushy Making Cup
Magic Slushy Maker
Magic Slushy Maker

Slushy Making Cup

A Magic Slushy Maker For Use With Almost any Drink.
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No ice. No blender. No mess, and no waiting.

This is the fastest and easiest way to make a slushy, and it can be used with almost any of your favorite drinks. There is no ice needed and you aren't going to be adding any strange chemicals to your drink to get the effect. The Super Slush Cup will naturally lower the temperature of the liquid in the cup to leave it with a slushie consistency. It will look and feel just like any slushy you would purchase, but it will be far more flavorful because you are not adding loads of ice or water to the mix as you make it. This cup will freeze and slushify the liquid you pour into it without any ice being blended in. For this reason, it can also be a much healthier alternative to convenience store slushie products because you can prepare it using 100% juice or even milk. Of course you can also pour in soda, energy drinks, coffee or alcohol too, so anyone will be able to create a fancy frozen drink they will love.

The secret is in the magic slushy cubes it comes with. They are nothing more than large soft cubes filled with a salt water solution, but the results they produce are certainly magical in appearance. Since salt water freezes at a lower temperature than regular water, these cubes will be super cold when frozen solid. For this reason they are able to freeze regular water quickly and efficiently when it passes over them. This is how your drink will get frozen, and how the slushy texture is created. Most beverages have some amount of water in them, and this is the portion that is frozen when you use this slushy making cup. Instead of crushing a bunch of ice in a blender and then adding flavor over the top of it, you are isolating the water already in your drink and freezing it right in the cup. This ends up being a far more efficient way to make a slushy and the taste of the resulting beverage is also improved.

Using the slush cup is super easy, and anyone can do it. Moms and Dads love to set the kids loose to see what they come up with. To get started you will need to make sure that your magic slushy cubes are completely frozen solid. If they are not then you will not have good results. It is also important that the drink you are using is chilled as well. It does not need to be frozen, but room temperature or warm liquid will cause you trouble, and may not fully turn to slush. To make a slushy, simply add the three frozen cubes to your cup and then pour in any combination of liquids. The cup will hold up to 10 oz, so you can use that much of a single beverage, or any blend to add up to that amount. Once your liquid is in there, secure the lid and begin to shake the cup up and down being careful to cover the straw hole to prevent spillage. Continue shaking for 1-2 minutes or until you reach the desired consistency. The see through cup allows you to check your progress as you go. To little shaking will result in a less than frozen concoction, and too much will freeze it solid. Before you know it, your shaking will result in a thick, slush-a-licious treat that you can then enjoy with the included spoon straw combo.

This slushy maker is perfect for kids of all ages, but great fun for grown-ups too. Children love to be able to make their own slushies, and with this set you can actually let them! Since it is so easy to use, and mess-free, you won't mind allowing your children the freedom to create their own frozen fun. The possibilities are endless, so they will be able to make drinks out of lemonade, kool aid, orange juice, soda pop, and even yogurt or chocolate milk. For anyone over the legal drinking age, it can be fun to add some alcohol to the mix. Just make sure the liquor has been chilled in the freezer and you can shake your way to frozen versions of all your favorite cocktails. Mix and match, and blend multiple flavors to come up with new and different creations, or take a look at our recipe guide to get started with a few of our favorites. Summer is the perfect time of year for enjoying frozen drinks, but when it is so fast and easy to make them, you will find your self drinking them all year long.

The cup features BPA free materials and is completely safe for anyone to use. There is never anything added to your drink, and the magic slushy cubes are doing nothing more than freezing the liquid inside. The set is 100% reusable and can be used over and over, hundreds of times. The cup, the lid and the spoon are dishwasher safe. The cubes should be rinsed or hand washed before re-freezing them.

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