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LED Lighted Tip Fidget Spinner

A classic style fidget toy with multi-colored lights on each arm.
LED lIghted Tip Fidget Spinner
LED lIghted Tip Fidget Spinner
Close up view: multi-colored lights at each tip.
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Product Description

The awesome blur of colorful spinning light will make you the life of the party as it shines brightly, and spins endlessly to create an amazing light show. It's the perfect toy to amuse onlookers when the sun goes down, and it offers endless enjoyment for children and adults alike. The addictive fidget action of this spinning toy is surprisingly fun, but it's also able to reduce stress, or improve concentration, and it makes the perfect time waster for any situation. This model features classic, tri-arm fidget spinner styling, but each tip is packed with multi-color LEDs that you can turn on or off. With top quality bearings and perfect balance, a gentle flick will result in rapid rotations that last for an incredibly long time. Use it like a regular spinner to kill time at home, work or school, or flip on the lights to enhance the fun when using it in the dark.

Product Features

  • Color: Your Choice: Blue, green, white, black, red or yellow.
  • Style: Tri-Arm.
  • Arm Tips: Lighted. Multi-color LEDs.
  • Spin Time: 1.5 - 2 mins.
  • On/Off Switch: Yes.

Why It's Good

  • Quality Tested. Unlike other options that may or may not work well, ours are tested for performance and longevity, and proven to be higher in quality when compared to those found elsewhere. Guarantee fast spins, long durations, and components that don't fall apart or break easily.
  • LED Tips. Instead of bearings in the tips, or simple, open weights, this version has large, semi-translucent circles with multi-color lights behind them. The bright and colorful glow creates an awesome light show as the toy spins, especially in the dark.
  • Colorful. Each spinner has a solid color body. The vibrant plastic material is further accented by illumination in a variety of colors. Whether day or night, this fidget toy will always be bright and colorful while rotating at high speeds.
  • Fast. Superior components, and attention to detail combine to create perfect balance and lighting fast speeds. A tiny flick of your finger will cause it to twirl rapidly.
  • On/Off. Just flip the switch to operate the lights. You can save battery when not in use, or play during the day without the LED accents.
  • Smooth. Never worry about low quality bearings that fail quickly, or begin to stick and slow down with only a little bit of use. The long-lasting, high performance components in this toy will keep it rotating quickly and efficiently time and time again.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Fidget Hand Spinner
Dimensions 3.25" x 3.25" x .5"
Color Varies. Your choice: Blue, green, white, black, red or yellow.
Material Plastic Body with Metal bearings.
Number Bearings 1 at the center.
Bearing Material Metal
Number Arms 3
Arm Tips LED Lights. Each one features multi-color lights behind translucent plastic.
Spin Time 1.5-2 minutes
Ages 6 years+
Shipping Weight .5 lbs

Amazing during the day, but a show stopper at night. The spinning action is enhanced by a variety of LEDs that light up each arm. Order Yours Today!

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5 out of 5
Fidget Spinner
First spinner received had a broken wing. Didn't light up. Was replaced promptly with no problem and excellent customer service. Replacement works great and lots of cool lights changing in different patterns on each arm. A favorite...
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