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Six-Arm Metal Fidget Spinner

An all-metal fidget toy with removable arms, and multi-colored bands.
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Product Description

Take it apart, switch up the colorful accents, assemble with three or four arms instead of six, this all-metal fidget toy offers an extra layer of enjoyment for those that like to customize. Each of the six arms can be unscrewed from the central body, and each arm also has three bands of color that can be removed as well. Reflective steel balls at the tip of each arm add visual appeal, even when still, but while it's in motion, the mirror-like finish will result in a mesmerizing display. Just press lightly on any arm to make it spin, and the shiny metal will combine with the pops of color to create a captivating display as it twirls endlessly.

Fun for anyone that holds it, this simple and portable toy is the perfect time waster for any occasion. Keep kids quiet while waiting in line, or dining at a restaurant, or improve concentration at work or school by fidegting your way through boring tasks. The satisfying spinning action is even known to reduce tension and anxiety because playing with it can help ease stressful situations. Thanks to the large steel center, it's easy to handle, and because it only has metal parts, it's also built to last. With this model, you can expect a high level of performance, incredible durability, and smooth spinning action that will last with repeated use.

Product Features

  • Color: Green and stainless steel.
  • Style: Six-Arm.
  • Arm Tips: Shiny metal balls with multi colored bands.
  • Spin Time: 2 - 3 mins.
  • Storage: Reusable storage box included.

Why It's Good

  • High Quality. Superior bearings spin smooth and fast, while all-metal construction gives it a solid feel and long term durability.
  • Visual Appeal. The overall shape and material has a great look, but added accents improve the appearance further. Each arm has a reflective steel ball at the tip, and multi-colored bands down the length.
  • Durable. Never worry about cracking plastic, or loose parts that pop off. The precision construction features all-metal parts so it won't break if you drop it, and it won't wear, age or fail with repeated use.
  • Fast. Quality components ensure quick spins with no wobble.
  • Removable Arms. Almost as fun to take apart as it is to spin, this model can disassemble into a pile of parts. Break it down and build it back up just for fun, or take arms off for a difference in speed and feel while fidgeting.
  • Smooth. Unlike other models that slow with use or stick to stop the spinning, this toy has upgraded bearings for long-lasting spins, and long-term performance.

Product Specifications

Includes: (1) Fidget Hand Spinner
Dimensions 3" x 3" x .65"
Color Green/Stainless steel with multi-color accents.
Material Metal Body with Metal bearings.
Number Bearings 1 at the center.
Bearing Material Metal
Number Arms 6
Arm Tips Solid. Each one features a steel ball and three bands of color. All arms at removable.
Spin Time 2-3 minutes
Ages 6 years+
Shipping Weight .5 lbs

Removable parts add an extra layer of fun to this spinning fidget toy. Made from all metal components, this one spins fast and smooth, and it's extra durable, so the performance will last. Order Yours Today!

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4 out of 5
fidget spinner
Purchased for my grandson. He loves it and his buddies want to trade for it. Doesn't spin quite as well as other's because the arms are heavier, but fun just the same
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